Photos Of 2face Idibia With His Children From Different Women

In the photo above, 2face Idibia can be seen with Isabel, Annie Macaulay’s daughter and Nino and Zion children of Sumbo Ajaba.


  • Mikailu says:

    Yea dat’s d spirit. Ride on my guy. U’re just doing ur calling in d ministry.. Hahahaha be fruitful and multipy. Subdue d earth..lwkmd

  • That’s my guy. Just following the concept of “go ye into the world…….” and the conceit of 2baba. Carry go, I just hope you’ll aspire to retire when you have two standard football teams…lols!

  • Othman Mohamed says:

    Look at dis fool u cannot control his urge trying 2 giv stupid xcuse 4 not wanting 2 get married. Okay we heard u.dnt marry bikos u were sevraly betrayed but stop spoiling pple’s daughters by getin dem pregnant.WAT U DO 2 ODA PPLE’S CHILDREN WIL SURELY B DON 2 URS SOMDAYS.

    • thelma says:

      i reject it, is not they portion, d sins of d father shall not b used to visit the children, but d soul dat sinneth shall die.
      therefore 2face shall pay for every sin he commented not d innocent children

  • he’s indeed a fool.wat is in d bible go in2 d wrld and multiply does’nt mean he shld impregnate simply mean get maried 2 1 wife n giv birth 2 ur childrn n ur childrn givs birth 2 dier children n ur grandchildrn givs birth 2 ur great grand childrn.dats’s its cald generation.anney herslf is a fool 4 marry him cant she protct her or no money i cnt neva marry som1 lik 2face.stupid man.

  • Why are you guys judging Tuface? What will you say about those ladies that let him get them pregnant? You people av to be very careful on how you talk…… God is the only One that av the final saying……… May be on the last day, Tu baba will be in heaven b4 you bad bele people….. God bless tuface. you are my guy….

  • Blessing Hip,or watever ur name is called not in ur life will u attract smbdy of 2baba’s calibre.pple who talk the way u do are called hypocretes cos they desire to have a man like 2face but jst can’t nd won’t ever get close to him,so their next line of action is to resent Annie Macauley for being so lucky nd 2baba for sticking to her.

  • bukola says:

    This has happen nothing anyone can D̶̲̥̅̊☺ towards Ȋ̝̊̅t̶̲̥̅̊. What Ȋ̝̊̅ know iS̶̲̥̅ Tuface iS̶̲̥̅ such @̤̥̣̈̊̇ wonderful father Ãήϑ these kids are just bless †̥ have him has their father , И♡Ѡ what about All these useless guy that gives babes money †̥ abort .

  • suria dubai(U.A .E) says:

    my brothers make we called a spade a spade oo, tuface no dey do am well oo, men he should stick to one, let face d fact. D highest fool na him b dat annie ,what did she trying to prove a third relationship haba, nigerians girls na so unah ship reach…..

  • tope says:

    Enough off this controversially and let him be

  • Naya says:

    Haba!!! Peeps sup wiv d critics? It ain worth it…we kw he’s got children,yh! N dey r blessings frm God. Atleast he neva denied any of dm,he’s bn dr 4 al,y dun u gt dt logs off ur eyes b4 u tk d speck of 2baba’s*rolling eyes*if he wznt a public fig wud u kw wahs hapunin in his lyf? We got lotta u whu do worse yt 2 crucify odas. Its best if we al stop 2 tnk b4 postin comments.
    Al d best Innocent n Annie Idibia

  • natasha says:

    Y d critis annie and 2face have really come along way so pls all u critis mind d way u use ur languages in insalting pple dey are no mate of u cos dey are celeb and don’t have a private life doesn’t give u any right over dem plssss#hissss#i hate it wen pple criticis d celeb and I just call it envy cos nobody is pls annie is 2face choice make unna go chop sand or look bush 2 kill unna sef

  • onwuka ngozi okafor says:

    Do not judge, alow God to be d judge so dat u will no be judged too, meanwhile happy married life tuface and annie

  • msisinyani says:

    Lol…………so now u hips girl wat do u have to say? 2face is married in style.i guess your hole is seald,and u are the one who is going to get humped by many different guys

    .Big up 2face

  • Hajara says:

    2face na wa o cool sha

  • Rachael says:

    Na wa oh!abeg mk una liv 2face alone.he don choose him lyf patner mk una go mk una own choice

  • Pollytime says:

    Una wen dy critis 2baba so, na una b God? Who nt get life story? Abi bcos 2baba dey popular & he story self dey popular na make una dey judge am, mayb una wen dy critis 2baba self don abort tire. Abortin nt b sin? 2face abort? Nobody holy pass. 2face my chairman nt listen to dem. I dey feel u die.

  • Slimesherry says:

    My dear u fuck up. But it’s better u allow them put 2 bed than to abort. Excel man.

  • marcel stev says:

    dats my 2baba congratulation on ur making choice.i wish well in life

  • Sarafina says:

    Al of u dat accuse 2 baba are lik dose dat geda-up wit Christ JESUS n a quatn was ask if u knw u hav nt sin b d 1st 2 pick a stone n trow at him.

  • Ngozi Elizabeth says:

    Happy married life 2face and Annie idibia, we pray in life to reap where we sowed, may we never sow nd another reap, each time i watch African queen vedio or remamber annie sittn beside 2face yrs back at d hospital bed wen he was shot, i curse him 4 lettin annie go but thank God they are now 2gether 4ever as one. i hail annie 4 not lettin her bobo go bcos most babes gets pregnant an take someones luv away from them. 2face u ar a real man 4 nt allowin an abortion, u faced ur resposibility thanks to that u are u did well by comin back to ur first luv but dt abandon ur kids. u re now a married man. zip up an stick to ur wife and children. annie pls be a good wife 2 ur man an good mother to ur kids an step children. make 2face proud i
    wish u all d best.

  • Charles solomon says:

    2baba dey represent. 2baba dey represent nija 4 outside una come here dey beef am, een dey der dey make am….2baba abeg carry go joo i love u die :o)

  • Phyno says:

    Many of these people blabbing about dis great man had done abortion uncountable times by different men,r u guyz beta dan d man who happily welcomes his children in2 d world and also takes responsibility.fools

  • Efosa says:

    2face carry ur style,love ur music and everytin abt ur personalities.we are on ur side

  • amypat says:

    haters make devil punish una with una gutter mouth wey una neva wash.. Idiot d guy dey make am,, looser una dey beef am.. Anofias.

  • abbey tunda says:

    na dem get der mouth.plenty yawa 4 dem.dis plp.especialy dos girls way like my tubaba.tubaba no force dem nau.ungry girl.were dem no work der dem day like to chop.dem just day enter d last nko yawa 4 dem

  • josh says:

    Oh ani am 2 proud of u ar 2much dat makwa ibomat tanks God 4 both of u may God almigty bless u all

  • KING SHADOW says:

    download video on net, name : kingsley ukpong.

  • bassey ezukwa says:

    2face why not stand has a good leader,u just carry belle giv people like say na food.government,say to this over population.

  • adah patrick says:

    Na GOD go punishe all of e na way talk bad abt 2baba………he witout sin should cast d stone?

  • a_whyfocus says:

    At blessing hip’s…you are a study lady what is ur own dere or did u related to him? You are imbecile and someone like u do fall to dt position or are u trying to tell d world that if 2face should ask u out u will reject his offer?

  • ODEH SUNDAY says:

    My brother from different mother,i love u more than the whole world, am in complete without hearing ur music, I luv u and ur beloved family role ur world its ur time @ my no 1 musician 2baba

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