Wednesday , 1 April 2015
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Photos: Rapper Olamide Shows Off His Girlfriend

olamide_2Olamide is in love and he is very proud of his new found beauty that he shared her photos with his fans and tagged it “G for ages … PhuckwhatTheySay thugnLoving”.


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  1. If olamide love’s de gal dat his is in love wit. He shud be proud bcos dere is some gals, dat we not agree.

  2. olamide y.b.n.l i love u so much hw things plsss am begging u dnt join bad gangs u nw say na you b d opomulero of ur family nd also am proud of ur girlfriend abeg no leave her 4 someone else.bye have a nice day greet ur girlfriend 4 me

  3. olamide i like u becuse u are the best rapper in nigeria

  4. Egbede Papa One.

    badoo,awa ti kaako,maintain ur get beef with ice prince..luv u.

  5. Am proud of you,you are just the best.may your love last long.amen.badoo

  6. i like ur gurl she is xo 5yn just take gvd care of her…..BADDOO Y.B.N.L. Taka oshi si awon oloribu eda…

  7. Omg.olamide Badoo Wishin 2 Av Ur Num

  8. @ bado I lyk ur nyarinya who go talk say make u no marry her go kaako bi chicken. naso bado lee, I knw u re in luv wit ur booooo no joke

  9. Wat God hs joind let no any man,agent of devil, idiot put asunder, be bless wit ur lovely looking girl by Eva Ely.

  10. badest guy ever livest i luv ur music and i wil advice u nt 2 join dos bad gang

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