ASUU Strike Latest: We Wont Call Off Strike Until Our Demands Are Met – ASUU President

The Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayyatu Rufai last week told reporters that ASUU would call off its strike action on Monday after holding a meeting with university vice-chancellors.

But the ASUU President has refuted this claim saying that ASUU is not a member of the Association of Vice Chancellors, and as such, could not call off the strike action until government implemented its agreements with ASUU.

“It’s all government’s propaganda! ASUU won’t call off its strike so long as government shies away from the issue of effective funding of the universities”, the ASUU president said.

He however expressed ASUU’s appreciation to the senate in passing the bill for the extension of the retirement age of Professors from 65 to 70 years.

“The year of retirement is just one of our demands, the funding is the cardinal,” he added.

“Mr. President has scheduled a meeting with ASUU on Monday, if government accepts to implement our demand, that is when we will think of calling off the strike.

“Even at that, the National Executive Committee of ASUU will have to meet and have series of meetings to agree on when to call off the strike.

“However, with the intervention of Mr. President, I believe the solution will come faster than expected” the ASUU president stated.


  • Collins says:

    I swear by my ability,boko haram must visit all members of asuu in 9ja b4 dis mnth runz out.wat a nonsense?

  • Wisdom says:

    Asuu na God go punish una o…una don go una own sch finish,u no wan cum let us go.stupid set of old men…boko haram must c una 2ru..wat a wickedness!

  • May God save our country,wat a hell,were u guys treatd fis way?Prof Rufai

  • Ludic says:

    Boko haramers need to visit and bomb y’all, What a collous bulshitting kalled ASUU.

  • Alexdon says:

    I must commend Assu on [email protected] they r doin,cuz d government of dis country s a mess,.Our university s rated as one of d poorest in Africa,wen it cums 2infrastructures we r nt in anyway 2compare 9ja university system 2Ghana or any western african country..But I must Thank d senate fr [email protected] they have done,passing d bill 2change professors retirement age 2 70,non-academic 2 65, but government has 2wake up..ds strike s taking 2much,students needs 2go back 2school… Using Ma self as an example,am a medical student 500level ,hv lyk 3more years 2be [email protected] I want 2be,I have forgotten ma school Reg.number **owch**[email protected] a mess….Pls Govt fr d interest of us(student) d future of nigeria as dey claim we are…dey should please do sumfin abt de strike,Asuu are good in earrying out der actionz wen dey say it…God Bless Nigeria

  • U guys r just so ungrateful and ignorant, this guys r fighting for ur future and the future f our children and u r wishin for their death, u r so backward that u can never tink about longterm implications, bout the poor standard of education u r getin. Do u tink he benefits from the strike, do u tink dey don’t want to go bk to work, don’t u know it affects them morethan u.

  • 4 how long ar we 2 suffer dis,d most annoyin part their children ar nt in dis country,cant they b contemptd wit dat being given to dem?am getin older,pls Fg do somtin plsssssss

  • Joe says:

    Let’s us all know that nothing good comes easily. The struggle for justice, equity and equality is one that demands a lot of sacrifices. Let’s us know that the government we have in Nigeria is one which only language it undastands is strike. However, ‘ll implore ASUU 2 reach a compromise with the FG. LET US ALL KNOW THAT POSTERITY AWAITS YS ALL.

  • Grace says:

    Fg ples meet 2 d damand of asuu so dat student can get back 2 is affect we student more dan wat u think.ASUU av pity on we student who r also pleedin wit u 2 cal off d strike 2moro.

  • ASUU, by my own judgement,u r not a cooperate body,u ppl are doin it 2 us cos ur children r not hia. May d God of boko haram visit prof.Ukachukwu overnight in jesus name. Amen. Jp.

  • Jesus! I cant believe dis,so i dont hav hop of going back to bomb i go use finish una,by dis tim 2morrow,if una no call off d strike.rubbish!

  • Biko haram says:

    ASUU or ASU (SPIT) which one una dey ansa make una continue una strike, soon boko haram go launch dia bomb in una presido house na them una go knw dat most of this islamist sect are Undergraduate too

  • Asuu leaders, wherever u are, may u not know peace till u call off the strike, ur children will not av peace in whatever private institutions they are too!!!!!! Call off the strike so I can change my prayers for u!!!! Good day

  • Prinz efizy says:

    Lwtmbh! Asuu, cant u pple continue ur negotiation while we are in schl? God must surely punish u guys…
    Maybe boko haram visit u guys one by one…

  • Maxi says:

    Students wht ar we waiting 4, let go back 2 our shcools & protest sence that’s the langage people can understand (Asuu).

