Revealed: Why ‘Aluu4’ Were Brutally Murdered

The murder of Ugo, Lloyd, Tekena and Chidiaka now referred  to as ‘Aluu4’ is still very fresh in our memory and the horror of their terrible last moments something most of us cannot just wish away, it has been revealed why the community unjustifiably took the laws into their hand – a move they will forever regret!

Now, I have heard this particular revelation on a prominent Abuja based FM station but decided to hold on to get additional information to either disprove or uphold their version of the unfortunate incident that happened on the night of Friday, 5th October, 2012.

Having confirmed it to be true until proven otherwise, here’s an account of what happened upto the unfortunate death of the Aluu4:

An indigene of Aluu was indebted to Ugo and rather than pay up, vowed not to. Ugo who was popularly known as Tipsy, had solicited the help of a well dreaded guy on campus to assist him in recovering his money from his debtor.

This guy, referred henceforth to as ‘Fearless’, was a renowned cultist and accepted to help retrieve the debt owed in exchange for a ‘cut.’

Ugo and Lloyd were close cousins and so they were together on the plan to retrieve the debt owed. On that day, as they made to leave, Chidiaka, their room mate, joined the train. On their way to the place, they met one of their friend, Tekena, who joined them without question as to their mission; not an uncommon behaviour among boys of that age who are friends – a victory for one, is a victory for all.

That made 5 boys who embarked on that unfortunate journey – Ugo, Lloyd, Chidiaka, Tekena and the ‘Fearless’ guy. Unknown to the other four, the ‘Fearless’ guy who was contracted to intimidate the debtor into paying his debts, was armed with a gun.

Eventually they got to the debtor’s house very early in the morning and a shouting match ensued when the debtor still insisted on not paying. A woman who lived next door, heard the heightened voices, thought they were thieves in the middle of an operation, raised the alarm. As her cries of ‘thief’, ‘thief’, rent the air, other young men around the neighbourhood came to the scene – turns out most of them were rival cult members to the ‘Fearless’ guy contracted by Ugo to help him retrieve his debt.

They immediately took advantage of the situation by tipping the vigilante group in the community who in turn confronted the boys, referring to them as thieves. This led to their beating even as they tried to prove their innocence and explain their mission. It was in the process that the fifth boy, ‘Fearless, brought out his gun in a bid to scare the people around him thereby creating an opening for him to escape leaving the rest four in the evil hands of the community.

More resolved than ever before that the four boys were actually thieves despite their pleas and explanation to the contrary, the mob gathered around and beat them to a state of submission and unconsciousness before they were unfortunately lynched!

-Additional Reports By Olufamous


  • davido says:

    Though its unfortunate for them but they look more like thieves for them to have gone their around that time of the day. Damn too early

  • jandy says:

    If wat I read here is true then fuck evry oda story,the five boys are theives or fools,sorry to say,there’s no normalty in goin for debt by 12 mid9te, that’s a pure robbery hour,and another lie,they can’t tell me they never knew d other guy has gun…that’s my own!! In all I say RIP to their souls

  • Chris says:

    Bad timing no1 will believe them. wat a pity R.i.p

  • freedom from above says:

    dats aaaaa lie, dis writer u better say d truth rather dan dis nonsez dat u upload here or else u’ll get burnt one day, does boys are innocent

  • fran says:

    Dem dey collect debt around 12midnight? 5 of dem r robbers if and only if this story is genuine

  • @jandy stfu u dnt kno anything nd d publisher of ds story wot sort of folklore did u spin here? Hw can they hav gone @ 12midnyt fr a debt recovery nd they we’re lynched btwn d hrs of 7am nd 8am? They went to recover d debt in d mornin y’hear?

  • Darlington says:

    ▬♪aaa ds writer GOD wl punish u, hw much did A|u community paid to dat u shu|d say a|| dis dis iz a ßarßaric act. ▬♪Dis 4 guy’z dey are innocent.They are INNOCENT.

  • Kill dem all says:

    @jandy you are a lunartic. Even if the story is true must they kill them? How baberic for them to burnt a human being. If they security did not act fast we shall storm that useless and evil village and kill them all not even their children or animals will be left out. If you leave their children behind they will grow up to take the part of their people. We give them 14 days to act fast or that village will never be remembered in good again becouse it will be in history that there were evil people hear be that student flush from the surface. Idiot and animals.

  • Oke.W says:

    Let’s be realistic.if those boys went by 12am as stated here on this write up,are u saying the vigilante kept them through out the night b4 beating and burning them around 7am?I don’t think so.From other sources, it was broad day light that the ugly incident occurred .Please,get real facts b4 u start publishing lies.It’s someone’s life that was cut short by ungodly community”Aluu” we’re talking about here.It could be anyone.

