List Of Passengers On The Dana Air Flight

Dana Air flight 9J-997 was completely destroyed when it crashed into a building today, killing all 147 passengers and 6 crew members on board.
This is the initial list of passengers on board the ill-fated flight.

1. Retired AIG John Ahmadu
2. Amina Doris
3. Elizabeth Adaeze,
4. Ajala Adenike,
5. Adekunbi Adebiyi,
6. Agu Rogers,
7. Tatokin Anjola,
8. Tatokin Idris Abdulrasat Lawa,
9. Abitayo Olatoci,
10. Adekoya Ayoola
11. Northern Elder, Ibrahim Damcida,
12. Nnpc Spokesman, Dr. Levi Ajuonuma
13. Aladi Martins
14. Auta Jennifer
15. Auta Josephine
16. Ike Achonogor
17. Joy Alison
18. John Ahmadu
19. Rev. Ayodeji Cole
20. Ngozi
21. Noah Anyene
22. Ailendi Ehi
23. Shehu Saad Usman
24. Oluwasegun F. Abiodun
25. Anyere
26. Kasmisgona Anyene
27. Stanford Obrutse
28. Kayinetochi Anyene
29. Okeke Hope
30. Kaima Anyene
31. Sumyindadi
32. Ebuka Enuma
33. Oluchi Onyia
34. Sunday O
35. George Moses
36. Ogechi Njoku
37. Nsa
38. Onyeka Anyiene
39. Humra Lawal
40. Manuma
41. Ayune
42. Berki
43. Ehime Aikhomu, Son Of Former Chief Of General Staff,
44. Onita Jennifer,
45. Ike Ochonogo,
46. John Ahmadu,
47. Onyeka Ayene,
49. Hurriya Lawal,
50. Berkisum Yindadi,
51. Ebuka Enuma,
52. Oluchi Önyenyiri,
53. Sunday Enuma,
54. George Moses,
55. Noah Anyene,
56. Kamsi Anyene,
57. Stamford Obruste,
58. Kayinentochi Anyene,
59. Okeke Hope,
60. Rev Ayodeji,
61. Ngozi Cole,
62. Ailende Ehi,
63. Oluwasegun Funmi Abiodun,
64. Shehu Usman,
65. Alade Martins,
67. Onita Josephine,
68. Ike Ochonogo,
69. John Amadu,
70. Aquade Roger,
71. Osunbade Aderoju,
72. Fatokun Anjola,
73. Fatokun Olaoluwa,
74. Ajani Adenike,
75. Ike Abugu,
76. Adijolola Abraham,
77. Otegbeye Adiza,
78. Ehioghae Sonny,
79. Abikale Otatori,
80. Ntoku Charles,
81. Anibaba Tosin,
82. Shobowale Femi,
83. Somolu Oluwafemi,
84. Ariyibi Temitope,
85. Ojugbana Amaka,
86. Ojugbana Xtopher,
87. Muti,
88. Yusuf Ali,
89.Lt Col Chumbo Ochigbo,
90. D Awani,
91. O Awani,
92. N Chidiac,
93. Li Huizhu,
94. Kang Yi,
95. Inuza Ahmed,
96. Fayzal,
97. Mojekwu Adeobi,
98. Ibrahim D,
99. Peter Nosike,
100. Mahmud Aliyu,
101. Nnadi John,
102. Akwezi Elizabeth,
103. Adedunni Dorothy,
104. Maria Okulehi,
105. Jennifer Ibe,
106. Mtshelia Sarah,
107. Onyeagocha Chidinma,
108. Ike Okoye,
109. Amaka Raphael,
110. Garba Abdu,
111. Abdu Aisha,
112. Benson Oluwayemi,
113. Taiwo Lamidi,
114. Awodogan Oluwasanmi,
115. Major Ig Mohammed,
116. Attah Antonia,
117. Li Riu,
118. Ifeanyi Orakwe,
119. Obina Akabueze,
120. Chukwuemeka Okere,
121. Adekunbi Adebiyi,
122. Wasa Ruth,
124. 123.  Nabil Garba,
125. Ibrahim Jangana,
126. Okikiolu Olukayode,
127. Komolafe Olugbenga,
128. Dike Chinwe,
129. Olusola Arokoya,
130. Olukoya Banji,
131. Saka Otaru,
132. Yusuf Ibrahim,
133. Ikpoki Abiola,
134. Levi Ajuonuma,
135. Mbang
136. Shehu Sa’ad – Director Of Mainstreet Bank


  • This is a clear sigh of bad governance Nigeria has. This administration is worst than Nigeria ever had. Is the military or colonial government not better than this mess? Blood flows in Nigeria like water flows in the ocean. Kidnapping, arm-robbering, boko haram, inter and intra tribal wars, ritual and sacrifices killing, baby-abortions, road accidents as a result of bad roads, occultist, militancy, suicidal cases, extra-judicious killing by the police and other arm forces, silent poisons,etc are reigning in Nigeria like unstoppable rain. May Almighty Allah rescue this nation from all this and restore His mercy upon this nation and the habitants. Amin!

