Health: How To Get Rid of Dark Black Spots under the armpit

Dark spots under the arms can be a source of embarrassment especially when wearing sleeveless clothing. There are a number of reasons why dark spots or patches form in the armpits. One main reason that most urban women experience a discolored appearance on the armpits is due to the application of certain kinds of toiletries meant to reduce body odor or perspiration. In some cases a yeast or fungus infection could also be the cause of the spotswhile other reasons could include an accumulation of dead skin in the area or patchy appearance due to the result of shaving the particular region. Improper shaving does not damage the skin but the fine undergrowth of hair that remains unshaved is what makes the skin look patchy.

Try exfoliating the skin and applying a mild lightening lotion; also use only skin-sensitive and hypoallergenic deodorants and antiperspirants that do not sting on application.

In order to exfoliate the underarms, rub half a slice of lemon over the area for a couple of minutes and with the help of warm water, move over a loofah, applying gentle pressure over the area. You can also use a gentle body scrubber in place of the loofah.

In case underarm shaving is causing the problem of patchy spots, opt for other hair removing methods such as waxing the armpits, applying a lotion-based or cream hair remover, or laser treatment. With constant and regular shaving, the hair on the armpits turns rougher and harder. Over a period of time, the repeated shaving causes the hair follicles in the area to thicken considerably, and gives the armpits a dark-skinned display. If you notice closely, the skin at your armpits is not the cause of its dark appearance.

In order to get rid of the dark spots, try getting rid of the hair from the roots through waxing, rather than from the surface which is through shaving. However, the skin at the underarms is extremely sensitive and waxing must be performed under extreme care and caution, as application of waxing agents can result in skin irritation.

On the other hand, the patchy spots could also be an indication of a bacterial infection and you may need to consult with your dermatologist for the right diagnosis and medication. Doctors usually recommend applying a mild medicated application containing anti-fungal properties. To clarify your doubts it is best to consult a medical expert who will judge and determine the cause of your concern and treat it accordingly.

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