  • ella says:

    Let’s agree ‎​†ђξ boys timing was wrong bur stil D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ were nt suppose τ☺ b killd. D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ cud av handled dem τ☺ ‎​†ђξ police. So so sad. May deir soul rest ‎​I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ peace

  • ebube says:

    Well we read anything this days, any idiot can go to his/her computer and write rubbish article just to be known. It’s just d sign of end time because this are the same people devil will use to spread his word round the world when God has finally turn his back on humans. Pls get facts before u write an article.

    Lloyd, Ugonna, Tekena, Chidiaka.

    Some call u cultists
    Some call u thieves

    Initially u were worried about the shame of being stripped naked in full view of the crowd…

    The shame quickly turned into fear 4 ur life…

    They beat u so badly, u could not mutter a word…

    Your heart was saying “Please, please wait we’re not thieves” but ur mouth would not move…

    You were tired, aching and gasping 4 the breath of life…

    You look at the crowd and u see children, men and women that are ur fellow country men…

    Shock met disbelieve…
    Your hearts cried 4 help.

    You were thinking it was a dream, that this cannot be happening.
    They are not going to kill us…

    You wanted to wake up so that u dream no more…

    But sadly enough, the dream was not an illusion but apparent reality…

    You shouted, Somebody Help! Please Somebody Help!…

    Your Dad was not there to feel ur pain…
    Your Mum was not there to hear ur cry 4 help…

    Your Brothers & Sisters were somewhere on their daily businesses, while u were dying somewhere in Aluu community…

    You were so badly beaten.
    You were hoping just to die so that it will all end…

    Then came the Petrol…and u were thinking… No they wont burn us… No No No Nooo!

    The fire came… The sun became so hot… You hoped 4 the rain which will never come… Oh the Pain… So Unbearable…

    Then there was silence and peace… You crossed over to eternity, waving ur hands to ur lifeless body…

    Finally u found rest from ur tormentors.

    You were betrayed…

    …betrayed by the person who won’t pay his debt and dare turn on u and watch u die in such anguish.

    …betrayed by the community who made so many assumptions and exercised their jungle judgement on u.

    …betrayed by those who stood by and enjoyed this injustice.

    …betrayed by the authorities that has no immediate response to community uproar.

    …One thing that makes me smile now is knowing you four are together again as friends in heaven.:)


  • abel says:

    Even if they were thieves,that doesn’t give the vigilante group the right to murder them! Are they saying they kill everyone that was caught stealing in the community?!my brother,forget this story abeg! Y didn’t the vigilante group wait to explain the story instead of fleeing if they believe what they did is right?

  • MATHEW says:


  • debarnabas says:

    i was tjhere at the scene of lynching one of them happenned to be my neighbour(chidiaka) as am talking to you police are every where now in my school may there soul rest in perfect peace ang God should please avenge there death because their lost moment is not what i pray for any one

  • phils says:

    Any man that concludes before hearing a full gist, is less than a FOOL. M still waiting 4 ALUU’s part of d story

  • leo says:

    @Davido and Jandy u guys r mad…even if they were thieves does it warant that treatment. Ish, heartless Ppl

  • charlie says:

    Hope you all watched the vídeo..?those boys were beaten and eventually set ablaze in broad day light.use you brain..think before you write ,okay?
    Its just my thought.the killing can never be justified.

  • Darlington says:

    @Jandy n Fran. Both of u are fools.must dem b kill even if dy wia robberz we dnt takz law into our own hands

  • obi says:

    Hw would they have gone by 12midnight? But d killings happend in broad day light. So the incident took place for more than 12 hours?

  • leo says:

    There r some ppl dt owing debt is normal to dem. They begin to play u, and u decide to go to their houses @ odd time wen they will b home. Dis guys their destiny was a terrible one. Saying they r thieves cos they went there @ 12 midnight. Is wrong, that is if this story is true

  • allover says:

    The sorry excuse we have for a press in nigeria is at best market gist,at worst sewer are all criminally inept and may make better idiots than reporters.pstewwwwwww

  • de'haze says:

    I wonder y nigerians believe in telling tales all these tales won’t bring them back. In my own opinion whether it counts or not u all shud stop posting stories whether true or false and let the deceased parents mourn their children in peace .Mind u God in Heaven knows the truth and he sees us all watch wat u say or u may be stripped off ur chances in his kingdom be warned !!!