  • Sexyamy says:

    Asuu make una beta call off d strike 2morrow or,hmmm,or hmmmm,i go bomb una president o.mi dey vex o,my blood d hurt for una,my eyes d beg i d beg una o.if una no comply by dis time tomorrow somthing fit happen o, if una no call am bomb go end am all.gud nite



  • Uam says:

    Asuu hmmm, K! I go go carry ma admisn leta luk 4 work!

  • olayinka says:

    Is a pity that some student will be saying bad words against the asuu executives, let me ask u a quetion, your going to school without good learning environment will add negatively to the development of this country, you resuming now is till the same thing, there is need for improvement in the infrastructural facilities on our universities

  • Asuu please call off the strike. I know your decision for the strike is to press federal govt to rejuvenate our universities system for sound and qualitative learning to us. Please expidite ur efforts to enable us start or return back to school

  • Ramsey says:

    These guys are nt even ashame of asking to work till 70. Maybe them go the carry walking stick go work

  • Foolish man..ure vry stupid so wiv all d crisis in nigeria ure still tlkn abt requirements i suggest ў☺ΰ pple beta mk D̶̲̥̅̊o wiv wat ў☺ΰ have for naw b4 dey tk it bck.greedy old tins..juss waisting pples lyf at least sum of d young peeps dat died in dat bomb blast naw if ў☺ΰ greedy tins disnt decide to strike they’ll b alive today heartless fins..M̶̲̥̅$♓ξωωω so pissed at ў☺ΰ!isn’t it enuf? Ahah 2 months and counting. i suggest dey tk strong actions against ў☺ΰ work no pay so ў☺ΰ can hav A̶̲̥̅ lil sense.RUBBISH!!! May boko haram find ў☺ΰ if ў☺ΰ dnt call dis strike off 2mao!Amen

  • After reading the comments by supposedly y students of universities in Nigeria,I know something is fundamentally wrong with the whole system. If a student could call for the extension of his lecturers it means the universities have to go along way in moral retraining. But for the records,Students should know that by the time the governent succeeds in removing subsidy from the universities,they will be the ones to pay the price. There is a calculated attempt by the govt to reduce university funding and force the universities to augment their internally generated revenue for maintenance. If that is what we want because we simply want to graduate at all cost then we should prepare for the consequences.

  • JamX Omenape says:

    ASUU shoul look for anoda method of showing griviance. The children of this ƿεσƿłε are not here so you guys are dulling us {students}

  • TK says:

    Wicked oliver twist ASSU pres.

  • Razaq says:

    Infact! If they are searching for the greatest unfortunate being, they should hurriedly choose ASUU guys because they didn’t even want progress for we nigerian students but God passed them, their children will be our slave at the end

  • Kaycee says:

    I don pay house rent an sch fees oo. Make una call off dis strike ooo

  • pascal says:

    Tomoro is da deal day pls don’t betray us fed-govt I want to go bak to skul am da only peson @ home very soon am gonna foget my mat-no ooooo pls anwer us and call it off 2moro

  • briggs elizabeth says:

    Na bcos you all chidren are in abroad,weda una lyk am or not I go mke am pass u nd ur children

  • yusuf says:

    why you asuu people dey selfish na…. U dey fight for 70yrs in service… And we dey complain say our government no provide work and dat work wey dey, you no wan leave am… And again for wetin u call am, increase of salary or allocation…..

  • Jp Ansu says:

    Asuu ooooo, FG ooooo, biko, ejor o, mke dis strike end 2moro. Jesus Christ, plz luk upon thy children nd neva alow me nt 2 graduate nxt yr, AMEN

  • mary says:

    these are people that have no regards for the future of their children……retirement @ 70???do u wanna die in d lecture hall???may God forgive all of you.

