Reps In A Free For All Fight

The House of Representatives session erupted into a free for all today, with at least one member injured, as 11 members of the Progressive Group, calling for the removal of the Speaker, Dimeji Bankole, were suspended till the end of the legislative session.

The 11 members are demanding for investigation into allegations of corruption against its leadership. They were suspended after a motion was moved by Chile Igbauwa (PDP, Benue) and seconded by Shehu Garba Matazu (PDP, Katsina). They are also to be investigated by Ethics and Privileges Committee and will remain suspended until the investigation is concluded. The 11 members will also not collect salaries and allowances throughout the period of suspension.

Moving the suspension motion, Mr. Igbauwa relied on Order 5 (1) Sub-rules 2 and 3 of the House Rules, Order 7 sub rules 3B, C and D, Section 60 of the 1999 Constitution and Section 24 of the Legislative Houses (Powers and Privileges) Act, while moving his motion.

The suspension was preceded by rowdiness after the insistence from the Progressive Group members that Mr. Igbauwa should not proceed with the motion. In the melee that ensued, members of the Progessive Group that included Dino Melaye, Austin Nwachukwu, Bitrus Kaze, Solomon Awhinawhi, and Doris Uboh were bundled out of the chamber by the Speaker’s loyalists, who also tore their clothes. It was not clear if three other members who were originally part of the group when it gave the seven days ultimatum to resign two weeks ago, would be suspended.

House of commotion

The media aide to the Speaker, Kayode Odunaro, in a statement describing the fracas, alleged that “the rowdy session was instigated by Dino Melaye and his group.” Mr. Odunaro also alleged that a member of the group, which he referred to as the ‘Dino group’, came into the chambers with tear gas that “he was using during the fracas and was beaten and stripped naked before camera for refusing to leave the chamber after suspension.”

He added that Mr. Dino’s clothes was equally torn while a supporter of the Speaker, Mr. Igwe, had his hand dislocated by a member of the group identified as Mr. Nwanchukwu, after using a tear gas canister on him. The statement also revealed that Doris Uboh, a member of the Dino group, “collapsed in the fray and was carried out, while Independence Ogunewe escaped through the back door to escape beating”, the statement read.

The House, however, resumed after order was restored to consider a bill on custom after Mr. Bankole apologised to Nigerians for the action of some of his members.
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  • nwaigbo says:

    they are disgrace to Nigerian nation just like the supper eagles.

  • OLAMIJI says:

    Another show of shame! I think all the members of the house should be suspended until full investigation is carried out.

  • dangida says:

    how can a community be safe when the house initiating safety for the community is not of shame by those given mandate to represent its people is an understatement.

  • Lilian says:

    Proper investigation should be carried out so as to know who is wrong, and let who ever is wrong be punishe so that others will learn from it.

  • emma abuh says:

    we did not need reps who legislate by exchanging blows, for God sake, what legacy are they leaving for the younger generation, fighting on national T.V is a BIG disgrace to their calling.

  • Uzom Chima says:

    The other time it was during Ette’s tenure, now is Dimeji’s. What is the exact problem in this nation? In short, all the members of the house should be suspended for now without salaries or allowances till proper investigation is carried out. Then the defaulter should be shown the way out of office immediately.

  • Ifysix says:

    I’m scandalised, as well meaning Nigerians are, by this show of shame. It’s unthinkable, unfathomable, unforgivable and unforgettable.

  • Yetunde says:

    What will Mr. President do about this two issue in Nig. The House pf Rep and Super Eagles. GOD help NIGERIA.

  • seunjms says:

    the hoses of reps are nothing but fools

  • olusanya says:

    its a show of shame

  • Tijjani Bilyaminu says:

    This is on fare we shall always learn from the past event

  • pelex says:

    I refer 2 them as a compound fool. It is a big shame on them, i never new the house as now turn to garage where a lot of touts are exchanging blows.

  • JAMES JUNDIN says:

    What do we expect when rogues find their ways to position of power?

