Why D’banj and Genevieve Nnaji Broke Up


Some of you think the relationship between D’banj and Genevieve Nnaji was a publicity stunt…it wasn’t! The sexy stars dated off and on between 2009 and early 2012. D’banj recently opened up to Toolz on the Juice about his relationship with Ms Nnaji and said he doesn’t know who dumped who.

Genevieve was a friend…(but now) I haven’t seen her…I don’t know who dumped who.

One could tell for certain that Genevieve did the dumping. Not necessarily because she wanted to, but because she had no choice. There were just too many women around D’banj. It seemed at a point, a lot of women wanted a piece of the Kokomaster, including a close friend of the actress who allegedly began an affair with D’banj behind her back. Genny decided she’d had enough and ended things in late 2011.

Genevieve and D’banj briefly reconciled in early 2012, but ended things for good after D’banj started flaunting his relationship with Ghanian actress, Nadia Buari.

Genevieve and D’banj at P-Square’s birthday in 2010

The relationship which began in late 2009 after the two met at the airport, became public after D’banj granted an exclusive INTERVIEW to Stella Dimoko Korkus in March 2010, expressing his feelings for Miss Nnaji.

D’banj said:

“We have been trying to keep this quiet but yes, I am dating Genevieve Nnaji. I am in love with her. It’s been long I felt this way about anyone. I don’t know what other words to use to qualify my feelings. She’s my baby, she’s my every thing and I love her.”

People in the know claim that it wasn’t only the other women in D’banj’s life that ended their relationship but also because Genny herself was not committed to the relationship. D’banj was said to have been hurt after he heard that Genny had also allegedly dated another popular Nigerian singer.


  • charles johnson says:

    Genevive is by far an older, more experienced gal to date Dbang. If they actually dated then its just the thing abt women when such a famous chap is all over her. But a relationship between these two can never work. @genny needs a very strong, reserved quiet man as a husband. Not a very popular guy like the musician.

  • umezinwa daniel says:

    yes all said and done,if they love each other they will come back togather and reconcile,

  • O.J says:

    E ma se bo se wuyin……

  • oriyomi olaorlu says:

    Dbanj is a fornicator likewise Genevieve…………..so they are meant for each other…………..

  • Emma says:

    Its rare for celebrities relationship to work out. From the onset I just knew that nothin good will come out of the relationship, not even when D’banj featured Genny in his Fall in Love hit song. Genny cannot just compete with those hundreds of gals milling around D’banj. Kudos to Charlse Johnson’s comment.

  • Samuel says:

    The relation between the two celebrities was a mistake. Dbang was not mature enough for Genny. I was very surprised when I first heard of it. Well this should serve as a lesson to Genny that all that glamour is not necessary in life.

  • What Genevieve needs is a rich, responsible and reserved man but yet, not as popular as D.banj nor any other star. Considering her age and maturity!!

  • Prince Godwin says:

    Genny is a nice gal,d’banj go on with her if you really loves her…GOODLUCK

  • beckie says:

    Celebrities emotion can be confusing @ times buh u need 2 be mature enof 2 handle it for u not 2 get confused

  • adeniyi says:

    D man nd Genny are beautiful couples and they are goin 2 av beautiful children, so my advice is dey shuld try come back 2gether.

  • ngoziken says:

    They are two matured adult and they should know what they want. If they believe its not working out for them, they should part ways its still early.

  • nnamdi says:

    I think Genevieve should find someone older and more matured. D’banj is just young for her especially in our present naija. The case is like when tonto was dating wizkid. All these are just mere publicity stunts. Celebrities never date themselves successfully. It is hard to see such.

  • Charles says:

    Their egos are too big, probably got in the way of the relationship.

  • Abolore says:

    Is not a big deal if Dbang said he is in love wit her, age is noting joor bur Genevieve is not read to settle wif any man das it

  • Chinedu oduh says:

    Love is blind but their love is nt blind.first nnaji is not committed and d banj is womanizer that is it.let just discuss much more better than this abeg.they are not longer akid any more

  • Bashow says:

    It is the habit of every celebrity 2 go after women, after going 2ru dem dey dump dem n that d reward of doz who money is dey put in dia mind first interms of dia relationship. I believe if D banj is a polper she wunt hav date him

  • isah hassan says:

    hmmmmm really,the thing is that if their still luv each other,their would be back

  • Kelly says:

    Why should Genny date D’banj who is too young to be her son. Genny fuck up with this guy.all in d name of stardom. Ndo.

  • nnamdi says:

    na theirway……them fit hem sf. the say bird of thesame wind flys togetheir

  • umokechima says:

    D’banj u made a mistake 2moro go nd date ur mother ur hear nt Genevieve.

  • SirEddygreat Ogiemwonyi says:

    they r nt both serious at all. This is Lust for both of them and never Love. I pray God will help them both in thier Love Life.

