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The Untold Story Of Bisi Komolafe’s Mysterious Death: She Died Of Spiritual Attack


The Nigerian entertainment industry was thrown into a mourning mood on Monday, December 31st, 2012 when news broke that popular Yoruba movie star, Bisi Komolafe is dead.

The talented thespian died at the University College Hospital (UCH) in Ibadan.

Findings revealed that Bisi battled with an undisclosed illness that kept her in and out of hospital for more than 3 months.

A close friend of the actress revealed to us that Bisi was a few weeks pregnant before the illness started, and that the pregnancy had to be terminated at the hospital to save her life when her condition got worse.

Further digs by us revealed that her death was as a result of several spiritual attacks she suffered lately.

Before Bisi’s death she was said to have suffered several spiritual attack and was hospitalized for weeks.

Narrating her sickness and how she died a source who prefers to remain anonymous said ”There is no doubt Bisi died of spiritual attack. She complained about several attacks in her sleep and the many nightmares she had.

Some people even threatened her through text messages but because of her nature she didn’t pick fight with anyone.

We actually thought she had gotten over the attack but is so disheartening that she finally lost the battle.” Bisi was a rare gem until her death and she was one lady that family and friends always wanted to be with.

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  1. One love 9ja

  2. May ur soul rest in a perfect peace……wee luv u but JESUS LUV’S U More……



  4. If na ppl kill her so make dem go chop her dead body.i really lose a rare gem in d industry may her gentle soul rest in peace (Amen).

  5. Adekanmbi Victoria

    May ur soul rest in perfect peace….Bisi gudbye ooooo

  6. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace (ki olorun ko ma se iku e ni akufa fun awon osere o)

  7. what a wickend world

  8. may soul rest in peace nothing is not happen without know allah about it destiny can never be change

  9. May her soul rest in peace

  10. Adieu Bisi !

  11. adesola Owojaiye

    May her soul rest in perfect peace!will really miss ur smile.

  12. Olabisi, may ur soul rest in perfect peace. Nd if it iS someone that is behind it, God will expose them nd give them the same treat in jesus name.

  13. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace (amen).

  14. If truly she was killed by pple then those ppl should remain living 4 life. They should not die again. Bisi may ur soul rest in perfect peace. BYE

  15. Adieu bisi.., winners youghrt

  16. May her soul rest in the Lord. Good bye dear.

  17. Bisi, u were a loveable and peaceful person in nature, I wonder Y all these story about spiritual attack. Shame unto person dat can kill & can’t revive! Sunre O.. Olabisi. Didun ni iranti olododo. A waye maku kan kosi, DEATH is inevitable!

  18. May Allah forgive ur shortcomings and comfort ur family

  19. Oluleye Mosebolatan

    What a common tragedy events!in fact,the news was quite appalling but the fall of a dry leaf is a warning to green ones.I pray may God condoles and appease to the bereaved family of deceased.
    I am beseeching ANTP to please embark on fervent fasting and prayers to deprive Death of his regal tyranny that accompanies by pre-mature death among the Nigeria actors and actresses.Thank

  20. May ur soul rest in perfect peace Dear



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    • I was dumbfounded too wen I saw d news o. This is just anoda proof dat we have vry wicked leaders.wat is d connection bw m.phones n farming?

  23. Though I don’t know her, may her soul RIP, and may God grant the family the fortitude to bear the lose, Amen, pls I don’t waNna believe all these stories of spiritual attack, u r only passing d wrong message to d public

  24. R.I.P , May God have mercy upon your soul . God giveth , God taketh .

  25. May her soul rest in peace…..INNA LI LLAHI WAHINA ILEHI ROJIUNA

  26. rest in peace’

  27. Bisi we luv u bt God luv most may ur soul rest peac (amen)

  28. may is jentle soul rest in perfect peace

  29. may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace…..amen..sleep on Bisi.

  30. Awayeku osi gbogbo wa ladagbada iku may ur soul rest in perfect peace.adieu

  31. D saddest tin is” u gone 2 soon Bisi”but we all gonna die coz we bleed from similar veins’ may her soul flow in a siren cottage’goodbye

  32. R.I.P.bisi kolawole

  33. Igi tooto ki n pe ni Igbo. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

  34. May her soul rest in perfefet peace

  35. oluwatobi adelaja

    may ur soul rest in perfect peace will miss u alot . O ma se ooo. Will lost an enro

  36. O mase o kokoro jee ajobi to gbokaka, Bisi Komolafe ur death was very painful, d wicked one did not allow u to get to ur destination. But God knows every thing, may d good lord have mercy nd forgive u ur sin til wil meet to part no more. I wl miss u.

  37. Rest in peace BISI . may you find a good place of God in heaven

  38. may gentle soul rest in peace

  39. May her soul rest in peace,d great nollywood actress.Bisi Komolafe

  40. Bisi, we luv u but God luvs u more. Maybe ur soul rest in perfect peace. If truly ur death is d work of an evil person, may God repay them in thousands folds. God bless her family

  41. Is a pity, this life sha,every moment is a shadow, May ur soul rest in perfect peace…such is life…

  42. olabisi may ur gentle soul rest in peace GOD BYE

  43. Let d killer or killers no die again make dem live still end of d world, dey cn only kill her body bt never to the soul. Rest in peace cutie in d industry

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