  • Zinkus says:

    We really appreciat ur efforts Asuu to ensure quality education for us. But is there no other alternative?this strike has taken place many times, yet no result. U should’ve understood that strike isn’t d best solution cos we r d ones at loss. Pls call this off cos half bread is better than none. Better we learn in un conducive environment than not learnin at al. B wise

  • Abel Ifeanyi says:

    Assu pls its high time u call up dis strike. 4 God sake d education of dis countary is been messed up nd jopadize with, to b sincere, there is nothing 2 wrt home abt Nigerian education system…I pray God 2 help us in dis country, expecially d poor.

  • Precious says:

    Can u hear wat dslis idiot is saying??dat even wen thier demands are met dem go even cum still think of wen to call off d strike…if God is on his throne none of dem will knw peace dis nite till morning until dey call off dis strike,can u imagine…na thier own dem eve dey talk,hw bout us??

  • I cn’t blame asuu 4 going on strike,i blame our leader dat collects 1billon naire salary monthly nd call themselve FG… I dn’t really blame them,i blame nigerians 4 our ignorance in electing into post someone dat is ready 2 negotiate with terrorists but is not ready 2 negotiate with the most important sector dat makes us a nation(education)… I blame nigerian 4 voting in a government dat value the life of a terrorist dan dat of it’s corps serving the nation by compesating the family of the boko haram president dat died in detention with 100million naira nd compesated the family of the student dat were killed by this same boko haram ppl with 5million naira… I blame nigerians 4 electing a childless man,cos if he is nt childless he should no the usefulness of one… My mother sits in front of the television everday day with her earpiece in her hear jst 2 knw when the strike will be over while our present sits eating rice nd chicken when a nation is about 2 collapse in his regime… Will dat be a good record 4 him???

  • Anti-ASUU says:

    Govt. Have got no plans 4 d Nigerian youths and yet we still keep hopes alive by going 2 skul n now u na don chop our only Hope. May d gods of our land put u under Life strike……..ASE!!! 70 yrs retirement age is a CORRUPT imposition.


  • Well,I dnt blame ASUU.It’s all our leaders fault.On dis same issue there was a 4months strike,all for d FG 2 jst place ASUU on scale(hopeles promise).Dis is a country where lives & properties re under insecurity,jst imagine wat happnd @ Kano,claimin lots of innocent lives.ASUU on strike,Boko Haram threatenin,we expct our leaders 2 do sumtin abt it, instead they complicatd issues wit subsidy removal. All we nid is God’s interventn in this country.

  • Lieutenant says:

    They don accept una retairement frm 65 to 70, haba, e neva do? Una still wnat chop money abi? Nonesence!

  • Emman Harley says:

    STRIKE,STRIFE,UPROAR,PROTEST,SOCIAL UNREST,worst of al-BOMBING(TERMINATN OF LIVES & PROPERTY):these are d only genre of music Nigerian govt are lovers of,bed & breakfast.But ASUU 2 shld b consider8 in getin their met,coz dey dont av kids in Nigerian universities.
    D worst part of d matter is dey’ll leave d 1 killin us unattended 2 & coz more dabaru e.g.subsidy removal prematurely,reimbursement of refinaries dey know are not workin,hidin d faces of dier so called cabals as if dey’re ghosts,unimplementatn of masses-favourin-policies(18,000 minimum wage) ova increament in tax,etc. And we celebr8 democrazy every year in dis same country where “d minority carries d vote”(is dat Nigerian definatn?).
    Its ova time we end these autocratic rule in d disguise of democrazy and “find our way” if we want 2 achieve gud thngs in d simplest way or are we Naijas not allowed 2 make requests?lets continue 2 luk up2 God 4 salvatn.

  • pat says:

    if u dey fight for person, and d person say STOP, e gud mak u STOP whn who na b student the infrastucture no better pass dis, or meet up to standard, but who na no quit sch 2 fight, na now who na 1 fight, d fight DON REACH mak who na go back to work THANK U…. Oooooooooooo….. Fighters!!! 1 luv A.A.U ekp

  • abeg o na marry una want make i marry 4 skul or make my younga 1 wen dey kg come meet me 4 300l?asuu with Gods intervention abeg kal d strike off na God name na i take beg

  • hmmmmmm.i guess u’ll av said it all….it will be good if asuu can look @ d hearts of d students and see how it is bleeding….students are really turning in to sometin else….it will be good for this strike to be called off ASAP!!!…thats all we wont to avoid further problems

  • Assu i urge u guys to just have a pity on we students,my fellow students pls bear with assu because they are fighting for my school we having shortage of Lecture halls and some equipments and why federal govt neglected assu is because their children school abroad and in private schools.Federal govt pls favour assu and we the leaders of tmrw.

