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University Of Lagos (Unilag) 2012/2013 Foundation Programme (Diploma II) Application Details

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the Foundation Programme offered by the University of Lagos in the 2012/2013 Session.  Highly successful candidates after the Second Semester examinations of the Foundation Programmes are eligible for consideration for direct admission into the 200 Level of the Degree Programmes of the University through JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board), the University of Bedfordshire, University of Central Lancashire (UK), University of the West of England and University of Birmingham.  Students who have two A-level passes, HND holders and graduates of recognized Institutions are exempted from the entrance examination and may be considered for admission into the Foundation Programme. This is a strictly non-residential programme.



The University will provide an intensive one-year taught Foundation courses of study in the following Faculties:



A.   ARTS (Enquiries: 234-8023153012, 08075344655)

(i)           Linguistics, African & Asian Studies (Yoruba, Igbo)

(ii)          Creative Arts (Theatre Arts, Music, Visual Arts)

(iii)         English

(iv)         History and Strategic Studies

(v)          European Languages (French, Russian)

(vi)         Philosophy


B.   BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (Enquiries: 234-8034432262, 07044464637)

(i)           Accounting

(ii)          Actuarial Science

(iii)         Finance

(iv)         Business Administration

(v)          Industrial Relations & Personnel Management

(vi) Insurance


C.    EDUCATION (Enquiries: 234-01-7389968, 234-8023078297)

(i)           Adult Education

(ii)          Education Administration

(iii)         Education Biology

(iv)         Education Chemistry

(v)          Education English

(vi)         Education French

(vii)        Education Geography

(viii)       Guidance & Counseling

(ix)         Education History

(x)          Education Igbo

(xi)         Education Integrated Science

(xii)        Education Mathematics

(xiii)       Education Physics

(xiv)      Education Yoruba

(xv)       Christian Religious Studies

(xvi)      Islamic religious Studies

(xvii)     Human Kinetics & Health Education

(xviii) Business Education

(xix) Education Economics

(xx) Technology Education

(xxi) Home Economics


D.   ENGINEERING (Enquiries: 234-8033538328, 01-8446097)

(i)           Chemical Engr

(ii)          Civil & Environmental Engr

(iii)         Surveying & Geoinformatics Engr

(iv)         Electrical & Electronics Engr

(v)          Metallurgical & Materials Engr

(vi)         Mechanical Engr

(vii)        Petroleum & Gas Engr

(viii)           Computer Engr

(ix)         Systems Engr Engr


E.    ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES (Enquiries: 234-7044807502)

(i)           Architecture         

(ii)          Building

(iii)         Estate Management

(iv)         Quantity Surveying

(v)          Urban and Regional Planning


F.    LAW (Enquiries: 234-8034487061)


G.   SCIENCE (Enquiries: 234-1-7346832, 08033020969)

(i)           Biochemistry

(ii)          Botany

(iii)         Micobiology

(iv)         Zoology

(v)          Cell Biology & Genetics

(vi)         Chemistry

(vii)        Computer Sciences

(viii)       Marine Biology

(ix)         Mathematics

(x)          Physics

(xi)         Geophysics

(xii)        Geology

(xiii)       Fisheries


H.   SOCIAL SCIENCES (Enquiries: 234-8034034559, 08051625640)

(i)   Economics

(ii)  Geography

(iii) Mass Communication

(iv) Political Science

(v)  Psychology

(vi) Sociology


I.   PHARMACY (Enquiries: 234-1-7346527 & 234-8029438968)


J. COLLEGE OF MEDICINE (Enquiries:234-8191016583, 07094254086)

(i) Dentistry

(ii) Physiology

(iii) Pharmacology

(iv) Medicine

(i)           Physiotherapy

(ii)         Pharmacology

(iii)        Medical Laboratory Sciences

(iv)       Nursing Sciences

(v)        Radiography


Accounting, Advertising, Biomedical Science, Business Studies, Computer Science, General Media Studies (Mass Communication), Law, marketing and Psychology.



Business Related Programmes: Business Administration, Business Studies, Business Information Systems or Technology, International Business, International Fashion Management, Management and Marketing, Marketing, Marketing and Business Management, Business Operations Management, Retail Management (with options).


