Married Man, 46, Caught Sleeping With a Sheep in Ebonyi

This similar case with a pregnant sheep was also reported in Ghana earlier in the year

One Kelechi Nnali, a 46-year-old man from Nkpogoro, Ndibe in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State has been allegedly caught having sexual intercourse with a sheep along the roadside in the community over the weekend.

Nnali, who is married with two wives and children, was reported to have pleaded with the boy who saw him committing the crime not to tell anybody, promising that he would give him N10, 000 and a handset. However, Nnali had reneged on his promise and the cat was let out of the bag.

Hearing of the act of bestiality committed by Mr. Nwali, the elders of the community reported to have summoned him to answer to the allegation; the matter was subsequently taken to Ogo Ezinwachi Play ground where delicate and public matter are usually discussed.

Mr. Nnali was eventually sanctioned according to the law of the land and the elders, who were visibly angry with the depraved act, stressed that the man had committed an abomination in the land and must pay the price according to the law of the land. Also, it was gathered that to cleanse the land of the abominable act, elderly women of Ndibe had last weekend performed a traditional ablution called Npkompko in Mr. Nnali’s compound.

Meanwhile, Nnali was reported to have fled the community for fear of being lynched by irate youths of the area.


Source: Vanguard


  • Obini says:

    Wonders d said shal neva end,yes i quite agreed wit dat.A fully grown man with 2 wives behaving irrationally, is neva normal anywia in d world.He should b cast in2 d forest 2 enable him do mor with other irrational beings lik him.

  • Richard says:

    Wonders shall truly never end in this global world we are.To me, this is truly showing that this world is spinning to an end.That an elderly man with two wives and children could involve in such an act,with two good wives?gush. I think he was really up to something abnormal/devilish maybe cultism

  • Eddy joe says:

    Nawa o End time don dey reach God plz we sick 4ur help o???

  • I really want to state caterogorically that there must be a question to be answered by the two wives concerning sex and find out if they really starve the man of sex,though what he did was bad

  • chukx says:

    Na waoo 4 dis kind persin slf..despite d fact dat he have two gud wife oo,not gurl fwend or wat ever,luk @ wat he x doin.Only God will have mercy on him…..

  • pumpaction says:

    Igbo people una own don too much sef. 1.Kidnapping na una.
    2.Bribery and corruption na una
    3.Ritual killings na una(otokoto etc)
    4.Petty thieves na una
    5.Last week it was the man when sleep with 8 children na igbo him be
    6.Fake drugs na una
    7.Fake generators na una
    8. Bunkering,stealing and vandalizing oil pipes na una
    9.Manufacturing and selling local guns for armed robbers na una
    10.Baby producing and selling factory na una
    11. Canibalisim na una(cliford orji).
    12. Slepping with animals na una
    13.Dressing indecent and exposing breast na una(cosy orjiakor)
    14.Illuminati and posing naked na una(charley boy)
    15.Gay men na una
    16.Son raping mother na una
    17.Son raping grand mother na una
    Abeg I will continue tomorrow my hand don tire

  • pistol says:

    @pumpaction gone are the days of intelligent igbo sons, sir micheal opkara, great zik of africa, chinua achebe, oliver de coque, emeka ojukwu, osita osadebe now what they have are criminals and crooks, ritualist, bakassi boys, massob, and thieves as politicians

  • Saucy says:

    Pumpaction keep quiet and stop being tribalistic..

  • Obini says:

    Pumpaction,pls if u don’t no wot 2 talk jst kindly go and kip urself busy wit sleep.u fool hw dare u 2 b using dose illicite words on d igbo nation.

  • amaka chris says:

    Hmmm des world is full of surprises, imagine 46 years old man sleeping with sheep wen he has two wives, my God wot is he still looking again looking at his age and family, hmmm I guess des is not ordinary, des world is going up with new surprises everyday, but our help comes from thee oh God.

  • Abdul says:

    This is an ungoldly and abominable act. This is what is called masturbation, having sex with an animal- God forbid… You have two wives and yet you are not satisfied and instead of you to go to Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) you refused, you end up sleeping with an animal on the street. How are we sure that you are not a ritualist?

  • smart says:

    Weten u cal ur self chukx abi weten god punish u wit dat ur mouth weten igho people do u amadi oha magbo gi dere u dont no wat 2 commemt animal big fool

  • smart says:

    Pumpaction i mean u old goat

  • kenzy says:

    I thk dat guy is a ritualist may be

  • Joshua itumugo says:

    Wht is actualy going on in this country 4christ’s sake?

  • Kingsley says:

    Dont castigate pumpaction, among the 17 points he raised which one did not happen in our land? Including okija. Lets just face reality and solve our problem.

  • Snazzy says:

    What d man did ws considered wrong., absolutery abominable nd terrible. Bt may God have mercy 4 him; perhaps it’sa temptation… @ Pumpation…a fool is beta dan u…..i’ve neva see an INTELLIGENT MUGU like u 2 blackmail d gr8 Igbos..ARU!!{abomination}. U beta cum nd plead 2 me or else ur manhood wil b lost..

  • Nice says:

    You guys should stop all dis.all round 9ja there is abomination just dat pple like d igbo so well and comment in there affair.

  • smith says:

    In as much as what d man did was wrong, I see no reason why pumpaction should make that generalized statement. It s a mark of high level of ignorance on his side, low IQ and childishness. MAY GOD SAVE US.

  • ukraine says:

    @pumpaction u just a big fool , u gat notin doing huh keep countin wat Igbo did or didn`t , u faggot, aint gona take it personal but u just been rational & tribalistic , you reason like a typical Nigerian !! pumpaction your comments shows you got a daft reasoning, u are not different from this man sleepin wiv a sheep . your generation are creating ethnic problem in Nigeria . FUCK YOU!!

  • Angel says:

    @Pumpaction, try to give ur mouth a break. Old fool of the ancient tribe.

  • Arinze says:

    Pumpaction & pistol even your names shows you guys must be boko haram and arm robberys/ritualism fans in north and yorubaland.
    At least the bastard was sanctioned but in yoruba/hausa culture bestiality is allowed.
    Go learned more about your father fucking your sister culture in yorubaland.FOOLS

  • Blessedb says:

    Hm as 4 me am nt jst suprise end tym is here, am nt an Igbo bt to b sincere dis man is in for sumtin stupid, despite d 2 wives n children? Let dem punish him more harder cos he is in 4 a ritual…….he has a concrite reason for wot he did. I rest my case.

  • mark igwe says:

    pump action or what do u call ur self..ur name alone tells us u re another pumping goat!!! U want to distract us n shield ur partner in crime?…bastard idiot!

  • Ubong "Bafa" says:

    No mind dem o,Pumpaction. Shay u know say the truth na him dey bitter pass.
    LOL Igbo,with sorry characters like Ohakim,Chris Uba,Orji Kalu and their ilk as leaders,little wonder then why they don’t seem to be able to produce any marketable Presidential material lately!
    Heroes like Okadigbo,Ojukwu,Okpara,Zik and co. must be writhing in their graves,I guess.

  • Ubong "Bafa" says:

    No mind dem o,Pumpaction. Shay u know say the truth na him dey bitter pass.
    LOL Igbo,with sorry characters like Ohakim,Chris Uba,Orji Kalu and their ilk as leaders,little wonder then why they don’t seem to be able to produce any marketable Presidential material lately!
    True Ndigbo heroes like Okadigbo,Ojukwu,Okpara,Zik and co. must be writhing in their graves,I guess.

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