  • Chike says:

    This is a big shame. This is kind of leaders that are produced by the so called giant of africa. We are just weakling of africa. And we are are expecting a perm. seat in UN security council. How possible is that?

  • Moses says:

    Oh! Dis is a disgrace 2 Nigeria as a country & all d members of d house of rep. Serious action must b taken inorda 2 put an end 2 dis menace.

  • Bimpe says:

    These reps are meant to be exchanging ideas not blows, its a pity and a shame not only to them but the entire country as a whole

  • balooo says:

    This is good for nigeria. three quarter of the members were rigged in into the house. what do you expect. it is all about swollen bank account. it is obasanjos investment. carry on, go on soun. God will punish them all….

  • Toheeb says:

    U people are disgrace to nigeria,fighting in the house of rep,hw would a person hav a 95billion in his account,u people dont knw that there is a place u are coming 4,and u we go back,we lack in everything,we lack of living enviroment,we lack in education,pls consider us,let join and together proud of nigeria…

  • KUNLE AJAYI says:

    This people are nothing but dishonourable members. They are in no way different from comon Area boys who would fight to finish over money. The Speaker,if truly want peace could have done something to prevent the show of shame.Are these our representatives or representative of CASH?

  • Emmanuel says:

    It is rather unfortunate that those people we elected to be our representatives have lost focus. If they were truly Honorable members, i expect those involve in the alleged storm should resign. May God bless Nigeria.

  • bakare taiwo says:

    it very ridiculous that our leader are in there fighting it unfortunate that those people we elected to be leading us have lost their focus,because of their selfish interest i will like those ones involve to resign . god bless Nigeria amen .

  • olaitan says:

    members of house of rep are disgrace to nigeria.imagine people who we are looking up to,fighting in the house. WHAT A SHAME!

  • Emmanuel says:

    they too disgarceful

  • Dugbe says:

    This are the generation of shame, both supporting Speaker and Anti. their rain of shame is about to fall cos i don’t know how we are going to convince the rest of the world that we are a peaceful country.. Bankole is not capable of controlling that seat cos he too is a shame to entire Nigerian….

  • amaka says:

    it is a national shame,is it not better for nigerians to stay without lawmakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what footprint are they leaving behind for the younger ones…

  • michael says:

    I encourage my kid once to watch 9pm news , but that nit I had to off the television on them.
    this things happen sometimes, disagreement to agree but not to lift finger a on fellow honorable member.
    Nigeria at 50? am proud but more work is still to be done.
    this is a shame on every NIGERIANS. we need prayers, we need a united spirit and accommodating spirit.
    if bankole is not good, then who is good?

  • Akin says:

    According 2 an adeage which says failure is d most opportunity 2 begin more inteligently but as 4 9geria reverse is d case i dont know why our leaders have always chosen 2 continue 2 b failing us its a great shame dat was how we celebrated [email protected] d other time without achieving any tin but i know a time is coming when 9geria will change for the best but mind u not with all these corrupt leaders.

  • Ihesineke Valentine says:

    I’m disappointed in our nigerian leader, because they are more of law brakers. And are self-centered in the issues of the nation.

  • Joy says:

    well we are not surprise because that what they practice at home with (husband & wife and children)
    shameful leaders

  • anoneh says:

    what do u expect when almajiris, touts, dandokos, agberos, thugs, election riggers found their way to d national assembly ? belzeebub ! fie fie fie on dis shameless bunch of thieves !

  • Sammy Inyang says:

    It is a very big shame and disgrace,it shows indiscipline.

  • Chinonso says:

    I am not suprised about this show of shame for as long as people of who lack morals,ethics and values for reason manipulate their way into public offices with INEC as tool of entrance,clashes such as this will not cease to come. Meanwhile,this is anoda cal on FG to review causes and restore order for sustainable democracy.

  • sadiq says:

    they are all monkeys and donkeys fighting 4 money that is not

  • Mæmër këïchã ecstacy blazing says:

    Dis house of rep are bunch of beast

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