  • Map Leinad says:

    Development is a slow process. Half baked graduates is better than none. For the sake of the recent happenings, i think ASUU should call of the strike

  • Gloria says:

    What asuu is doin is 4 our good.wen d university system is standardized,we wont need to fly out.i only blame d fg 4 dere ignorance,selfishness n unpatriotism.i pray dey coperate so we can go bak 2 skul,bcos i’m already tired of staying at home.

  • Emmy says:

    Pls help us asuu……dis is rlly gettin too much, pls call dis whole nonsense off plzzz

  • tburleque says:

    asuu pls,call of dis srike is getting 2 much time 4 we stdt 2 stay at home a word ia enough 4 a wise

  • Horpeolluwah says:

    Dis asuu most of there children are not in nigeria that is why they are treating us like this…

  • biola says:

    eh guys take it easy,there’s no nid 4 seeking wat u kno He can easily do else where.u tink boko haram’s a soln?ask d families of does dat lost their lives in d various blasts nd u’ll b rest assured dat d only soln lies wiv Him.i’ll just urge us all 2 b prayer nd optimistic.God bles u all!

  • 4 d nortur of d confusd minds. And 4 d asuranc of d life we hope in d moro, we need a coalition of rational thinkers. ASUU shld b careful nt 2 be lured 2 striking again 4 dis same demand whn dey cal of dis present one. 4 my felow studnts there is no point graduatn wit empty skuls. Cos whn we graduate we shld b able 2 compete favorably in d world graduate clas. And as such we shld b ready 2 suport wht wil bring us change nt jst in ous physical certification. But in our minds too…..practical thought.

  • yeammy says:

    Na Baba GOD go punish ASSU and their staffs,crazy old people and I think the ASSU president is in INSANE cause I know non of yah childrens schoolin’ here in 9ja,

  • Nnenna says:

    ђa†̥ sort of wicked greed ɪ̣̝̇s̶̲̥̅̊ ds? ASUU O̶̲̅я̲̅ wateva Ƴöů call urselves, ɪ̣̝̇s̶̲̥̅̊ it because Ɣ☺ΰЯ own children α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ either skooling abroad O̶̲̅я̲̅ i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ private skools Ђεrε dat Ƴöů have vowed τ̅☺ be stupid @ D̶̲̥̅̊ detriment of ₩ǝ students?……………….Dis ɪ̣̝̇s̶̲̥̅̊ absolute heartlessness. Mtcheeeeeew!!!

  • d issue at hand, is nt meant 2 b a rational one, d FG neglecting d demands of ASUU means inviting more disaster dan they thought, bcos we d students, indirectly ar d members of ASUU, it is affectin us 2, i stil commend ASUU on what they ar doing, FG must b forced 2 negotiate with ASUU, we students ar nt borderd, let them continue,

  • Jay says:

    Asuu i promise u that Bokos will visit u guys one after the other, selfish, good 4 nothing, unGodly asuu.

  • Nnenna says:

    Futo mechanical Ƴöů α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ a large fool fø̲̣̣я̅ sayin ₩ǝ students α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ not bothered!!! Speak fø̲̣̣я̅ urself aπϑ‎​ stop been a self-acclaimed Nigerian student representative. O̶̲̅я̲̅ maybe Ƴöů α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ thing ASUU will reward Ƴöů 4 ђa†̥ Ƴöů said, hahahaha……………Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!!!

  • asuu _wetin concern us wit 70yrs age,mak una call off strike cos una dey mak lots of student vex,na sango go punish una

  • I don’t av nothing 2 say than d fg should pls abide wt asuu and make we student go back 2 school.

  • Sharon says:

    Pls asuu shuld consider us, we are d future leaders of dis country, dis isnt realy fair! We dnt need to protest b4 dey hear our voices, we dnt need blood shed b4 dey hear our voices. Pls allow us go back to school. We cant kip staying in d house.

  • Dozie says:

    House rent 55k predegree fee 45k+5k 4 d form just 2 make sure i wil do well in jamb, now it is 2mnths 2go 4 jamb 2 seat no knowledge gain! Plz av mercy on us FG n do woj asuu requires, asuu make sure u implement d moni into wot it required if dy fund u pple.