  • obi says:

    Jandi or wat eva u cal ur name,u just spoke like a stark illiterate dt u r,cos if u actually graduated 4rom a university,u ll never talk like dis.if care is not taken,investigation of d death of does boys shud start from ur family…beast

  • Kingsbay says:

    It might be true that these four boys actually went to their debtors house with a cultist who actually had a gun that they were not aware of but please don’t tell me they went there by 12 midnight, because it all happened in broad day light, probably in the morning and it was also stated in the report that Tekena joined them on the way.

  • am stil obi says:

    Dis is for writer,u said dt ur story was d real one,y didn’t u ask were an how d incident took plce through out d night,proberbly from 12am til 8am wen dey were finally killed cos we al saw dt d killing was during d day..were dey detained? Or locked up somewere b4 d day breaks or d aluu people were awake wit them through out d night til d day?Plssssssss don’t publish dis rubish dis rubish again if don’t want d wrath of God to befall on u

  • Gbuzue says:

    The writer is already a cursed person.: for speaking evil of the dead. He must be an Aluu person. A land of abormination. They went there @ 12 mid night and was lynched @ about 8am the next day. So why did the deptor not speak for them knowing full well that they were not thieves afterall. Forget it Aluu plannend their killings out of envy. Even the so called chief a boko haram:

  • OD says:

    @tyms,debtors can frustrate their creditors though d’tymin was odd,bt mayb dat was d’only tym dey could meet d’debtor @hm,mayb he has bn runin away n’tryin to avoid d’[email protected]#socryinnow#wat a wicked world @davido n’jandy u guys r #mouth sealed#.even if they r thieves,d’shouldnt b killed wickedly like dat,itz so heartless

  • biola says:

    this story is so fake,heard the real gist frm uniport students. Dont say what u dont know o.

  • tessy says:

    The writer of this story is an idiot,re u sure u verified your story, ur just here writing nonscence. 12 midnite nd dey wre beaten and killed at abt 7.30am, please dnt be writing what God will take and punish you for. Rubbish

  • abodelvoice says:

    This excuse or reason does not justify †ђξir action at all.jusstice must βε̲̣̣̣̥ done to those devils tha carried out such a barbaric and gruesome act.please let’s fight for justice and not excuses.

  • yeah says:

    Dos boys are innocent

  • Starling says:

    If what d writer publish is correct, its unfortunate 4 those boz & a bad timing..May their souls rest in peace. But, if its a frame up, d writer will surely have his reward on earth here for being a liar.

  • Amon says:

    1) Does the fact that they went to hassle a guy at 12midnight make them thieves?? Have we not all at some point had to go to some other guys place at 12midnight?? With students all over that community that can’t be odd!!

    2) Has anybody heard anything from the guy they went to hassle?? At least that should prove that they were not thieves…abi?

    3) What is they ( aluu community/ vigilante) came up with the “5th guy” or “Fearless guy” story to back up their claims and find some justificationsm…..

    4) This story is a little bit silly and lacks substance!! Its nothing but the same ol hear say all over the internet!!!

    Now, the few amongst you who think stepping out at 12midnight means you are a thief must be sick in the head!!!

    The bottom line is those 4 guys were wrongfully murdered and you all should focus on that!!! This country is so fucked up that not one real and substantial story has been told concerning aluu4

    Yall should think before you start acting like uneducated fools!!
    Be wise and don’t just come here to talk shit cos you are bored!! This is not a joke!

  • need Justice says:

    Can’t u fools tink? @Jandy. The write-up says -d boys went to collect dia money frm dia debtor, then d rival Cult Group dat are Rivals of ‘Mr Fearless’ went to tip the Vigilanti, so dat they shud frame d inocent Ugonna & Friends up, dey lied against dem so dat dey can’t leave to collect dia Money. Even d wiked Chief cud not give dem oportunity to hear from d Inocent Boys. D bribed Vigilanti forced d Chief to belive dat dey were Thiefs. If u watch d Video, u will get Undastand dat d Vigilanti were realy paid to kill dis boys. I wil forever Hate anybody from ALUU or IKWERRE. God pls hav mercy on dia Innocent Soul

  • Collins says:

    Dis is indeed a tragedy.dis brutal act can only happen in nigeria,dat a so called vigilante who never received traning 4 once is been gvn weapons nd lil power.wat did u expect…all d rame rest in peace brodas.

  • Am really confused here d. Writers claims they when by 12pm but d video showed they were killed in broad day light
    But whatever may be d case thr is am element of truth in this story bcos aluu comm can’t be mad and attacked 4 boys walking on d. Street without any reason but whatever may be the. Case no one deserve to die d way those boys were killed
    Let’s wait 4 d final. Report b4 we pass judgments
    But if they were robbers it serves them right I dnt pity thieves

  • fool says:

    this article is a lie….non of it is true….fooooolllllllssssss

  • nature says:

    This story didn’t add up whn ur consider the time the boys were caught and whn they were killed or this writer mean to tell me they beat the boys frm 12am till day light and there were till alive? I do nt agree with the tyming pls.

