President Obama Jokingly Tells Jay-Z : “Our Wives Are More Popular Than We Are”

Last night, President Obama spoke at a fundraising reception hosted by power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Manhattan where they raised over $4 million dollars. President Obama reportedly complimented the success of the hostess Beyoncé, joked about her global popularity and compared Beyoncé’s charisma and grace to that of his wife, Michelle.

According to sources:

Beyoncé had the pleasure to introduce the President “ I can’t tell you how proud we are to host tonight’s event with President Obama,” Beyoncé said. “We believe in his vision.”  and then sat with her husband Jay-Z.

President Obama stood and said thank you,  it is wonderful to see all of you.  I’m so grateful for all your support.

Let me just begin by saying to Jay and Bey, thank you so much for your friendship.  We are so grateful.  Michelle and Malia and Sasha are mad at me because they are not here.  That doesn’t usually happen.  Usually they’re like, we’re glad you’re going — we don’t need to go.  But every time they get a chance to see these two they are thrilled, partly because they are just both so generous, particularly to my kids. And Malia and Sasha just love both of them.


Beyoncé couldn’t be a better role model for our daughters because she carries herself with such class and poise and has so much talent.  And Obama said “Jay knows what my life is like,” we both have daughters and our wives are more popular than we are.” So we’ve got a little bond there.  It’s hard, but it’s okay.  It’s okay.”


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