  • haha i knw d reall fact, behinde asuu refusal to call off strike, i wil be right back to feed u guys with d gist

  • let GODS will abound…asuu…tnx 4 everyfin,we wish 2dayz gonna b fruitful.God help naija…am tired of stayin @ ome….

  • Abeg ASUU or wat dey call ona sef please call of this strike u people are not helpin matter. Wat hav u done wit d little funding u got. Let see wat u hav done with dat before askin for more.

  • doyin says:

    Lazy old fools,its because they are payin them salaries even while on strike,let FG stop payment of their salaries,they will beg to go back to work.stupid man

  • Biola says:

    We al av 2 jes kip prayin 4 our country,we av 2 ask 4 God’s intervention,we nid God to touch d hrt of our leaders….The voice of d pple x d voice ov God nd so,d voice ov God mst b heard nd dats givn us an assurance dat asuu nd fg wld reach a compromise..i blive God has d final say nd i pray d meetin 2day wl b fruitful(AMEN)

  • adeola says:

    pls,av mercy on us

  • Dave says:

    Hoefully,d strike’ll b cal off today.student b patient wt both d FG and ASUU.IT IS WELL!

  • Asuu we knw u ppl re fightin 4 justice bt pls pity d poor students nd enter a compromis wit d fg.God bles

  • lauretha says:

    Asuu I support you. Its high time Nigerians stood for their rights. So you all want toi go to sch and xpect lecturers that aint paid to come lecture U. So if ur parents were lecturers and they don’t get their salary will u be happy? Am a student in UNilag but I support asuu strike to make these stupid FGN realise dat nigerians aint fools.

  • olateju says:

    Pls,FG nd Assu shld resolve wateva is btw dem nd let us return back 2 school,its fraustratin

  • mclundi says:

    am sure FGN wil meet ASUU’s dmands bt d fact is dat dis guys ar even insistin on dsidin wen to kal off d strike…do dey hv conscience at al?…dnt dey kw education has a time nd age bracket..,.pls i take God name beg una..try kal off dis strike so dat we cn go back sch…

  • Olupinyo says:

    Just as in the case of the recently observed Labour/TUC nationwide strike, FG and ASUU need to dialogue urgently so that these children can go back to campuses soon. I am not happy as a concerned parent. The future of these children is being toy with. For God sake, something have to be done fast to resolved any salient issue.

  • Pls FG complie wit asuu so we student can go back 2 sch be4 weekend and start receivin lec on monday, feb exam comes up.

  • Temilade says:

    Let’s al be considerate hw can ASUU be on strike and the minister for education is spending 120million on some occassion. FG shuld also attend 2 them and stop dis violence d average studnts are going 2ru.

  • Depiver says:

    Pls FGN try and cooperate with ASUU so that this strike be called off we the students are still @ home and even the new students have not resumed some skuls have not even released their admission list pls time and tide waits for no man. ASUU pls we are your children try as much as possible to c that everything is resolved so that we can all go back to skul dis week. God bless you as u guys (ASUU and FGN) coperated to make good the situation on ground. We are the future of Nigerians The future of the nation is in our hands. thanks for your concern

  • Please i am begging the federal government and ASUU, let them call off this strike, we are so fustrated and depressed, our parents are no more comfortable with us.. Our future is delayed.. Do we deserve this? Unical students in particular are at a greater predicament, having being at home for over 5 months.. Please give us hope again.. Call off the strike. God bless you

  • Betty Chima says:

    Please FG and ASUU…U both should call of d strike nd resolve d problem amicably..we are very tired of staying @ home…we want to go bk to skul…pls put us in ur children shoes…WE WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL DIS MONTH….

  • Romanus says:

    4 God sake dis issue of strike is becomin more diverstated pls is high tym d FG negotiate wit ASUU so we the student can all go bk 2 skul,we ar tired of stayin at home

  • Clare says:

    Pls i beg asuu and the fg to please call of the not helping we student and it prolonging our stay in school .thou asuu is right but we student are pleading pls call off the strike.

  • PAUL says:

    ASUU and FG is not helping matters in this country. ASUU should find other means of resolving their problems with the FG rather than strike all the time, delaying the destinies of young nigerian. Am tired sitting at home ASUU o……..

