Agip Scholarship 2010: Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited 2009/2010 Tertiary Institutions Scholarship Awards Scheme

Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited 2009/2010 Tertiary Institutions Scholarship Awards Scheme Agip Nigeria, Agip Scholarship 2010,
Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC) operator of NNPC/ NAOC/ Phillips Joint Ventures in pursuance of its Community Development Program invites suitably qualified candidates for its 2009/ 2010 Tertiary Institutions Scholarship Awards Scheme.
– Host Communities Merit Award: For applicants strictly from NAOC host communities
– National Merit Award: For applicants from non-host communities.
To qualify for consideration applicants MUST be:
– Registered FULL TIME undergraduates in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions
– Certified 100 level students.
NOTE: The following categories of students should NOT apply:
– 200 level students and above
– current beneficiaries of similiar awards from other companies and agencies
– dependants of employees of NAOC, AENR and NAE
Only indigenes of NAOC host communities in Bayelsa, Delta, Imo and Rivers State SHOULD apply for the Host Communities Merit Award.
Only candidates studying Engineering and Medicine are eligible for the National Merit Award.
Candidates for the AGIP National Merit Award should be students that obtained 275 marks and above in the admission examination exercise conducted by JAMB.
This restriction on JAMB SCORES does NOT apply to candidates for the Host Communities Merit Award.
To qualify for consideration applicants MUST submit an application with ALL the following information STRICTLY in this order on one (1) sheet of A4 paper:
a) Surname
b) Other Names
c) Sex
d) JAMB result
e) Evidence of Admission
f) Year of Study
g) Institution
h) Course of Study
i) Matriculation Number
j) Home Town/ Community
k) Local Government Area
l) State of Origin
m) Personal Telephone Number
n) Personal e-mail Address
o) Permanent Address (NOT P.O. Box)
p) Preferred Test Centre
q) Two recent Passport Photographs with full names written on the back.
All applicants for Host Communities Merit award MUST attach current (2009 – 2010) Letters of Identification duly signed by:
– the Current (2009) Chairman and Secretary of his/her CDC
– bona-fide traditional/ paramount ruler of the community; and
– the current (2009) Local Government Chairman or the Secretary.
An Aptitude Test for the applicants in both Categories of Award will be conducted at the following centers:
a. Port Harcourt b. Omoku c. Yenagoa d. Asaba
e. Lagos f. Owerri g. Abuja
NOTE: Candidates are to fully bear the cost of transportation to and from the Aptitude Test Center.
All applications for the agip scholarship should reach either of the following addresses not later than March 31, 2010
The General Manager, Public Affairs
Nigeria Agip Oil Company Limited
Plot 23, Engineering Close,
Victoria Island
P.O Box 1286
The Public Affairs Division Manager
Nigeria Agip Oil Company Limited
New Base,
Mile 4, Ikwerre Road,
P.O Box 923,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State
All candidates for the agip scholarship awards should indicate relevant category of award being applied for by stating on the right hand corner of the envelope.
Signed Management


  • Lawrence says:

    PLS is the 275 Jamb score absolutely mandatory. i scored 274. need help pple

  • Jude ugboaku says:

    Pls can somebody who has not gotten admission apply 4 the scholarship programme.

  • Kabiru Yusuf B.u.k says:

    Please, is there any provision for someone to apply without obtaining a total jambscore of 275.

  • Igbah Terhile Igbah_ BSU says:

    Please the 275 jamb score is very high. Most students who earn such scores write in miracle centres. I’ suggest that 200L students be allowed to apply and their first year CGPA be used as criteria since incidenxe of exam malpractice are less pronounced in the university than in the jamb miracle centres.Thank you.

  • Gabriel says:

    thanks alot….i really appriciate your efforts in ensuring that we are all informed…..kudos.

  • Nwangwu stanley says:

    When are we starting our exam

  • ezeh says:

    80percent of people that scored 275 and above can’t defend it. 08130839780

  • MARY says:

    pls, can someone doing diploma/ foundation programme in one of nigerian universities apply for the scholarship award

  • Hugo says:

    Which are the host communities in Imo state?

  • Nicholas Promise Akura says:

    It means their is no way 200L student can benefit from it, i suggest CGPA should be used as a criteria for qualification.

  • Emeka Obasi says:

    Pls i’m a student of architecture, Abia State University, currently in my 1st. Year, Please i’m i eligible to apply.

  • Osuji says:

    Pls can someone with direct entry apply 4 the text.