Construction-Related Programmes: Commercial Management & Quantity Surveying, Construction Project Management, Facilities Management, Building Services and Sustainable Engineering, Architecture.

Economics-Related Programmes: Economics, Business Economics.

Law-Related programmes: Law, Human Rights, Law and Criminology.





Chemical Engr, Civil Engr, Electrical & Electronics Engr, Mechanical Engr, Materials Science and Technology.






Science Related Programmes: Biomedical Sciences, Bological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Human Biology, Conservation Biology, Sports Science, Forensic Science, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry.


Engineering-Related Programmes: Aerospace Engr, Mechanical Engr, Motorsport Engr, Electrical & Electronic Engr, Computer Science, Construction Management, Civil Engr, Architectural Design.




Environmental Sciences Related Programmes: Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Architectural Design Technology.






ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: A minimum of FIVE credits (English Language, Mathematics and three relevant subjects) obtained in one sitting at the SSCE/WASC, GCE/O/L, NECO with results obtained before registration. Note that Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and Actuarial Science candidates require credit in Further Mathematics.

E-APPLICATION FORMS: All candidates must pay at any of the underlisted banks and collect a print-out with an application number from the bank and proceed to the University of Lagos to access the Foundation Login Link to fill the E-Application Form after twenty four (24) hours of payment at the banks; print two copies of the completed form showing the uploaded colour picture; take the two copies to the Faculty Foundation Coordinator to sign and stamp. Submit one copy to the Foundation Coordinator at the Faculty and bring the second copy along to the examination hall on July 24, 2012. Please read the Information and Guidelines for completing the application forms online. Bank charges of N500:00 must be paid into a separate account to be provided at the bank.

Cost of Application Form: N20, 000:00 payable at the underlisted banks:

E-Application Forms: May 7 and July 20, 2012

UBA, UNILAG (Account No. 1002772627),



First Bank, UNILAG (Account No. 2016362084),




ECOBANK, UNILAG (Account No. 1962000397)




Zenith Bank, Ilupeju (Account No. 1011078079)




WEMA Bank, UNILAG (Account No. 0121178501),




Access Bank, UNILAG (Account No. 0043762240)








Submission of printed application forms to the Foundation Coordinators at the Faculties: May 7 and July 20, 2012




 Conduct of Examination:


Examination Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Venue: Multipurpose Halls A, B & C, International School Halls, Faculty Lecture Rooms.

Mode of Examination: All Questions are Multiple Choice. Examination subjects are: Mathematics, English Language and 3 relevant subject areas. 40 questions are on each paper, that is a total of 200 questions to be answered in 3 hours. Students are to report at designated venues at 7:00 a.m. Examinations will begin at 9:00 a.m.

Results: Results will be released on the University website and at the Faculties on Monday, August 6, 2012.

Registration starts: Monday, September 17, 2012     

Period of Programme: October 3, 2012 – June 28, 2012

All Enquiries are to be made to Director, Foundation Programmes on 0812800468; 08191521739; 01-7432457, 07042445992


Oluwarotimi O. A. Shodimu, Esq.

Registrar and Secretary to Council

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  1. I scored 247 in jamb and 57percent in unilag post jamb. I put in economics. Please what is the cutoff for economics and wat r my chances

  2. @ chris,
    cut of mrk wil soo b out.

  3. pls, i want to know maybe is true that the date for the diploma exam as been changed

  4. Whats d cut off mark 4 computer science and the subject combination for the entrance exam pls?

  5. Plz watz d cut off mark 4 civil engineerin diploma entrance exam

  6. Hello Ajibola,
    cut off mrk for comp sc is 97.
    Subjct combo for entrance exam is eng, maths, phy, f/maths and any of chem & bio.
    Candidate must hav credit passes in furthr mths in o’level to be registrable.
    Hi Archery,
    cut off for civil engr is 96.

  7. Pls wat s d cutoff mark for economics post utme unilag and also details on change of course form for unilag post utme

  8. Hello moi,
    cut off mark for economics is 68.13
    For change of course, wait after merit list is out.

  9. Pls oge gime d list of all courses wit cut-off mark that’s less dan 57percent

  10. Pls wat z d cut-off mark for geography? I also nid 2knw d cut off mark for estate management. Post utme unilag

  11. Helo chris,
    geography edu is 58.88… Geography in Social science is 61.25
    . Estate mgt is 62.13

  12. Helo chibuikem,
    go to d unilag website for d cut off mark of all d courses below 57

  13. hi oge…do unilag still use the same cutoff mark for diploma exams every year..or could it be changed???


