Saturday , 19 August 2017

Woman Who Says She Accidentally Set Her Husband On Fire

Unbelievables haven’t seized at all as a heartbroken wife has told how she accidentally caused a fire that killed her husband – by leaving a plugged-in hairdryer on his bed.

Beautician Bina Dawett Joshi left it smouldering under a towel as Ram Kumar, 57, slept after a heavy drinking session. Fire crews battled in vain to rescue him from the fierce blaze after neighbours raised the alarm on February 11.

Fire investigator Nigel Adams said Mr Joshi, who ran storage and packaging firms, was found on the landing but, despite the efforts of paramedics, could not be revived.

He said fragments of towel were found attached to the badly burnt dryer and added: “By covering the hairdryer up, it doesn’t allow for any ventilation at all.”

Coroner Robin Balmain said Mr Joshi died of heart failure due to carbon monoxide poisoning from smoke inhalation. He added that he had eventually become aware of the fire, but too late to save himself.

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