Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s Private Jet In Pictures

The Jet Sitting Majestically At The Tarmac

Fresh facts have continued to emerge over the recent presentation of a private jet to Papa Ayo Oritsejafor, founder of the Word of Life Bible Church Warri, Delta state and President, Christian Association of Nigeria, in commemoration of his birthday and 40th year anniversary on the pulpit.

According to an investigation by Sahara Reporters, Oritsejafor’s jet is a Canadian-made Bombardier jet with US registration number N431CB which was manufactured in 1994 and previously belonged to two different owners in the US.

The jet was reportedly flown out of the US from Morristown, New Jersey, in September 2012 ostensibly to be retrofitted and serviced before delivery last week to Mr. Oritsejafor.

Investigations over the internet revealed that the jet’s owners in New Jersey listed it for sale in July 2012. The data also showed that the jet had once been upgraded to give it more engine power. The jet’s interior is furnished with gold accents in the toilet and bathroom area.

Although the cost of the jet was not announced, investigation revealed that it could cost as high as $4.9m (Naira equivalent at current official exchange rate of Dollar to Naira is N769,300,000).

Photos of the jet and its features after the cut ….

-Sahara Reporters


  • it is all my wish to withness such a thing in life so i rejoice with you all that you shall enjoy most of your days with peace on your fortune achievements

  • steve says:

    Congratulations Papa Ayo, I’m happy for u cos u truly deserve it. I’m next on line.

  • Loreal says:

    Nigerians are starving! People are suffering! Our men of God that preach againt material things are goin gaga just 2 acquire material things. This is wickedness in high places! No wonder Jesus said it will be easier 4 a camel 2 pass thru the eye of a needle than 4 a rich man 2 enter in2 the kingdom of God!

    • mr Enoch says:

      nobody give him the private jet as birthday gift, he bought it with the offerings and tight given by poor members of his church but he don’t want to tell us that he bought that himself this naija pastors are wicked and liers.

      • free says:

        bros his church members taxed themselves and bought him a jet as a birthday gift, he did not raise a kobo for that jet. he was not even aware that he would get a jet as a birthday gift. please dont say what you dont know. cheers

        • Ikpeama says:

          Its because his members know what he likes. If its Kukah or Arch Bishop Obinna they would have invested the money in a foundation in their names

        • Ikpeama says:

          The reason is that they know that they will not accept it. He did not reject it proves it. Meanwhile he was a product of the missionaries whom he should emulate. The Bible recorded Christas asking Peter to feed His flock. Our men of God should shun ostentatious life style that do not point the way to Christ

  • ayo says:

    If yr pastor that is preaching to you and others is suffering and does not have any means of transportation,will you feel good about that?
    Even if the church bought him a jet is it not good?
    Still even if they sell the jet,the money cant cover the population.
    God did not create we humans to live in penury,neither did he create his prophets to walk and live in shame,suffering,penury so what art thou sayeth?
    Read yr bible well and stop judging

    • He is a thief of highest order, cos d money he used to buy it must b d money dt dey coleted frm d poor people. Their church is just a money making venture. Pls Nigerian go bck 2 اللَّهُ

    • IKem Okosa says:

      I am surprised at you. Maybe your own Jesus is different from mine or your own Bible is different. You will praise your pastors to hell fire. How can you ever justify a pastor whom many of his children are living in abject poverty to spend that kind of money on a jet? When Christ calls you, He callsl you to die, and not to live. He died, we are all supposed to die to self and to the world. The worship of affluence has gotten into the Church and the doctrine now is the worship of Mammon.

  • Congratulation papa ayo, you truly deserve more, you are even over due for it, am very very happy, hear this ignorant fellows who criticize read your bibles, the poor you will always have amoung you, getting angry over this makes you a registered poor person for life, God have mercy upon you all. My papa enjoy, you deserve it, Samuel Makozi .

  • pascal says:

    my man of God TB JOSHUA always says spend less on your self and more on others i will not say more than that

    • DanWisman says:

      Yes my brother…How many horses or donkeys did Jesus possess during his earthly ministry ? I know that at a point Jesus had to borrow Peter’s boat to do his father’s business.But today what do we have?You must own a private jet and be driven in big limousines to be a ‘real’man of God.May God have mercy on us.

  • marc says:

    Mr ayo u tell me how many prophet 4 ur bible acquire buy expensive jet, u no what jesus said bout d pharisee in d temple, my frnd said it easier 4 a camel 2 pass d eye of a needle dan 4 a rich man enta d kingdom of god, can u tell me what they doin wit more dan one private, and nearly uncountable fleet of cars not to talk of house, they now bhavin like politians and dat is not fair

  • Dan-tach says:

    Congrat sir, every child of the most high God deserve the best kind of living over the other whose gods are poor either in the star or the moon, on the mountain or the valley, our God is bigger than all other gods, congratulation I shall soon buy my own cuing to the grace that gave you the private jet for ministry work.

  • has laboured well and deserves to be honoured by his sons and daughters who deem it fit to do so.

    Basola Victor
    Benin, Nigeria

  • chrysler says:

    the bible said don not judge so dat u wont b judge.but we knw dat b4 u can call urself a true man of God u must forfeit d pleasures and wealth of d world,to prevent distraction,shall God will judge

  • Abe Dare says:

    The bible says rejoice with those who are rejoicing my dad i rejoice with u ooo congract.

  • Mr Damilare says:

    The bible says rejoice with those who are retoi2ing man of God i rejoice with u so that my own will com.i am tired of living in abject poverty congrats sir.

  • nkiru says:

    d men of God travel alot.They need great comfortable mobility.Sir,pls am happy for u.Kudos.

  • Denny's says:

    papa, congratulations..I’m hapy 4u.

  • Douglas says:

    I will be lying if i said am happy, cos i can,nt imagine a pastor obtaining material things. what source of income does a pastor has to acquired a private jet. what does the bible said about riches? i wish we make reference to bible and see how jesus was operating when he came to this world. if we are actually emulating JESUS should we go ahead and continue acquiring material things.

  • Tomiwa Olojede says:

    Congratulations Papa, if the price is as small or as low as that, It is nothing to make noise about. People (Nigerians) transact single-handedly property worth above 1 billion Naira on weekly basis for personal consumption and enjoyment. Currently I have property for sale that worth NGN850,000,000 in ikoyi and someone gonna buy it. So jet cost so low like that. hmmm. call me if you need property on Lagos Island 08029149994, Papa Congratulations once again

  • Charles says:

    Pastor AYO deserve it since he torch me in pinnacle redeemed mission in nnewi my life is really transformed if he don’t have it who do you think will have it Jesus Christ feed five thousand people and two loaves of bread if a savant of God did not have jet who did you think we have our God is a rich God

  • RONE RICHIE says:


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