Attention! NYSC 2013 Batch A Orientation Course Gets New Date

According to information obtained from the website of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, the Batch A 2013 Orientation Course which was earlier scheduled to begin on 26 March 2013, to 16 April has been brought forward.


Orientation courses for 2013 Batch A is now scheduled to commence from 5th March 2013, to 26th March. See details below:

NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2013 Batch A

Event Date
1 Pre-Mobilisation Workshop 16th January, 2013
2 Registration of Foreign-trained Nigerian Graduates 10th December, 2012- 26th February, 2013
3 Submission of Masterlist. Screening/Vetting by Mobilization Officers. 21th – 23th January, 2013
4 Action by the ICT Department. 21st – 29th January, 2013
5 Delivery to Corps Mobilisation 30th January, 2013
6 Delivery of Preliminary Printouts to CPIs 30th – 31st January, 2013
7 Return of Corrected Printouts by Institutions to NYSC NDHQ 4th – 6th February , 2013
8 Action by ICT 4th-19th February, 2013
9 Sorting and Packaging of Call-up letters 20th – 25th February, 2013
10 Delivery of Call-up letters to Institutions / NYSC Secretariats 26th – 28th February, 2013
11 Briefing of Prospective Corps Members Throughout the year
12 2013 Batch ‘A’ Orientation Course 5th March – 26th March, 2013


8 Sorting and Packaging of Call-up letters 11th – 18th March, 2013
9 Delivery of Call-up letters to Institutions / NYSC Secretariats 18th – 20th March, 2013
10 Briefing of Prospective Corps Members Throughout the year
11 2013 Batch ‘A’ Orientation Course 26th March – 16th April, 2013


  • Empathy says:

    I am tired of staying at home idle. Let them do fast.

  • madu lot anna says:

    That’s ok by me

  • Emma says:

    Pls when is the last date giving to schools to submit their list of student goin for nysc

  • Imam Isa says:

    the period between graduation and the NYSC is too boaring because most of us graduating student have nothing to do. I also dont know why batch A are going match not february again.

  • Gloria mmem says:

    God be praised am glad de brought d date 4ward

  • kunle adesida says:

    glad that the date was brought forward!when is last date for name submission by inst.?

  • Please, can i be given an opportunity of serving in my geo-political zone due to some unforeseen contigencies.

  • Thank God for bringing the date of service forward cos most of us are rusting at home already and not organisation is ready to employ 4month workers.pls nigeria should be smart in make this service a well organise one.

  • Also since the house had pass it into law that corps member should not be posted to d voilent state i think the director general of NYSC should take that as a point of his duty no to allow the innocent corps member’s blood to be wasted in the said violent borno,kano,jigawa and some other state like that.cos for me o i will not serve in any of the voilent the people incharge of posting corps member should be careful in doin that.

    God bless nigeria and God bless us all as we serve our father’s land.

  • Divine says:

    The Lord bless all prospective 2013 Batch ‘A’ Corp Members. Trust in the Lord for your service yr. God bless Nig~Peace

  • Tennyson says:

    To God b d glory.

  • El-ladan says:

    I thought of campin’ in Feb. but will xtnd 2 Mar. Oh God!

  • Frany says:

    God knows everything,so give him thanks in all condition. God bless NYSC Director n those working with him as they put God first in dia plans 4 batch A. God bles Nigeria.

  • aminu adam kd says:

    we tank Allah for d dte being brought 4ward,we pray dt may Allah choose 4 us d bst nd comfotabl place 2 serve.And may He protect us nd b wit us @ ol tym,amen.

  • Hussaini Adamu says:

    The time is o k by me,although it seems borin,but also avenue 4 us 2 get fully prepared 4 national assignment

  • Ayodele Tope says:

    Come what may, let all 2013 CORPS MEMBERS be assured that, there shall be no casualty in Jesus name. If you are keying into this, say AMEN.

    • Marlyn Hananiya says:

      God I thank you bcos its a privilege 2 serve my father land. I thank the federal govt. of Nigeria for this scheme. God help me to do my best. And to all the students of ADSU mubi I WISH U A HAPPY SERVICE YEAR.