  15. Hi oge. Please what is the cut off mark for business administration in the unilag diploma exam.

  16. Hello faith,
    the cut off mark changes every yr depending on the outcome of d exam.
    Hi modupe,
    economics is 107 and estate management is 96.
    Hello osaretin,
    business administration is 100.
    @ ALL,
    u can get to see d entrance exam question before d exam.
    If u r interested call 07065282617

  17. Plz oge i wil lyk 2 knw d necessary materials 2 be taken in2 d exam hall

  18. hi tochy, ur form printout

  19. Are we allowed to come with our calculator

  20. R calculatorz allowd 4 d diploma

  21. pls are we allowed to take calculators to the examination hall??……if yes,pls what kind??

  22. I want to know may be the foundation form is still out,becos a friend of my just introduce it to me. And again did unilag or others instutions accept A’level resuit into 200LeveL.

  23. Pls watz d cut off 4 medz dis yr in d diploma xam…besydz. Wen’z d result comin awt


  25. Pls what is the cut-off mark for philosophy dis year in diploma exam

  26. hi oge. Pls wen z d diploma result comin out and wat s the percentage of people that wil b admited? I put in 4est mgt

  27. the diploma result is out!!

  28. Pls what’s d cutoff mark for psychology?

  29. pls wot is the cut-off mark for geophysics and chemical engineering pllllsssss

  30. Please post a link to check the results

  31. Is the diploma result available online please

  32. Oge, pls what is the cut off point for Foundation programme 2012 Nursing.

  33. Pls oge I scored 78 in my diploma exam n I choose irpm,what course do u think unilag can give think insurance,because its under da same field with irpm…pls reply,am so scared and confused here…

  34. whats the cut off for electrical engg please

  35. Plz oge, is there any oda cut of mark apart frm merit cut of dat is always releasd

  36. Pls I got 86 in unilag’s diploma exam.I filled psychology,but d cut off mark is 91…pls what r my chances now?

  37. Plz, oge i had 110 for dis yr’s diploma @ unilag fr masscom bt d cutoff is 114. What are my chances? If none, can i change my course? Pls i nid urgent reply

  38. Hostel accomodations is now open 4 applicatns.
    get ur hostel card at Ecobank for N500.
    If u apply and didnt get a hostel.
    Hostel space are available for sale.
    If u need someone to share payment for a hostel space,
    or someone to scot wit for a little pay call:

    O8O* 2772 * 9437
    PING: 210482A2

  39. Oge, plz hw much partikulali is nided to be in d skul plus form and every payment and hostel

  40. Pls try nd tell me d site 2 check 4 d result, since d result is out and wat is d cutoff mark of nursin. pls i nid an urgent answer.

  41. hello Ziggy, every thing shld b around 400k.
    hi faithee, the result, cut off mark and merit list for foundation is out check it now on www . unilag.

  42. Please excuse my asking Oge, but i really need this information urgently. When is the regigtration of foundation students going to comence?….Respondez Silvo Platez

  43. pls oge, av bin tryin 2 check my result on d site u gave me ( but its nt going, wat can i do nw? pls i nid an urgent answer.

  44. Pls oge, wat is d cutoff mark 4 nursing science? coz i checked my result & i had 73, will i be given admission?

  45. hi oge…i graced the merit list for the diploma……what next????????????

  46. Hi vicks, regstratn wil strt nxt 2 wk.
    Hi faith, congratulatns u made the list. Regstratn preparatn shld strt nxt 2 wk.
    If u need more info concerning;
    Ur diploma regstrtns.
    Hostel accomodatn.
    Fees etc call
    Or ping BBM 210482A2

  47. Pls oge, wat will i do nw, i had 73 and my course is nursin, will i be given admission?

  48. how do i change my course from mass comm to english..i got 92…please oge i need ur answer as soon as possible..and the requirement for changing d course

  49. Hello faith,
    Wait 4 d 2nd list.

    Hi joplyn,
    There is no change of course ths year.