  • Chy says:

    Oh…even if govt agrees 2 meet their demands, they’d still have a meetin 2 decide whn 2 call it off…meanin wht na?? Most of them hv their kids abroad n in private universities so they dnt even cre if we resume or nt…if u notice, most of their demands r 4 their own purposes…pls they shud cal off d strike…i dnt cre if i hv 2 sit unda a mango tree 2 tke ma lectures…as lng as i graduate wit gud grades n hv a worthwhile job…

  • am a student,bt i can reason wt ASUU,d issue is all abt implementatn n nt any renegotiatn pls.let d FGN b faithful 2 d 2009 agréement n implement d university funding issue pls.

  • Dolor mike says:

    Pls,FGN of Nig meet d demands of asuu nd cal of d strike.time nd tide wait 4 no man.i’m tired of sitting down at off d strike, inorder 4 us to go bac 2 sch.

  • Waliyu says:

    Pls, 4 there is tym 4 every thin, we are tired staying home, brain is even getting relaxed every day.this wil not be good if we shld resume and start test or exams because most student wil have notin to deliver from upstairs, i beg ASUU &FGN to resolve whatever is btw them and call of the strike,may God bless Nigeria.

  • Faith says:

    Its high time Fg should look in nigerian university cos they are making it more stressful 4 we the gr8 nigerian students. By givin us extra year in our studies. This is time to pay subsidy on university education

  • pls i plead wit God’s name FG pls do some thing coz sme of there children are studying abroad so dey dn’t care,pls help us.we need 2 go bck 2 sch

  • vickdon says:

    @betty save your tears for better tins our govt cares not, even those that lost their live are still crying for the betterment of nija.

  • Egwu samuel says:

    pls. ASUU kindly have on us, i mean the students of universities. I hope you know that is we the students that receives the penalty of what is happening now. To be sincere we are tired ok. Call of the strike please!

  • Gud evenin my ASUU president! I want 2 know if the FG refuses 2 do all d demands of ASUU? If yes, personally i support ur consistence about the strike but if they have accepted some, when wil d strike be called off?

  • Ayobami says:

    I wnt 2 commend d gud work bein done by asuu.d probs we av in dis country is dat of selfness.imagine d asuu is fightin a gud cause 4 our higher institution 2 get beta yet some studnt ar clamorin dat they wnt 2 go bak 2 thr klas rum.thr ws a strike in 2009 on dis issue,3yrs later there’s dis one d questn is hw long ar we goin 2 continue like this? Let d asuu fight dis issue once nd 4 all,so dat there won’t be any more strike in d future.

  • Chux says:

    Irritants! Dats wht dey are. At least let d skuls resume. One way tinking-dats what dey r doin. Abeg,en,try reason all angles. Students r wasting @ home.

  • it’time fgn n asuu,try n undastand wot is realy hapin,dey ar nt realy helpin us,has many of us student ar stil at home,many wrongs kep happin,i dnt knw wh to blame,bt i knw our govt hav since nt been tryin to take our education to a beter level,we ar nt hapy wit d pains u ar inflitin on us oh,pls cal of d strike n put smile on our face once more,4 a beta 9ja.

  • Fakunle dele says:

    If the president and his cohorts are hell bent on deregulation of the downstream sector solely to enhance economic stabilty despite all what was said,i think the best option is for ASUU to be equally hell bent on their request to enhance better educational standards so that all will be good and to the students and entire nation recall that mr president said we have to ‘sacrifice’ so i implore u all to lets sacrifice whatever it takes to stabilize education in nigeria…i just cannot understand a government that will sign an agreement not under duress but will fail to implement it. Now tell me where is the TRUST? GOD BLESS FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA

  • odomic man says:

    FG and Asuu shuld resulv wateva d problem abeg lets start skul imediately cos first semester is wasting

  • wat is Nigeria Education turnin into?,.hardly u see someone completes his four; five, or six yrz course in the appropriate timing.

  • D problem dat we studnts are goin 2ru nw is sorely d fault of d FG, afterall, asuu is fightin for d future good of our education sector…and if FG wants d best for our education sector, den they shuldnt delay in complyin 2 d demands of asuu…bcus education is d key factor in creatin a beta developd society…so am supporting asuu all d way..

  • Tersoo says:

    Smtin is rong wit 9ja bt we all r deaf, dumb & blind @ it. Whr r we headin 2?