  • Nigeria is a fail state, but the so call evil cabals enjoy Nigeria as its. As long as our leaders turned this country to animal jungle and keep playing politic with human life ,but i know law of kama will caught them

  • @ faruk; u are right about the plane crash being a sign of bad governance, but bad governance of the relevant authority(FAAN,FAA etc) and not gudluck’s fault. Governance is like a car, every part in a car needs 2 perform its specified function, for the car 2 be in a good shape.(The piston wont come and do the work of the tyres. Etc). On d issue of boko haram; it is clearly a northern propaganda to discredit this government.(Just because gudluck refused 2 hand over power 2 a northerner;after “they” have been in power 4 more than 2\3 of our 50yrs independence. Imagine if the tables where turned, well the north hand over power?).the truth about gudlucks government is the he iS too DEPLOMATIC. And that is a trend alien to “our” system. We believe in force a lot. IF gudluCk had acted like obasanjo did in “UDI”, the north will say itz being targeted 4 alienation(remember wat lead 2 s civil war).
    Don’t get me wrong, this government has its floors and I don’t work for it. As I mechanical engineer unemployed 4 a year and counting. So FARUK!! Don’t jump on issues “by adrenaline rush”. Do ur home work ok!( 1914 was the mistake and not GOODLUCK)
    My heart goes out to every 1 who lost a loved 1.

  • Well people should stop calling Jonathan when its comes to corruption in Nigeria, Nigeria has gone worst before the present government, honestly northern leaders are full of selfish by using boko haram to disturb present government, come to think of this, what northern think they can offer to people of Nigeria? Since 1960 they had been in power still corruption everywhere, every Nigeria have to help government to be good because were the government, its all for now, may the soul of people that lost their life rest in peace Amen.

  • Rose from the Concrete, I don’t know if you’re a guy or lady but whichever way, you’re the BOMB mehn. Don’t mind Faruck and his trash word. The blame’s on 1914 when sane human being were merged with ruthless savages that lives up north. Free the wacked fella to be talking trash and be saying bad government like if his people have done any good to this nation for nearly 40years they’ve been in the helm of affairs. I’m consoling the family of the dead but the living will have to live on. God in Heaven’ll give them strength and grace to bear the pain. Long live Nigeria. Long Live my family too.

  • I am sad, sad, very sad. How can we just lose more than 170 Nigerians due to the indiscretion of One person. An Indian Dana Director was said to have instructed that the Plane should be Airborne. Could a Pilot not be himself by refusing to fly a plane that is not certified fit? Please let avoid unnecessary deaths by being bold. May the LORD console the families of those who lost their lives. Amen.

  • As naija weeps,wat is most necessary is a sober reflection, we hav lost people in dis country more than a war(slowly)…dat crash could hav been as a result of an explosive(a suicide bomber)or a fault from d aircraft. The aviation authorities hav 2 be more vigilant now than ever. Life is 2 precious to be slain on a platter!

  • @faruk or what ever ur called. Ur people are disturbing this government because the president is not a nothernern. For over 50 years u ppl have been terrorising this country. U uncastrated hell abandoned cursed mallam, just look at the level of catastrophy u ishmealites are bringing upon the earth. U should be ashamed of ur self and ur people rather than raven at the man God has sent to save this nation from ur captivity. May the souls of all departed and the souls of our loved once who lost their lives in dana plane crash, through the macy of God rest in peace AMEN. Jeenu nke oma umunnem we rue mgbe anyi ga ahu ozo na be Chukwu.

  • dis is a tragedy…wat a bad news, wat is happening in dis country…boko haram are doing dere own, ritualist re killing innocent souls…and plane crash God cum nd save us 4rm dis government dnt allow d devil to take charge over dis country b’cus dis is too heavy to bear…may all d victims who board dana airlines may dere soul rest in peace.

  • It so so so sad may God in His infinate mercy ve mercy on deir souls n may dey all RIP. Amen. Ma condulence goes 2 d families n friends of d lost souls, n may God grant u all d fortitude 2 bear, n cover d vacum which dy may ve left.
    And unto us wh stil ve lives its an oportunity 2 make amends of our lives nd turn anew live dat wil please nt men bt God. May God help, guide n protect us all Amen.

