Photo Of The Day: Female Soldier Among Nigerian Troops Sent To Battle Rebels In Mali

A female soldier is among the soldiers about to depart to Mali from a Kaduna base. The photo below shows the female soldier posing with her colleagues. What do you think?



  • Muhammad Yunusa says:

    i want to get update of current news 24 hour

  • Makan says:

    She’s great! May God be with them all

  • Maduemezia Joy says:

    Amongst a total number of 600 troops goin to Mali. Only one female!!!! And I keep askin if there wud ever b gender equality in certain professions. Thot the issue of Peace support operation involves both male and female? IQuoting Kofi Annan, “We can no longer afford to minimize or ignore the contributions of women and girls to all stages of conflict resolution… Sustainable peace will not be achieced witout the full and equal participation of women and men” note the word equal participation!!! Thumbs up female soldier!!!

  • Alhaji lamba says:

    May God help dm ameen.

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