  • Tosin says:

    ASUU is right,if dy cal off d strike,FG Wil sweep oda rquest unda d carpet…let d strike continue until d govt is ready 2 iron tinx out once n 4 all.GREAT NIGERIAN STUDNTS,lets mak dis sacrifice 2 d betterment of our educatn sector..make una dy read 4 ause until una go resume,as 4 me am almost tru wif my biochemistry textbooks so by d time we resume,i go turn wizard 4 my dprtment….its ur boi tosin,biochemistry ksu 07033238206

  • Dapo says:

    Asuu should just forget funding 4 now.the federal would not honour their demands especially funding.these asuu people are just wasting our time.

  • Olavozy says:

    let asuu call of d strike , i believe fg wil nt put dere demand under d rug. time is nt waitin 4 u. great NiGeRiA student will re d future off tommorrow……………[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@pls Asuu call of d strike d fg wil met ur demand

  • Dapo says:

    As for me,im not supporting asuu,every nigerian knows that the government is bad,it is when we have a good government that is when asuu strike would be over.

  • youngmillo says:

    all d comments r vry funny.whoz readng dz? Me n u or gudluck jonathan? Ur wastng ur tym here,pleadng a html cntrolled page.make una go protest eh.but if u reasn aw asuu iz doing gr8.hw cn u say ur a mech. Engineer,ur gen goes bad u go fone wa 9ja.our educatnal system iz wack.i said it

  • GREAT NIGERIAN STUDENTS, we all knew how dogedly our dear ASUU has fought for us, should we now sit aback to the ugly menace our supposed parents (FGN) are doing and yet still doing to the future of our advancement zone ( UNIVERSITIES) because of their desires in making their CHILDREN which we all know very well that they are schooling abroad to take over the bussiness of the nation quickly befor they retire or thrown out from thire offices. can’t we see the great just fight that ASUU is fighting for children yet unborn, am a student of UNIBUJA, battling to beging my 1st semester but hw can i gain a better lectures when the source of the enlightment is been treated like dogs. pls FGN our fathers and mothers, hear the cry of we the future of this great nation and grant the appeal and request of our own ASUU God bless us all as we embrace what is right.

  • Asuu.wateve u cal ursf.i knw u guys re fightin 4 d gud of ur pocket n ur family n nt 4 we stdnt.u guy jst wnt 2 make money in d name of helpin d edu.sector.conti decievin only God dat wil reward u n ur wicked hrt.keep foolin ursf nt us.we knw una watin una wnt.mumu dem

  • umar says:

    pls n pls asuu let it end 2day we need 2 go back 2 skul pls

  • Dapo says:

    Asuu shuldnt deceive us,let them say they re fighting 4 their pockets.

  • doncarlos says:

    I don’t care what they say or do we just want to go back to school,if their children were schooling in nigeria they won’t think twice to call off strike. Let change for the better nigeria.

  • wysceeboy says:

    ASUU, pls temper justice wit mercy. We(students) know dat u r fighting 4 our good bt pls consider us as we av bcom d prime targt of ds strike. When two elephant battles d grass suffers. ASUU pls b considerate on ds issue

  • Francis says:

    Please, ASSU should quickly sought out the problem with the Federal Government and call off the long strike to avoid more and more degeneration in the Education Sector. The government should not shy away from what it has agreed in 2009 in order to help the future of Nigeria. Not forgetting that the future lies in the education of today. Stop jeopardising the future of Nigeria.

  • simisola says:

    *im in tears nw* plssssssssssss call off d strike!

  • chuks4real says:

    i hate asuu……all d studnts supporting dem re very mad nd stupid…time waits 4 no man..nd FG should b impeached……..i think lyk minded stnds ll share a view wit me……..d only solution is 2 protest……nd pray 4 god 2 touch dir minds……..gosh……..i’m very angry rite nw……..

  • JImoh Aliu. says:

    Pls FG do smthg on dis ungoing strike we students r suffer, just put us on ur children shoes, let assumed one of d leader dt they children r studies oversea, nd they strike just 4 one week, i strongly beleave u people wil be planin 2 change their school, plz above al, wil need ur solution, plz mr presisdent and asuu leader, we student are tier oooo.

  • Asuu enough is enough, the union should not be too adamant on this issue. The govt have agree on the 70 years which was one of the basic demand of Asuu from the govt. Please Asuu should have pity on the student and call off the strike.