  • Apostle Pat says:

    In d realm of d spirit I’v bn already posted by God to d place called there, where he’l show me great n mighty thins… So i must b posted by doz inchrg 2 dt “there” SHALOM evry 1

  • Alex de Great says:

    I’m so glad for the adjustment of date schedule for I cant wait to serve my father land in that land my heavenly father has prepared for me just as Abraham of old.

  • happiness says:

    I pray God takes total control,it is well.

  • Olu Concept says:

    Jst avin missed feelings ova dis service tinz shaaa cos its as derailed 4rm its prime objectives! Make we jst serve comot jor cos no time aeee…..

  • guys i think d time has been fixed now

  • felicity kalu says:

    i thank God 4 seeing me 2ru out my years in sch. Am glad nd happy 2 serve my fatherland

  • Olalekan bolaji says:

    I pray to God to spare me beyond 5th march, cos i can’t wait to see how i will look like in corper’s uniform. Ajuwaya ‘s life. But i don’t want Northern side o.

  • Olalekan bolaji says:

    I pray to God to spare me beyond 5th march, cos i can’t wait to see how i will look like in corper’s uniform. Ajuwaya ‘s life. But i don’t want Northern side o..

  • William selekeowei says:

    My God! I can’t wait to see myself serving the nation. I pray that God see me through

  • Chidiebere A. says:

    NYSC, Requesting 4 JAMB Reg. No, from prospective Corpers, what of those d did preliminary and gained admission into polytechnic?

  • Onyeso Mary Chizoba says:

    I thank God who made everything possible…I can’t wait to wear ♍Ɣ NYSC uniform.I pray we all will serve i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ peace N̶̲̥̅̊Õ̳͡ boko haram i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ JESUS name…if you are wiv ♍ƺ say a very big Amen.

  • Thank God that the battle of staying at home is over since we graduated. I thank God that I and my friends are among nysc batch A , 2013. Kudos 4 all….

  • nwanorh prestige says:

    Rumour said that no march service its june, ist through? Why is jamb requesting pin or regulation form. Imo poly umuagwo.

  • dehumblist says:

    i thank God who made it possible 4 me 2 b among d Nigerian graduates. Bt am appealling 2 d director of nysc 2 please b kind enough in posting people. and it would b preferrable if northerns serve in d north bt not in ones state bt in another state in dsame north,so do odas. Please sir, dis i belive it wil help avoid dis carlos scandals 4rm happening again. Tnx n God bless u all 4 ur gud works

  • prestige mmaduaburu nku says:

    I want to serve my country with full moral.

  • Jumoke. J says:

    Pls when is the last registration date for foreign trained Nigerian students? At first, i saw 12th of February, now is 26th of February and a friend from Abuja told me is 28th of January. I’m confuse. God bless you.

  • stanley says:

    why are graduands who pass through remedials exempted from this batch A?

  • Jibrin A. Bello says:

    Am wishing all batch A members all d best through out their service period and also life in general

  • Tank u lord 4 spearing us to dis tym. As we await d task ahead dat is d Nysc camp batch A 2013, may ur name be honoured in Jesus name i pray. Amen.

  • Zinest says:

    Why is jamb requesting for registration number?pls dis issue should be revisit…i can’t wait any longer,i’m home sick.

  • Toheeb says:

    NIGERIA AGAIN !!!!!! What is jamb registration number has to do with graduates that are about to go for service and to worst the whole thing, we were informed at the late hour: Die Minutes: to forward our jamb registration number. My QUESTION IS: WHAT IS THE FATE OF THOSE THAT DON’T HAVE THE JAMB REGISTRATION NUMBER . Pls be sincere ur response is needed urgently.

  • Shuaib Ayinde says:

    Please i need your answer, its very urgent. My question is what should be the fate of people that can’t find their jamb reg no? Like me, i got admission through Preliminary study and we were not given any jamb reg no. Now we were ask to paid #4000. I want to kno if we will beable to go with batch A?

    • bright says:

      My bro i tire $dis new dirty devlopment of dis jamb reg no,
      evn me am a graduate bt my question is the money we paid in bank,
      how can bank give us d jambb reg no thats my problem n what biznes negotiation do both have.

  • Abioye Londoner says:

    Thank God for everything, jamb registration number they collected 5000 from us, result we are yet to see it, Fedpoffa God is watching you.