  • Julie says:

    Love is blind..,genny i lov u.

  • sandra says:

    if they were ment for each other, definitly, they must get back together, whether celebrity or not.
    Who said dt jenny is older dan d’banj?i disagree, is d’banj not up to 30? Is he not old enough to marry? What so eva d case may be,d two are mature, good looking and stars, what about nadia, is she not older too? So mind what u say, jenny is still young, pretty and sexy @ 50 she will still look youngeer dan most of u dt tot u are younger, even d’banj himself.

  • Da Bishop says:

    She is my dream woman, my heart desire, if only God can answer my prayers. I love her so so much, do any body av a link of her? Pls poke me

  • blessed says:

    Don’t know who dump who is always a big mistake in relationship. Dis two makes a kul couple av a rethink Dbanj av get ur woman bak.

  • peter says:

    Genny 4get about Dbanj am ready for marriage and if u re then what are u waiting for?babe pls am not trying to insult u but am dead serious dis is my number 08036820864 ring me i will be willing to answer u anytime of the day.

  • francis udoh says:

    dbanj or genevive what did u gain in fornicating in dis life. At the end u all sold ur self to the devil.i want u 2 stop enjoying ur life.with difference men & women.pray 2 God ask him 2 give u dbanj a woman of ur own if she is frm poor family.settle down with her make dem rich and u will enjoy her so dat ur heavenly father will bless you.And you genevive get a man even he is poor make him rich and settle down with him and u will enjoy so dat ur maker who is our almighty God Will bless you.1st CORITHIANS 7 vs1 to 39. 2rd CoRITHIANS 6 vs16 to 18. God bless you as you read. Remain bless. 07060785504.

  • c gem says:

    @ francis i gues u are rite, Neva mind ppl of d’ world dey will only say wat cums out of their unclean tongue. Age is only a noba n i dnt c any big deal inside of it,only God have d’ final say. So plz pals do not judge.

  • Bsaddiq says:

    Das hw celebrity lyf is, de start gud & ended bad, poor ur genevieve and kokomaster

  • Hell says:

    Why are you all glorifying fornicators. They are coming to hell anyway. hahhahahhahah

  • Sedulous says:

    God knws best for both of them.
    May God hav mercy on dem 4dia stylish way of fornicating, callin it datin.
    More over.. God stil loves dem. Cos, we re stil vry precious 2 God!!!

  • Emmasco says:

    What ooze from a relationship between two celebrity. Never last, sure to break and sure to part. Is good they realise it in time… Not too late hmmm… The both made the right decision…

  • iruka says:

    .Who said genny is older than dbanj is he a baby? She needs a lot of endurance to keep up with dbanj . Love is a beautiful thing as he said, if they are in love they should make up.

  • Sucrefemi says:

    One tin abt celebrity union is dat they neva love each other. All they wnt is 2 be associated wit a star. They all live a fake life. Poor them.

  • Adedipe says:

    The news came so late to my expectation about the two’s

  • Celebrities relationships is always for something. If not for self satisfaction, i might be a means of connection to get something else. Besides, there’s no way d relationship can work cos D’banj is hot, Genny is hot too so who gonna be cool. (break up says it all)

  • Ruth says:

    Hi jenny Nor tin do U̶̲̥̅̊ dearie

  • Honey says:

    Jenny, all i no is that u deserve happiness……… God in his mercy will see u through………

  • osibabe says:

    genevive is my gal,i wil advice u to take care of urself and wait 4 d rite man.and u must always commit relationship to God b4 jumpin into it.d’banji weldone ooo u arn’t ready 4 relationship u stil want to enjoy ur life.u jst wastin ur time.u beta go and settle down

  • nike says:

    genevive weldone you just have to wait for the right person, and remember God will see you through

  • Janet says:

    Jenny is my gal i will advice u to take care of urself and wait 4 de rite man, and u must always commit relationship to God b4 jumpin into it. God still love u Jenny cos, u are still vry precious 2 God. Jenny i love u.

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  • Coco,jenny is great n a parfect match,surmon courage,go back n reconsile wit her, i bet u’ll scarcely fynd dat one who posesses her character go n try there re plenty of em,finito.

  • D’banj! bt y nah? anyway dn’t wanna tak it personally

  • Anthony says:

    Genny z nw 48 while kokomaster z 37

  • Jenny Jimmy says:

    I like u jenny. Pls live ur life to d fullest witout dis kokomaster. Okay

  • charlie says:

    u guys i will always support u luv is not about age it is about giving ur heart to someone the devil is tryn to come in between ur love i surely want u to be together untill death do u part just take a limb of faith and shame the devil and d banj ask her out on a date plez luv and forgive each other god bless u guyz in ur merrage

  • GENTLE BRIZ says:


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