Thursday , 17 April 2014
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PHOTO: Family Gives Six-Month-Old Girl A Snake To Play With Because They Are Too Poor To Buy Toys For Her

Her family cannot afford to buy her toys so this this six-month-old plays with snakes instead.

Sidhi Siddharth Sinune crawls behind the python and shrieks in delight as it weaves through her tiny legs.

While her parents are away working in the fields in a rural Indian village in Maharashtra, the baby girl pats the reptile and even playfully bites its tail.

The non-venomous snake could easily squeeze Sidhi to death or swallow her whole.

But her father, Siddharth Sinune, said he cannot afford to buy her toys – instead bringing home his prey from his job as a snake catcher.

Before putting them back in the forests, he keeps them at home for his only daughter’s amusement.

Siddharth said: ‘Sidhi has an unusual bonding with the snakes and surprisingly they too like to play with her.

‘Being a poor farmer, I can’t buy her costly toys but I can get her snakes to play with.

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  1. God is great,isn’t he?

  2. Hmmm, that’s incredible!

  3. Wow…this baffling! She’s probably gonna follow her dad’s career line.

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