  • EMMANUEL says:

    I intend applying for the schorlarship for the 2010/2011 session, as I did not reach the summit expected of me. I hope it will still be on.

  • i would love to know if the 275 jamb score is mandatory?

  • Okoronkwo obinna says:

    Wit a hrt ful f joy i wnt 2 thank agip company 4 the advantage f trainin studts & also makin tins easy for parents.but i must say the jamb score is very high many wit such mark paid 4 it. unles the company dnt even kia abt d score bcos it may nt favour those it shld. & let d protocol b a bit easy for studts to do thank lng tin

  • ikechukwu says:

    well i must commend Agip for taking this step in assisting Nigerian students and will also want to plead with other non governmental organizations to assist millions of nigerians who can not afford to go to the university for lack of funds, to please come up with scholarship programs that could lift peoples life. lastly i will also want Agip to also expand their program to other careers in other fields like management and administration. thanks

  • BENEDICTA says:

    It is quite unfortunate that a responsbile company like Nigeia Agip Oil Company Limited can not keep to their word regarding the closing date of this year’s 2009/2010 scholarship scheme. Why did they stop collecting applications before the closing date which is 31st March, 2010. How I wish they should have a rethink by doing what is expected of them. It is quite unfair as this information got to some students late and they have to gather the needful before submission. Why did they stop collecting applications since on the 23rd March, 2010 hindering most of the children of the HOST C OMMUNITIES from applying? I pray that the closing date should be extended for atleast one week from day 26/3/09. Thank you.

  • Madueke onyedikachi says:

    I like what Agip is doing i pray that other multi national companies should borrow a leaf from

  • I must comend your company for her good sense of co-operate responsibilties. However, it would do well to accomodate school leavers yet to be amitted in schools by virtue of fanancial constriant.

    Enobong Dickson

    Ikot Ekpene
    Akwa Ibom State.

  • NONY says:

    pls can somebody tell me what is goin on here?. [email protected]

  • Daniel Kolo says:

    I want to use this medium to heartily Agip for their kind gesture and benevolence towards the teeming number of students in Nigeria. I however would want to make some vehement criticisms about the pre-requisites outlisted herein for eligibility. First, THE SCORE BRACKET. It is unreasonably too high. So many students roll out indefensible results which to this effect will be catastrophic to the efficacy of this kind gesture. Second, i’ll like to say that this is a kind of ‘gestural monochromatism’ as YOU have restricted this goodness to undergruates. ([email protected]).

  • Akwamioh Christopher says:

    Pls, 200level students should be considered in awarding the scholarshaip. CGPA should be be a tool 4 considering them. There are lot of good Nigerian students who could not meet up with the jamb score but are vey very good.

  • the result of the previous test should be pasted online from prove is real.

  • Akamande oyinkuro says:

    Pls is d list of candidates out? if yes,what is the date

  • Gaddafi M. Tafida says:

    Why not 200 Level Please?!

  • bBOLARIN OLA S. SEYI. says:

    Is it too late for me to apply for your 2010/2011 scholarship award programme?

  • REMILEKUN says:

    Pleace what about those that are yet 2 be through with their NATIONAL DIPLOMA (ND) eg. ND3 program like a semester 2 go.

  • M. Idris says:

    I supported the suggestion of Ezeh who said “80percent of people that scored 275 and above can’t defend it” what i want to add was not even 80 percent but ninty five percent can not defend their results. pls give us d opptnt 2 enjoy.
    ABU, Zaria 0809972672

  • Lawrence says:

    Halo pple, Is anyone actually reading our suggestions and pleas? cos no answer yet. Well any news about shortlisting? any infor will be important. tanx

  • Philip says:

    Please my questions. Can someone apply online, can jambites apply,can those who did not get up to 275 apply thanks.

  • Abbey says:

    Dis quite alarming. No respond to all these request, Agip

  • Lawrence says:

    Haba Agip. Why no feed back up till now, and pls guys any infor will be appreciatd

  • edolor meinane says:

    when is the 2009/10 agip scholarship aptitude test going to take place?

  • dantoidees says:

    pls when is agip scholardhip shortlisted list coming out. pls reply to my mail

  • Hassan Sani says:

    I realy appreciate the effort of Agip 4 giving a scholrshp, i want b part of this progrmm 4 my masters abraod thanks 4 ur effort.