  • I hav ran short of wordz such a colossal number lost in a blink of an eye..tearz R.I.P my fellow nigerianz bt 4 u slander feruk may God purnish u nd dat ur mouth in a crucial moment lyk dat u stil hav d mouth to critices. For d past 48yrz d northernerz hav ruled dis nation wat hav to show as 4 mr president datz untenable.

  • Eya wat a pity τ̲̅ђe question Ȋ̝̊̅§ ‎​Ɣ all dis ‎​Ɣ? Frm one problem Τ̲̅ǿ anoda frm kidnappin  boko haram Ąπϑ nw dis. Dis show τ̲̅ђe sign of τ̲̅ђe last days as written i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ scripture i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ 2timothy 3:1-5 it all comin Τ̲̅ǿ pass Ąπϑ we should keep awake accordin Τ̲̅ǿ luke 21:34-36.‎​M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ condoience goes to τ̲̅ђe family of τ̲̅ђe berev talk hat der Ȋ̝̊̅§ a resurrection hope 4 dem all accordin to john 5:28-29

  • May deir gentle soul rest in peace nd may d gud lord in his mercy forgive dem deir sins. AMEN! As 4 Nigeria only God can change our story nw cus all dis happenins is more dan our power.dis is nt d tym 2 aportion blame on any 1 cus no b 2day naija start 2 dey spoil e don tae… iz wel wit our soulz.AMEN!

  • Hmmmmmmmmm
    So so sobber to say… What a great tragedy!
    My people pls u re not here to fight… Neither are you to put blame on our past/present presidents… But to express ur view respectively. As for dos dat happens to be the victim of dis blast, may Allah (s w t) forgive for u all ur sins… My people our leaders run to politics just to have their share of “National cake“ many of which were asigned by d so called previous bad leaders…
    I belief millions of citizenz tears cannot bring good from govt but when it‘s time for SUPREME to deal wiv them… They can‘t run away from it…
    Even if we were not cononized by the Europeans… What dey are doin now is what dey will still do… Neo colonialism is even of bad dan colonialism itself…

  • Incredible event! All what Nigeria needs now is consistent prayers and nothing else cos we can no longa depend on our horses and chariots.We all need Jesus in times like dis.

  • If nigerians are not tired of this administratn, i am tired 4 christ sake, life is no longer safe.the rich are getting richer y d poor are poorer, imagine little salary structure called d minimun wage cannot be payed yet we praise govt 4 excel. Work where are heading to? To me, military admin is prefered in Nigeria to clear this mess. Look, what is causing these confusions in d country is nothing but cheating.

  • I am dumbfounded. I believe this calls for everyone to be prepared cos we dont know who is next and eternity is real.

  • May souls of d departed rest with the Lord. Those say d solution to d nation’s problems lie with division of d country are very myopic. They forget that even in a family of two children father and mother there are problems. Instead of thinkin of how to reorientating people. Our problems are strongly linked to corruption and selfishness. I’m from d south south. Those who cherish Johnathan’s approach to economic, political and security issues hate Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

  • Nigeria as a country needs God’s interventn and not blamin anybodi.Bible said dat if my pple should humble demsevies and call Name.wil come and heal dia land.4 d person blamin Goodluck;wen last do u pray 4 him and Nigeria 4 wisdom and undastandin?May d souls of dose dat lost dia life RIP.

  • @olayinka sai, permit me 2 cal u a fool. We ar talkin abt d departed souls n u’r busy telin nigerians dat dana is ur fada’s airline. Guy ! Go 2 hel jor. May d Lord grant d departed souls an eternal rest n grant deir families d 4titude 2 bear d great losts.

  • this is a sign that corruption had totally take over this govt.aviation problems which we are happy that it is gone in nig. Had resurface again.g od help us

  • we are weepin for the victim dat loss their lives on sunday air clash, do u know how many nigeria’s dat lost their lives everyday thru motor accident, wat about the tanker dat roasted people on saturday or the victim of boko harme. wat has the govt done about it, here we are and the president is declearin a 3days mournin bcos is a plane clash. may their souls fine rest. AMEN

  • Don’t blame it on the government, they are all signs of end-time as it was written in the bible. e.g signs and rumours of war, boko harm,,and all that. Lets pray for this country Nigeria.

  • Ina li lahi wa ina ilehi rajiun. From HIM we come and to HIM we shall return. No one prayed for such a returning path but it happened anyways. May the soul be kept and may the lord protect and heal the left behind. Negligence of duty, corruption, insecurity, killing of our children and the staged boko haram all boils down to long term bad governance. It’s 2012 and surprisingly people are still saying God will help Nigeria….No. Not at all. Nigerians will help Nigeria. I don’t see any help from silence or prayers but by revolution. Revolution! Revolution!! Revolution!!!. The truth the way and solution to a better LIFE

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