  • Nemesziz says:

    Mr writer you are a Joker

  • treasure says:

    This ‎​Ȋ̝̊̅§ a very sad story, no1 knw d̶̲̥̅̊ real truth but only God in heaven knws it all S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ let leave vengance 2 God only him knw it all. Buh 4 d̶̲̥̅̊ innocent young boys may your souls rest in peace, Amen. As 4 d̶̲̥̅̊ pple of Aluu who committed dis murder God ‎Ȋ̝̊̅§ watchin Ãήϑ knws it all if true D̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅t̲̥̅̊ dis boys are innocent may God punished Ãήϑ ravish ųя generations one by one

  • vivy says:

    1.Dont curse sm1, evrybody must nt hav d same opinoin cos we r created diff.
    2.Dont jugde so dat u wont b judge.
    3.Hear from both sides b4 u bliv anytin
    4.He who hasn’t sinned cast a stone 1st(n ALL sneaked out)
    5.Worse tinz r happenin evryday how many do we see to critize
    6.Lets pray 4 God 4givness n intervention n focus more on our spiritual lives
    7.Pray wit me “4 d sake of his sorrowful passion, hav mercy on us n on d whole world oh GOD”

  • Fav says:

    Wht is done is done,maybe they are destiny to go like dis,but which eva way may their innocent souls rest in peace.

  • Favour says:

    Wht is done is done,maybe they were destiny to go like dis,but which eva way may their innocent souls rest in peace.

  • Fav says:

    Things Fall Apart can nt be bannd sir.

  • dummy says:

    Ebube,thank you so much for that piece,you just said my heart here,may God bless you and keep this boys,i Love you!

  • Johnson chukwu says:

    Pls mister writer; b4 u write, mek sure u hv d fact!Mean while d vigillant team hv d write 2 execute any fuckn thieves by d power bestored upon dem by d village head. “BUT“ D FACT IS DAT, CHIDIAKA, LLOYD, TAKERE, ND UGO, ar nt thieves bt 4freinds who went 2 help their frnd 2 recover his money 4rm his deptor nd so calld deptor shouted thief!Thief! Thief oooo according 2 a police report. Now if dey ar thieves? y is it dat uniport students ar fightn bak in protest? Dey ar innoscent of wat dey ar being accused of. R.I.P

  • rita says:

    who on earth concocted this story? Definitely not anyone in rivers state let alone uniport. Once again someone has tried 2 criminalise the victims. An unpaid debt had 2 b paid, the creditor &his friends demanded the money. A false alarm was raised the order was given 4 their murder as gruesomely &as publicly as possible 2 b videoed & distributed on the net. The family uniport students & all nigerians are demanding justice 4 the aluu4. Aluu community has found its voice & is denying responsibility again saying the murders wr committed by strangers demanding compensation & punishment 4 uniport students. All this will inflame the situation. The fact is 4 students were murdered & noone be it govt police aluu community nor their advocates will sweep this under the carpet. We’re watching

  • Andas says:

    They didnt go by 12midnite. They went ‘early in the morning’. In naija, when someone keeps dodging paying your money, its best to go early in the morning so that he will not be able to dodge you.

  • Datubo says:

    From all indications, it turns out to be that this STUPID writer is an indigene of Aluu, or has been contracted by Aluu to defend their heinous act, and thereby defaming the dead. The way and manner in which the boys were hurriedly lynched is questionable. We all know that a cultist will never trespass on the terrain of his rivals at an unholy hour, but this report has stated otheirwise. This biased writer should be interrogated. I believe he was among the perpetrators.

  • voila says:

    To my own understanding, ð writer didn’t mention 12 a.m. The writer mentioned early in ð morning

  • Obini says:

    Even if dis story is true ar we not longer been guided by a law again.

  • odion says:

    @Ebube dat was a lovely writeup…RIP to the four guys may there soul rest in perfect peace.

  • Festus says:

    Even if you heard this story from the debtor you should have watched the video before writing this stinker. I don’t belief you are paid to write this, but articles like this make us doubt the integrity of the press. I don’t know any vigilantee that will keep four armed robbers till day light before executing them. I pray this will never happen to your relations in Jesus name. And this is a warning to our leaders who locate higher institutions indiscriminately.