  • edward kobani says:

    Dear Sir,
    it’s been 2 months now, and i haven’t heard anything about the shortlisted list. All i want to know is if the list will come up this week or next. Pls if it does, reply to my phone- 08069610392. thanks and God bless

  • obembe bolu says:

    Dear sir,
    keep the good work sir. but, cant something be done to that jamb score. it’s very high and that does not really show the best students.
    thank you .

  • sir, any information base on scholarships pls send it throuht my mail box

  • Godwin says:

    Pls sir is there any chance for student who scored below 275 to apply,is it possible for a medicine student to apply.

  • Can I ask you a question?

  • femi chika says:

    I scored above 275, please I want to more about this scholarship. Thank you

  • Sonia says:

    Pls agip consider 200l . 08033123448

  • adesanya adeniyi olayinka says:

    hello i just want to inform of that the indefinite strike declared, where is it going to lead us. i think it is high time student need to declare there mind i.e public opinion and i need one to always inform me about scholarship

  • Dennis Michael says:

    my name was short listed among the person’s that will write the scholarship test.please i want to find out if they have written the exams.

  • Ruky says:

    Exam is dis week saturday. Wht abt those dat doesn’t have id card bt hav d other requirements. Wil they b allowed to write? Success 2 those writing d test including me.

  • Obiegbu Austine chibuike says:

    Pls i love the company. And i also love to work as an IT student for one good year, pls i have good working exprence from my school metallurgical Training institue onitsha as mechanical engineering student, pls i seck for this offer from this year up till nextyear Thanks.

  • onanuga samuel says:

    you are just making life easy for all, your good work is appreciated. can you make scholarship program for seminarians. bless you.

  • ona says:

    wen did they short list,n i hope dey hav not written d exam…pls some body reply.

  • Samsom says:

    Pls will this scheme hold this year? I need directions on this Pls….07051918178. I would be grateful if i got a helpful response…. Thanks.

  • Fred says:

    Pls i exceeded the threshold…I really need directions on this…

  • Fred says:

    This’s my num: 07051918178 (i’m Samson)

  • anderson says:

    pls, i’m a year one medical student and would like to be informed scholarship-wise.

  • Hi, excellent document. I’m a large fan of the blog. I have been wanting to get a hold of you to see if possibly we will examine some ideas about write-up via an electronic mail chat. If you can, fantastic. Otherwise, don’t worry bout it.

  • GODEI says:

    I like what AGIP has been doing to help undergraduate in various tertiary institutions (the scholarship scheme). I also want to be a beneficiary of the scheme and partook in the 2010 screening exercise. Is the merit list for the screening exercise (list of beneficiaries – 2009/2010) out?

  • Daniel says:

    Pls guys help me i have less knoledge about dis bt i wish 2 learn. Pls i wish 2 know if graduate frm o level could pertake in such programs if no i wuld luv 2 no if there are other programs which students of our level could partake in. I wil b grateful 2 any comments. Hear is my number if needed. 08060914112

  • livingsoul says:

    is d scholarship ment 4 undagraduate along.

  • AMAKA says:

    Kindly alert us on time for the next session. I think this session is over.

  • valentina says:

    plz s d scholarship stil on

  • Would like to know if there would such scholarship programme for this year 2011

  • uzezi says:

    please i dont understand agip.the result of last year’s undergraduate scholarship test is not yet out is am not mistaking and dey re calling for fresh application.i wrote dat exam and have not heard from them.pls kip me informed

  • henry N says:

    hmn!i wish to apply 4 dis year(2011)agip undergraduate scholarship .pls any useful info should call 08035471891

  • Abdullahi says:

    pl’s i;m particularly waiting for this Agip scholarship, kindl let us know before is too late

  • abdallah says:

    pl;s if there’s any scholarship on to fill pl’s kindly inbox with the following; 08037507215, [email protected]

  • When the result of the agip written undergraduate scholarship be released

  • Mr Minh says:


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  • Osaigbovo says:

    Thanks alot agip but PLS is the result(beneficiary) for the 2010/2011 agip undergraduate scholarship out yet i have being waiting pls reply me somebody.

  • Julius says:

    I was wrote the aptitude test for 2010 agip scholarship. Is the list of successful candidate out? If yes how do I see it.

  • i will be happy if i get this scholarship

  • Okadu Emmanuel says:

    Dear Sir/Madam i wrote agip scholarship in 2009/2010 session. But uptil date we have nt heard anythng abt it, pls wht do we do my num 08037690723

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