Why use of BlackBerry should be banned in Nigeria By Ali Adoyi

It will be unfair and totally an act of ingratitude for one not to appreciate the ingenuity of those behind the invention of Blackberry.  Their effort towards unifying the world and simplifying man’s work through the use of the smart phone cannot be appreciated enough.

I have been inspired by one of our prolific writers, Rita Okoye who recently wrote on how young ladies engage young men in a relationship through the use of blackberry phone. In her write-up, Rita carefully expunged how these girls play their game in the most disapproving way. Her write-up did not only open my eyes to the extent these desperate girls could go in their search for money, husband and connection, but was an eye opener to the general evil associated with the use of that witty machine called blackberry . In this article, I will slightly disagree with Rita who held unto one side of her argument without necessarily looking at the angle where the men also got it wrong and become guilty as well as the ladies.

I have looked at several arising issues in this modern day Nigeria. I have seen that Nigerians are real extremists in so many things. I have weighed the importance attached to one’s Blackberry phone and one’s wife, and the difference is clear. I have also weighed the difference between one’s food on the table and the smart phone, and the difference is obvious. It really doesn’t matter whether your wife is falling into a pit, so long as a man can hold on to his blackberry phone, there is no problem.  It doesn’t matter if a man stays awake throughout the night viewing display pictures of his contacts so long as some naughty pictures are displayed and some of the girls are willing to send their nude pictures to satisfy him. It doesn’t matter if a man drives into a pit or into another car so long as he responds to chats while he moves on the road. These are some of the things that are possible while using a blackberry mart phone.

But aside playing against the natural rules of life as a result of blackberry addiction,  some other issues of reckless spending and financial indiscipline are very important issues to be addressed in relation to the use of blackberry in Nigeria.  A man can abandon his responsibility in his home simply because his Blackberry internet service (BIS) has expired. Young people no longer read because they spend their time both day and night chatting with friends through the use of the blackberry phone. Pictures and music are downloaded on the go. Research has shown that most young people’s phones are full of depraved pictures downloaded from the internet; it’s quite easy to go to wapking and waptrick to get all sorts of terrible pictures downloaded into one’s bb phone.

Aside the above issues raised, masturbation has become the order of the day as young people share erotic pictures while in a distant relationship. The amount of time dedicated to blackberry cannot be compared to the few hours spent reading, and researching.  I know a child who can stay awake all through the night chatting with some faceless friends on her bb, and I keep wondering what she learns from the chats.


Investigation has recently revealed in Nigeria that blackberry has caused more evil than good. It has heated up the polity; it has led to broken marriages. Wives have been confronted by husbands why they can’t just let them have access to their phones. Men sleep with their heads on their blackberry phones. Analysis has shown that blackberry has got spirit that can easily possess someone. Recently, about 20 percent of road accidents within towns are caused by the use of this mobile device.

Rumour mongering has taken over the country, most of which are unfounded and baseless. If it is not by copying Charlyboy’s pictures from his DP and syndicating online with the ryder,  “Charlyboy goes nude again” it will be“ 2face Idibia is dead” or Chimaroke Nnamani is dead. The incessant broadcasts on security matters and on Boko Haram have actually downplayed the seriousness of the trouble we face in terms of security in the country at the moment. Why will people make senseless jokes out of what is gradually killing them? BB has made all of us talkative. On Blackberry, We talk so much, boast so much and cry so much about our situation, yet we do not act in relation to the same problems. One thing I know has happened to us is that action has been de-emphasized due to our plenty talk. We can criticize on BB, forward messages, instructing others to forward until it gets to the authority, but what happens after it gets to the authority? It simply explains that you are merely aware of the problems and some of their antics, but it further explains that we are incapable of asking direct questions because we are simply gullible-simply put, we as clueless as they are.

In Nigeria, Blackberry broadcasts spread rumour of crisis where there is no crisis; it talks about war where there is no war, and possibly about bomb blast where there is none.  Some of the broadcasts are capable of steering more crisis and hatred in a country that is already on the verge of collapse.

You may want to argue that the problem is not peculiar to Nigeria, and I will disagree with you.  Nigerians do not use blackberry in the most moderate way. The question any reasonable person should ask at the process of acquiring a blackberry phone is “why do I need it?” If you do not have a tangible answer why you have chosen to use the smart phone, don’t use it. This is not a campaign against blackberry; it’s rather a campaign against our wavering objective; our wobbly purpose and mission.  We tend to become group souls in what we do. We always go with the crowd; we are not exceptional in our standing. We feel ashamed each time we stand alone in a group, even when our reason for standing alone is genuine. Must we always go with the crowd if we must not?  Must I use the smart phone because friends tab the buttons away while walking through the streets, inside moluwe, or sitting at the owner’s corner of a Keke Napepe? Blackberry accident is funny but disastrous; the next step you are about to take while tapping away with rapt attention is taking you into a gutter; a woman could burn her pot while cooking because she is tapping away-sad day for the husband and the children.

I use blackberry, but I do not allow Blackberry to use me. The day Blackberry will use me is the day I will drop it. If we cannot be moderate with the use of this phone, then my next memo to the government is to push for the ban of this seductive mobile phone. Thank God, I have someone like David Mark who will always support my motion. My imagination speaks “Those in support of the continuous use of BB in Nigeria should say “I” – “IIIIIIIIII” those against should say “nay” -“nay” Gbam…the“I’s have it… Gbam…


  • Ayobami says:

    If blackberry is banned, wat of other fones dat ve chat apps like blackberry? So wat u r sayin is fones shuld b banned in nigeria? LAME! sorry to say!

