How Flavour Nabania stole our song – Ghanaian artiste


Popular, multiple record selling Nigerian artiste, Flavour Nabania (popularly known for his ‘Asahawo’ track), is to be slapped with a lawsuit by Ghanaian Wutah group (now defunct) of the ‘Kotosa’ fame – which was a massive hit in Ghana in late 2008 – for what they say is a ‘theft of their intellectual property’.

The track released by Mr. Flavour Nabania, which the manager of the Ghanaian music duo is pointing out as a ‘carbon copy’ of their popular ‘Kotosa’ hit, is ‘Kwarikwa’ which is by the way enjoying massive play in Nigeria right now.

Now this does not come as a surprise to me as I already knew point blank that the material put out by Flavor was an outright plagiarized product of Kotosa. I mean I heard what seemed like Kotosa blasting from the huge speakers in a CD vendor’s shop when I was driving to a friend’s home when I visited Nigeria last 2 months.

I was happy and surprised that Kotosa had finally made its way to Nigeria after making hits in Ghana only to hear Flavuor’s signature hilife voice on the beat! I was disappointed to say the least. I shook my head as I passed by – yes oh, Flavour fall my hands wella!!

The manager of the original composers of the disputed track (Wutah Kobby and Wutah PV) promised to press charges against Flavour for ‘stealing’ the chorus, rhythm, rhyme and the opening saxophone beat used in their song with total disregard for their right as the only legitimate owners
of the song

via Ghana Crunch

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