  • Abdul says:

    Pls dnt post me 2 SE(kidnaping states) or SS(Oil thift states). Post me 2 SW or north-central lyk abuja

  • feeline says:

    Am just grateful 2 God 4 everything, he alone can see me through, let his will b done (AMEN)…

  • Is my pleasure to thanks all Nigeran ppl especial 4 dos who r preparing to dia service batch A may Allah help us to serve Nigera to best of our capability and gud intention,faith,honest and soon.and d last long lyf to Nigera long lyf to Katsina state.

  • odubanjo tope says:

    We thank the Almighity God for everything. We paid 6000 for jamb reg no in my sch

  • Nowayo4real says:

    In all, let thy will be done…

  • okoyeorji Augustina says:

    i cann’t wait 2 see my self wearing NYSC. May GOD Pls. Fulfil my dream.

  • maureen says:

    i pray for his grace to enable me to serve de nation, cause i cant wait to see myself wearing dat unform.

  • Oluwaseun says:

    Even those of us with jamb registration no are asked to pay 6k. Why?

  • Safa ebifo says:

    Am so concern abt the jamb registration number cos in my skul almost all the student are without jamb reg no. so will nysc nt going 2 send anybody 4m my skul service ebi 4m delta state poly ozoro

  • Marlyn Hananiya says:

    to all ADSU student, I wish you a happy service year. may God take us to higher heights together.

  • Ogbede Hanson says:

    What a long awaiting day! To all batch A 2013 corps members i wish us a happy service year. The Almighty God who has made it possible for us to serve our nation will see us through in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  • val says:

    pls wht of those dat graduated frm national open univ of nig?

  • Oyelade says:

    Kindly correct the closing date for registration of foreign trained prospective corp members to 12/02/2013.The 26/02/2013 you indicaated is an error.

  • lifted says:

    Jamb and nysc making d studnt to produce jamb no in die minute just to exclud some people compusorily from batch A, GOD day o

    • Gbejefori omolayo says:

      NYSC manager, why are u killing innocent corp member who about to serve their fatherland as par this JAMB REG NOS? WHY THIS AT THE LATE ENTRY? Why dont u ask us since last year to paid some money for the althernative to JAMB NOS? So, BATCH A IS NOT SURE 4 DOES THAT DO NOT HAVE JAMB REG NO..RIGHT??? IF U NYSC AT THE CURSE OF THIS OR LAGOS STATE POLYTECHNIC IS THE CURSE OF THIS,..I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT GOD WILL JUDGE U PEOPLE AUTHORITATIVELY AND U WILL NOT OVER-COME GOD JUDGEMENT BECAUSE U PEOPLE HAVE DELAY OF TIME. MANY DIES B/COS OF THIS RUMOUR. GOD WILL JUDGE U PEOPLE…i dey cry 4 dis delaying.age is counting.

  • Akinsowon Ibrahim Kunle says:

    what shall be d fate of those students wu happen to be ”pre-ND” and not jambite.
    I need answer please

  • Adekunle says:

    The presence administrative in my campus are not effective at-all including the rector of the school. Based on their lack of effectiveness have made them terminate 85% life of by follows student that just graduated last year sep-oct 2012, who about to go to service by this year march. What the sets of the administrative should have done before, are just been practicalised when time of NYSC have gone. Some of my students hear that they are not going for batch A and they collapsed seriously. Some dies. Some lose their job. While some leave away their apartment. Due to the ineffectiveness of this new set of administrative in my polytechnic. I was among the student they told in my school that i will not be among the students who about to go for service for batch A. In a class, 5student were going for service.e.g marketing, 5student. Accounting, 6students. Biz adm, 6students at of 47 student in a class. We dont have any problems as par result. Infacts, we all done all our clearance for the receiving of our HND result.. This set of administrative have kill many of our students. We dont like them at-all. They are into their selfish interestm, terminate the achievement of their student for the elevation of their own achievement. I PLEAD TO THE STATE GOVT TO INTERVENE TO THIS MATTER B4 THEY KILL US FINISH. LAGOS STATE POLYTECHNIC IS MY SCHOOL. THEY PRODUCED BRILLIANTS AND COMPETENTS STUDENTS BUT YET, THE NEW SETS OF ADMINISTRATIVE ARE NOT EFFECTIVE IN TERMS OF HAVING MANAGERIAL SKILL. NO MANAGEMENT FUNCTION, YET TO EMPLOYED NON ACADEMY THAT ARE ARROGAN, SPOKING AND DRINKING EVERYDAY…THEY WILL ADDRESS YOU IN A BAD EMOTION… THEY ARE ALL AGBERO-GANGS.. NIGERIA PRESIDENT WE BEG OF U. LAGOS STATE GOVT WE BEG OF U.PLEASE WORK ON THIS SET OF ADMINISTRATIVE IN LAGOS STATE POLYTECHNIC.. U CAN MAKE INVESTIGATION BY PRTENDING AS-IF U ARE A STUDENT, THEN U WILL SEE ALL THEIR SECRET…. EKO ONI BA JE. LAGOS POLY NO GO BA JE BY THIS SETS OF NEW ADMINISTRATIVE. NIGERIA KO NI BA JE..AMEN. THANKS. GOD BLESS NIGERIA FOR US OOO.