    • Obinna says:

      Ayobami he did not say fones should be banned but blackberry ..let’s face the fact he just said the truth ..imagine someone would just wake up and create a bc that says your dp would not change unless you broadcast a code, and also rumors and fake news are spread by a set of jobless peepz ..our youth don’t read anymore.

      His write up makes plenty sense.

  • Chikodi says:

    Sir, as much as your arguments appear sound and convincing, I’m afraid you have toed the same line for which you castigated Ms Okoye…looking at 1 side of the coin. In my opinion, the Smartphone is a necessary tool for all in this tech-savvy generation. I wouldn’t have seen this article were it not for it. Media Houses would have less patronage but for it.
    Anyway, i sincerely doubt that your proposed bill will sail in the National Assembly…since they all use this same device as carrotsticks for their human preys.(Both male and female)…IMO, “GBaM!!! The Nays have it”.

  • Professor says:

    See Blackberry or no Black berry what will happen will happen. Thats why this is a world of choice YOU CAN SPEND YOUR LIFE ANYHOW BUT ONLY ONES. So Mr Speaker forget Blackberry and solve your problem. Their are other phones that can browse infant the number of people that use NOKIA TO 2GO is greater than those that PING ON BB. Anyone can be anytin he or she wants to be so live us in this free world and solve your problem sir and live Nigeria is bigger than you.

  • Cecilia says:

    Nay times million(take it or leave it; BB has a spirit)*gbam*

  • Joe says:

    Wat i can jst pick out is dat ure jst a backward nd primitive person,so Bb is jst bad all thru?ure a dictator nd ur self centred,parochial sentiments can only rotate around ur house nt evn street…mumu

  • Tee says:

    Dude..without my bb I wouldn’t have read this…its truly addictive but I have done a lot of postive things with my bb

  • Dotun says:

    I read this your article on my BlackBerry!!

  • @deejaygfunk says:

    Lmao!! Really hilarious comments already!! But damn!! Truly a Backward & Primitive person would think this way….shet!! Total waste of time too :P

  • Payne says:

    Biased reporter.What is it about Blackberry these days?People forgot that 2go and facebook chat are capable of what BBM can do.If you are talking bout ‎​ being banned,then be ready to support the ban of all mobile phones that are java or symbian enabled.I will rather suggest people learn to use their smart phones in more reserved and decent ways.
    Truly,it has really become an habit for our young generation but it is not Blackberry alone.If you wanna castigate BBM,then be ready to equally castigate Nokia,Samsung,LG,Techno,Sagem etc because they all can be used to access social websites where IM is allowed like BBM…My Blackberry does not use,and will never use ♍ƺ ..My contacts are my witnesses.

  • Vision says:

    The fact Τ̣̣ђατ̅ Ʊ яe tired of using a bb ™ doesn’t meant Ʊ should βe condeming it, kindly jƱ§† put throw it away. Most pple got τ̣̣ђȊ§ article thru bb so ђy яe Ʊ acting as if we яe still i̅n stone age? Ʊ яe sounding like Solomon i̅n †ђe bible who ђε̲̣n Ȋ§ i̅n tune with G♡̷̬̩̃̊D wrote wonderful proverbs & adage about ђσω good life Ȋ§ but after he messed up started saying life Ȋ§ vanity.
    Oga abeg if Ʊ want †‎​​​​​‎​☺‎​​​​​‎​ βe recognised, τ̣̣ђȊ§ Ȋ§ №† †ђe right way………†ђe NAY’s ♓ªVε it…….GBAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beejay says:

    Dont let us be quick to hang the writer, he has just made known his opinion. There are quite logical sense in his write up, but I can write about 10 times of good things BB can do and has done for every single point he raised. Anyway, “cutting off the head is never an antidote to headache”….. the point is let us be more careful with the way we use our BB…. it is really using many people and not the other way round. With BB, I am one button away from all of you. I love my BB.

  • Mr writer well, i credit u for ones, you just told them of negative use of bb and many of them claimed they got your acticles on bb. you seems to be correct, because most comments i read up here were littered with disrespect reactions and arrogance just because someone shared an idea about bb. Truly you may be right.

  • myname says:

    Am team blackberry and am very sure you are a victim of all the negative things you have mentioned, as a result you are so upset with your blackberry for using you. Well, I must tell you this, I PITY you. Finally, If you know David Mark as you claimed, tell him I said that both him and the rest of politicians in Aso Rock are bunch of losers and useless to the Nigerian state. Thanks to my blackberry for being a useful medium of communication. For the sake of playing your game I say “I”.

  • Me says:

    Banning BB won’t do us any good. People can as well get iphones, tablets or Android Phones. BlackBerry isn’t the issue, the issue is lack of personal discipline.

  • over sabi says:

    Foolish article..ah!

  • Use of Blackberry has lead to so many broken home.

  • delzy says:

    BB is not d problem,allow the govt. To solve the prob,there are oda phones like Iphone,even Ipad,so quit these unneccessary reports,cuz we in the high tech generation

  • jobi says:

    Ú ve spoken well bt banning bb isn’t d issue we. Just have to be self discipline.

  • charlespaker says:

    Mr poster You sound so cocky,wanna tell us that you got connections or wat?,neither your dumb-ass david mark,can ban BB,when i started reading this crap i thought you had a point but it ended up been a waste of time,we hvnt attained 50percent of the civilization that westerners has,and you are complaining,hang in their,d best is yet to come,its all freestyle!!!

  • Tunde.O says:

    Pple pls stop crucifying our dear speaker he actually made a point all is trying to tell us is that we should use our BB reasonably in a comport manner not even d bb alone any smart phone to avoid a story that touch bb has cause more good than evil but some pple are using it to cause evil to themselves. Let us b reasonable God bless naija

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