Tuesday , 21 November 2017

Pictures of the world’s ugliest woman

Born with a medical condition so rare that just two other people in the world are thought to have it, Velasquez has no adipose tissue and cannot create muscle, store energy, or gain weight. She has zero percent body fat and weighs just 60 pounds.

She was named the ugliest woman in a Youtube video, where commenters called her a it, and advised her to go and kill herself, but she encouraged herself, and now she is one of the worlds lasting motivational speakers. Check out the pictures below…


Lizzie Velasquez, author of Be Yourself, Be Beautiful.

As a baby
As a baby
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  2. How does someone get diagnosed with a rare disese and be advised to kill herself…thats wronnnggg. I love her zeal and spirit…to me she’s beautiful at heart thats what counts…

  3. Wao!Is she beautiful! I love her.She has a beautiful heart and that is what matters most.All those vain girls that kill themselves through Anorexia and Bulimia just to stay slim should be shown this Lizzie’s picture and they will realize how foolish they have been.

  4. she is fantastic

  5. I don’t think she is that ugly…hugs and kisses to her. xoxo

  6. Ur wonderfully made in GOD IMAGE.

  7. i love u lizzie , u ve made me realize hw wonderful our God is. May God use ur talent to bless people. amen.

  8. I love your courage lizzy, keep it up!

  9. I lov u lizzy. This encourage others 2 be hu they ar. Thanks and my GOD bles us ameen.

  10. I love you lizzy, you are a good example,ur talent is appreciated God bless you keep it up.

  11. You are beautiful dear,above all you are a heroine

  12. hmm, Na wa ooh, God u 2 much jara, baby u 5n , i know God has a purpose 4 creating u ,so keep the faith and keep the going going, God bless and keep u, Amen

  13. beautiful u are, and lovely ur heart is you are Gods creation and i appreciate and love you. people what is u tube and who are the users? a bunch of unserious minded youths must have made such hideous comment. keep your spirit up dearie am with you all the way.

  14. Allah is great,Allah is great,He creates whatever He wishes,no one is complete,for the girl has a good hert which some that are physically okay does’nt. I thank God for mine. She’s a good girl,marriageable but not in Nigeria,hunger……

  15. u r sooo beautiful dear…dear,,,u r nt gaining weight means u cn eat whatevr u wnt however u wish 2…ignor people…jst b urself n god bless u dear…luv u…!!!

  16. Sis, i dont think u r ugly at all.. U r beautiful in the eyes of God, ur parents, loved ones n me.. I love u.. U’ve got a incredible strong heart n dats a part of ur beauty.. Ur will to carry on wit ur life, the only one life dat god had given s an eye opener to millions n millions around the world… U touchd my heart wit ur boldness to face this cruel world. May god bless u wit his unmatchable love… Pliz add me in ur frns list if u r using FACEBOOK… Dis s my id “kho-lie Ruho “

  17. i think u r one of the most beautiful girls in the world

  18. i beleive she is created by moslem allah

  19. She is beutful insde bt ugly out side I jst lyk her…

  20. You are fearfully and wonderfully made,created for a purpose and for Gods pleasure.You are fit for your purpose.There is no condition beyond God to change!Jesus loves you,I do.

  21. a true woman is known by her character and strength and not her looks. And beauty lies underneath and not outside. You are an inspiration and to me you are beatiful

  22. Is fastantic god wat 2 du is to kill are self serious cause pepole might be runing 4 her e cant cm 2 nigeria d hl nigeria will colaps ni but e should keep on sha e my make it keep on

  23. Hun you are beautiful, I wish I could have a date with you. you are wonderfully made dear.

  24. She is really pretty and awesome. I love her and she is my role model.

  25. Ajiboye bukola omowunmi

    Sister thank for that courage u are wonderful made for a purpose continue furfull God purpose,i pray God will be with u, guid u,and make his eyes to shine on.pls do according to the way of God nt ur own way Jesus lord.

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