Tuesday , 23 May 2017

NABTEB 2011/2012 Nov/Dec Results Released

The National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) has released its 2011/2012 NOv/Dec results.
Students who participated in the Nabteb examinations can now check their results on the Nabteb website after purchasing a result checking card from one of the Nabteb Outlets across Nigeria.
After purchasing the card you can now check your results here:  http://www.nabtebnigeria.org/e-world/
1. Enter your Nabteb Candidatate Identification Number e.g. 38001178
2. Select the Type of Examination
3. Select your Examination Year e.g. 2011
4. Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card. The Card Serial Number has an alphabet prefix followed by digits e.g. N123456789
5. Enter the 12-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card eg. 012345678912
6. Click Submit and view the Nabteb results.


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  3. Is Neco the only exam body in Nigeria?same people wrote different exammination n passed but when it comes 2 neco,different story.may God 4giv them 4 failing students.

  4. Neco gce may fire consume ur office. To hell with u. Why is ur own so different?

  5. Is nabteb and either waec or neco are combineable in higher institution?

  6. NABTEB NOV/DEC 2012 EXPO IS NOW AVAILABLE @http://www.omegadilord.wapka.mobi

  7. ALL NIGERIA EXAMINATIONS EXPO NOW AVAILABLE @www.omegadilord.wapka.mobi

  8. wat about d money bro?

  9. Abdulrasheed sherif

    Please sir when nabteb result we be out year 2012 own

  10. pls when eould NABTEB be out

  11. Pls wen will nabteb result for 2012/2013 be release?

  12. When does nabteb result will out,2012/2013

  13. pls when will nabteb may june 2011/2012 be released

  14. When will nov/dec nabtab result of yobe state damaturu, gujba and gaidam center result will be out?

  15. Pls when nabteb 12/13 nov/dec well be realise.

  16. Nabteb pls dnt fel me i tried waec n neco for 6times .(2012/2013 nov/dec)


  18. plz when is d 2012/13 nov /dec result wil b release plz we 1nt to mak use of it plz mak una wok on it shap shap plz

  19. Wen wl n d result wil b out 2012 oh plz we nid it .ugent owww .i dn tire

  20. When will nabteb nov/dec 12/13 be released!!!so as to prepare for the necessary activities towards getting admission.pls!

  21. I am d member of nabteb when ar release.

  22. Pls nabteb officials shuld release our 2012 nov/dec result fast,atleast waec was fast unlike dis one.pls we nid it urgently

  23. Is it true that 2012 nov/dec nabteb result released

  24. Please i want to see my nabteb result Nov-Dec. 2012.

  25. pls wen will d result b finally paste on NET, we want to fry other fish atleast d result should be out so dat we knw wat our fate has prepared for us….pls nabteb officials do somthng about our result nov/dec 2012/2013

  26. I dnt no wat 2 say about dis our nabtem 2012/2013 when wel b released on net plz nd plz we net our result 4 our admision.

  27. My Allah helf us our result nov/Dec Will be realised on 26 this month

  28. What is wrong wth nabteb board abt dz nov/dec 2012/2013 result, whn wl it b out?

  29. Engr farad kogite

    Nabteb officials am highly disappointed in uuuu ppu ooo ,imagin y must u delay d result 4 ova 2mnths afta markin,or u ppu neva finish una amendmnt on d result ni, pls i wnt u 2 release d result b4 20/03/13 .And am sure dat wen u ppu ar goin 2 release it it ll b far better dan YEYE NECO result .For ur own information dnt let d result poor lyk dat may/june own ooooo , i u ppu dnt want 2 loose customer completely lyk neco ppu.dats d piece of advice dat i av 4 unah oooo.Am one of ur agent ENGR FARAD. If u av any tin 2 discus wit me call me on 08066025631 or if u ar on 2go u can add me wit dat mobile integers.

  30. My name is banjklev,ma nø is 07060764118=>Plz when wil my nabteb result released ?

  31. Pl an pl wen will noven dicenb will b out nown?

  32. When will NABTEB result Nov 2012 be release?

  33. when is the result going to come out

  34. Bamayi shaibu musa

    Nawa for Nigeria.oh why holding the result.now take A look all fingers are not disseam some are poor why some are Reach,But in Anything you Do Onther The sun.Remember The Day of Keyama ,To hiy with ur money Allha Will never Put You In his Beautiful Home,MAA’SAALAM

  35. How can I get my result or should I go to the school or nabteb office.I wrote it the 2011,Nov/Dec

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