  • Chinyereagwu says:

    In my skul they ask us to submit our jamb result. we ve submited it only few names came out what happen to others pls u pple should do something abt this am not happy abt it

  • Adeniyi says:

    Can anifin b done 2 d student whose names re written in d error list.cos am confused in here.jst 77 student re mobilised in ma skol.can anifin b done 2 cal dis ppl s attention 2 dis problem.*heartbroken.

  • Adeniyi says:

    Can anifin b done 2 d student whose names re written in d error list.cos am confused in here.jst 77 student re mobilised in ma skol.can anifin b done 2 cal dis ppl s attention 2 dis problem.*heartbroken.*

  • Stanley Gabriel says:

    What is really happening? Must it be in my own turn dat u ppl wil notice dat dia are dos dat are witout jamb registratn number. Why now? Pls i want to knw. Is it tru dat batch ‘A’ has been postponded til june? Becos of jamb registratn nonsense?

  • Otuu Nduka says:

    4rm FUTO (Met/Mat Eng), is only 2007 newly guat student was post 4 service, why others not send?. Thank. (07036742843).

  • Maximux says:

    Wat a life witness 2sme names in batch A,wthout jamb.y?wat s hapenin?

  • Garba D. Sani says:

    I wish all batch A 2013 a successful year of service

  • ayansiji says:

    kaduna state pls

  • OGUEBIE says:

    Visit NYSC sight for more info.

    The truth of the matter is that, this is not really a new development. It has been in existence. Just that past administrations both Jamb, schs, nysc have been shying away from their jobs they are being paid by FG and STG to do. Now, it seems as if, jamb has lost many customers, due to pre degrees, they now decided to wake from their slumber. The most funny part of the whole game is that, they claim the reason for this is because of poor quality graduates /corp members being rejected by firms at the course of mobilization and deployment.

    To avoid this in future, heads of various units involved must be punished by FG, both jamb( for not giving pre info may be on time that they are now awake to do their jobs), schools( for employing bunch of old people in their various harems of affair), NYSC (for those students they have permitted to serve in the past and short notice given to the current set).

  • Dauda Yusuf says:

    Well lots have been said about this My advice goes to the entire staff of Jamb. let them wake up from their slumber and face their work very well, to avoid future occurrence of this type of incident. Wish my junior ones the prospective bach A. corp members happy stay in the Camp.

  • Ibeh Donald says:

    Good 2 c anoda batch A after we all batch A’13,take it easy,dont be afraid of d army guys wen d shout at u,afta 2wks,de wl b ur best friends even luk ur mates.make sure ur west bag is wit u all d tym,and tym management is d key 2 survivin in camp.wishin u hapy stay in camp.

  • mirabel says:

    u people wnt us to die bcos we are serving our fathersland hw can u send us to yobe state do u wnt our parent to die before us. The co-ordinators of nysc this is unfair jst think of it dat ur three kids are going to yobe and one is going to brono

  • Joseph okhiria esene says:

    Nysc exemtion status

  • Isreal Mikel says:

    Please , i need the address of Lagos state Nysc Camp Lodge, Thanks

  • Collins says:

    Almighty GOD help us the student of National Open uni of 9ja,thank you jesus

  • sola-omotogun says:

    When is batch B list for mobilisation will be out?

  • Funke says:

    Wen will d mobilization for batch B 2013 commence.

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