  • Cletus says:

    Pls ASSU/FG consider the plight of Nigeria student. For the fact that some of us cannot afford to go to private university, it is not a cause.on we the federal university student side that we must spend more than the duration of the course of study in school.

  • it is high time the fed. Govt do sometin abt this strike is nt dat d cannot meet up 2 their needs afta all d have d resources………….

  • I support Asuu, but FG should stop given university authority funds to carry out capital project like construction work,it should be done thrugh other channels such as the ministry of works & construction companies to avoid corruption substanded work.

  • Joelyn says:

    How many of ASUU can live up to 70 years in jaga jaga country, a country without peace no fear of God. May God bless nig. Students for their patience/kindness amen.

  • Hey says:


  • Obsidian says:

    How have we come to dis sorry pass? I’m prompted 2 ask.
    Dis is b’cos our fathers who attended diz same varsities didn’t face d rubbish we’re going.
    I’m beginning to feel that ASUU is asking for too much on its own part, while the government on the other hand is, as usual, not assertive to matters that can project us to progress.
    God help us!

  • pls ASUU call off dis strike cus we d student of dis country r begging n we wnt 2 resum skul. Am in my finals i need 2 submit my seminar topic n even project, i need 2 read so as to avoid any spill over wic i knw dat my God will nt agree!

  • Dharmmy says:

    Haha our gov. are govern us badly we are the leaders of 2mao so can we say dat their is no money to pay our lecturers or wat pls Mr President find solutn to dis issue

  • ID.A.TOBBY says:

    plz,, FG we are tired of staying at home.. For God sake…

  • Pls mr president do sth abt ASUU,iam tired of home.

  • Visky says:

    We jst dey dcieve our selves for naija… Too bad! Evry1 is fightn for their pocket. F**k ASSU! f**k FGN!

  • Lucykinka says:

    asuu no gree…….do what u want now now and after we can enjoy our normal school activities without break again.
    Do whatever u want to, now.

  • Pat says:

    ASUU CALL OFF. . .U made us stay at home not d Govt. Evry of ur need can’t b met we all know that. THIS IS NIGERIA. U made the students idle and confussed. U people blame politicians but u ar of the same flock. HEARTLESS. All u fight for is ur belly

  • Pls let Asuu and Fg complete there discusion.and call out strike.will are tire of staying at something.oooo

  • Sule says:

    Pls Asuu. Just ask ur selfs ar u guys dng wat u ar emplyed 2 do?. Dnt just put evry blme on fg. While u ar nt evn dng ur jobs. U nd 70 yrs of service bt in wat way did Asuu solve any fgs probs?. tru reseach u guys ar just 2 lazy and God wil punish u 4 dat. U said u want proper funding of schol while even de reseach allawans nd 2 be witdrwn cos u ar nt doin any reseach must of u ar nt productive. Jus cal off strike and tel us if u nd rest.

  • Alaye Sonmie says:

    FG pls help us we r tied of staying at home. Pls dont leave us behind. Give ASUU what they want is their right.

  • Asuu…u people r useless 4 making us student to b frustrated. Fuck u FG & Asuu, God purnish u people.

  • ASUU pls cal off strike.we ard wasting at home.FG holiganism,robbery and other social are on d increase whenever stds are idle at home,pls think well.naija has a lot of money, why should we be suffering?think!

  • Temitope says:

    Hmn! ASUU s fightin 4 our cause indeed! Must they wait till d government implements all dey requested 4 b4 we resume. I dnt blame dem its becos dia children dnt school here. For your info Mr Asuu president, we understand u’r fighting a good cause bt lots of youths have become irresponsible as a result of ur good cause jst as we know dat ‘an idle hand is a tool for the devil. Pls sir, be considerate.

  • FG please you need to look into this Asuu strike because. Strike is one thing that is affecting the nigerian education. FG please you people need to pay the lecturals because there trying so much.

  • Benji says:

    Asuu dem corrupt 2,do u know hw much governor n d president gave uniport in d past 2 consecutive convocation,watin dem take am do 4 d skul.abeg 9ja na we we

  • Mr President,u need to do something to the issue of ASUU bcus we are the leader of tomorrow our life and career must not be aborted.We are tired of staying at Home.

  • Fgn should settle asuu i think it was a mutual agreement. Then let there be implementatñ. Period.

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