  50. are u still admitting for masters

  51. Hello you all,
    Due to my tight schedule my presence here to reply ur comments will be limited.
    To get urgent replies to ur enquiries call 07065282617 or PING 210482A2.

  52. Hello oge……i have paid d acceptance fee….i read on d latest news in unilag website dat registration starts tommorrow…..are we to pay the installation fee to be eligible for registration???……….

  53. Hello vicks,
    Yes u have to pay it.
    To all foundation
    students…….the foundation portal has been upgraded, and the student login link has been created….all sucessful foundation students who have payed the acceptance fee should log in and see your basic info…….you will be asked to put in your REG number/matric.Number….your mat/reg number is your application number…FDT/2012/******……your password is the one you used to print your acceptance letter…you will be asked to pay your school fee…… must pay half of
    the school fee, including your
    medical tution and i think
    enrollment fee………the initial price
    you must pay is written there……don’t be paniced if you
    don’t see your course….the course
    space is currently vacant, and you
    can only see it after you have paid half of the money…….you are required to do your bio data capture and fill in your course……but you must pay first…… pay, go to any
    bank in unilag, slice out the cash,
    and pay the fee………after that, log in and fill in your details….remember to go to a cyber cafe, to fill your form,
    one equiped with a biometric
    capture scanner (finger print
    scanner)………..i think you will need it to complete your registration….the registration is the same number with that of the postutme students (the so-called “Jambites”…)
    If u r interested in stayin on campus for ur Diploma programm.
    Hostel accomodation spaces r available for sale.
    Call 07065282617
    Ping 210482A2

  54. Sorry joplyn n all,
    There is change of course, its still on. Hurry before it closes.

  55. Pls wats d subject combo for systems engineering wats the jamb cutoff mark and post jamb cutoff mark

  56. Pls oge is d 2nd list out, if yes tell d website 2 check

  57. UNILAG diploma change of course/
    supplementary list is out!!

  58. Hebhukunholuwah plenty

    Pls wen wil d 2013/2014 jamb form c*m out? Nd wat course can i use my result to study. Maths, eng, physics, agric, econs and phe.

  59. Pls oge wot course kan i study in unilag apart 4rm comp/science daht doesnt require chemistry! Am a science student i made f/maths anyway

  60. what are d requirement for 2013/14 diploma course. Pls need urgent reply.

  61. Valuable facts. Lucky us I ran across your website by chance, and I’m stunned exactly why this kind of accident couldn’t happened ahead of time! We book-marked them.

  62. wow, I love dis blog, but somthin is not clare to me, Is jamb necessary for diploma?? If yes, I scored 213 in jamb is it enough for accounting?
    When should we be expecting d form dis year????
    may God bless u as u answer my questionns

  63. Plsss I need to know if its possible to get the questions to the UNILAG foundation program atleast 4hrs before the exam starts…pls reply immediately….Tanksss

  64. Hi olowe, jamb is not needed for diploma. The form is now out.

    Hello boss,
    For info on tht and more call 07065282617

  65. pls I know it is too late for me to start the tutorials but just this favour I have to ask. if anyone is going for the tutorials and offering these subjects: eng maths lit govt and crk, pls text me and I will call you it is very important.thanks may you also pass the exam

  66. sorry this is my number 08167075546.pls text very important

  67. pls I know it is too late for me to start the tutorials but just this favour I have to ask. if anyone is going for the tutorials and offering these subjects: eng maths lit govt and crk, pls text me and I will call you it is very important.thanks may you also pass the exam this is my number 08167075546

  68. plz am texin 4rm senegal, i cnt waste t fair, can i stil get d form 4 diploma now evn if is late entry


  70. Hello Eno,
    Cost for diploma is: form N20000
    Fee N350000

  71. Wen is d exam dis year nd hw much is d form also hw many subjects

  72. Hi how much is the diploma form and is it on sale tanx oge

  73. You really make it appear really easy together with your presentation but I in finding this matter
    to be actually something which I believe I would never understand.

    It seems too complex and very extensive for
    me. I’m looking forward to your subsequent publish, I’ll try to get the
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    to take most recent updates, therefore where can i do it please
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  76. the form form is N22000. at the moment its not out

  77. O’level combination 4 philosophy

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