  • qudus says:

    ebube GOD bless u for does kind and reasonable words,@davido nd jandy u guys should change ur ways cos e no pure at a llllllllll. R.I.P TO DE LOST SOULS…….

  • Anne says:

    Ebube! You said it all. I cried as I read the beautiful DIRGE you wrote. Cos you felt their pains just me. You put yourself in their shoes. You visualized all that happened that day. As my cousin will say…….”And God was watching”. Watching the people He commanded “thou shall not kill”. Imagine if those boys were to be alive after the beating and clubbing,Tell me how will they survive the shame,trauma,brain-damage? Nigerians where is the love we preach everyday,where is our CONSCIENCE? Ebube,thanks a lot once again. May their souls rest in peace.

  • wase says:

    this is wrong very wrong……we want justice. we cant make this a lifestyle, it cant be an opportunity for pple to get each other killed. please lets not give the devil an avenue into her lives, homes n nation

  • Faith says:

    Umm actually the writer says “very early in the morning”
    And as for u all saying the guys were fools etc well done.that’s all I’ll say. Inhuman!!!!! Rubbish!!!

  • Wat if they were thieves? Was dat judgment n punishment good 4 dem? Put urself in dia shoes or wat if they were ur brothers?

  • Emeti Nyong says:

    Wtf? The writer never mentioned 12 midnight. And even if it was, even I have had 2 go 2 a debtors house very late with my muscled cousin in a bid 2 intimidate him n get my cash. That evil debtor should be given d same same pain those boys got. I can only imagine d agony their families must be going through.

  • mr wrighter says:

    mr wrighter say something defend ur self for ppl u av mad angry wt ur statment u keep silence their cause will desend on u

  • BomaIvy says:

    The brutal murder of the Aluu4 is satanic, wicked and absolutely demonic. It is a decay of good conscience. Shame on all those involved from the Aluu community, Chiefs, vigilante, all the on lookers, the Police, and finally the decayed Nigerian system. May God comfort the loved ones of the victims in Jesus name.

  • chima says:

    The community must pay for what they did, why can’t them hand the bois to the police? why the debtor refused to pay?
    They must pay for the blood of the innocent bois!

  • Godsend says:

    Speechless. I blame no one, we’re all crying and grieving. Such a tragedy, no one can judge the other, the boys were innocent from the story, but setting someone ablaze is an inhuman act, and the stupid vigilantes, what’s their stupid problem by 8 am. And there are people in that community that con fish this criminals out but they won’t talk. So, why were we complaining when the british called us monkeys? What right thinking human does that?

  • marshal says:

    This writer should be from aluu community of barbarism he should be arrested too for those of you thinking they deserved it pray same for your family guys may your souls rest in peace justice must be done its now obvious that this guys are innocen their blood is crying and many can’t sleep and might not sleep ontill justice is done

  • JIG says:

    To me I think d heat of the matter is cos dy r student, I hav watched a clip Whr a guy was flogged to death den burnt, I hav seen several pictures of burnt thieves in lagos or d case of d “isakaba”.. All those ppl were dy not humans like me and u y havnt any1 said anything nw d aluu case seems like a big deal maybe dis God’s own way of letting us knw dat all dose ppl Whr also his ppl Whether thieves or not. Jst think of d pain d family of dose ppl(thieves) go tru evryday and we r here causing d vigilant group I tot students Whr also dere? Whr dy held down? y didnt dy fight 4 dr fellow humans since dy Whr so human, and besides if u stay in an environment Whr u leave ur fate to d vigilant group such a case is inevitable, y don’t we blame d state 4 such poor security system in d first place. And 4 d ppl of aluu what if thieves hav been disturbing dem and dy tot dis was a way to scare dem of, cos I tell you no 1 community wuld be in support of such barbaric act stop causing and think cos if care is not taking d boys hands r not clean. An Jst being realistic

  • Elijah says:

    Know the kind of people you follow around campus ‘cuz their fate will also be yours! Sorry to say but the innocent boys took a decision that layed them to rest. Decisions we make is what decides our fate!!. RIP ya’ll.. Shit happens.

  • JJ says:

    Almighty God I belief in the resurrection hope.Give this boys Eternal rest to join with their families to part no more.Amen.Good bye good friends May we love you,but God loves you more!!!

  • coolion says:

    My advice to pple of aluu comunity is to hide.for a long period of time for peace to reign.if not……..?

  • vincen ojenike says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm!RIP brodas despite wat led to ur death has not yet depart 4rm our heart i still remember my man lloyd
    4rm vin
    mechanical student
    level 300
    RIP bro

  • Pepper says:

    This is wickedness,…… *Still crying*

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