Yvonne Nelson And Iyanya Back Together?

Iyanya and Yvonne

When news about Iyanya breaking up with Yvonne Nelson and hooking up with Tonto Dike became viral, the kukere crooner took his time before he came out to say words that could break a woman’s heart, especially when she’s ‘so in love’. Iyanya said he was friends with both Yvonne and Nelson and made news of a relationship look so strange and untrue.

Now, sources close to the couple have revealed that they are back together and seriously working on their relationship. Iyanya was in Ghana over the holidays, and Yvonne who never stopped confessing his undying love for Iyanya made good use of the holiday to have a heart to heart talk with ‘the man of her dreams’. Their discussion seemed fruitful as the Ghanaian actress was later seen dropping Iyanya off at the airport in her car.

Iyanya and Yvonne started dating in July 2012 but ended their relationship in November after Yvonne accused the Kukere crooner of cheating on her with another actress.

“They are talking on the phone everyday but things are not entirely in place as Yvonne’s friends are advising her not to go back to him because of how much he hurt her the last time” Linda Ikeji quoted a source as saying. She added what laid credence in a way to what the sources hinted; “Iyanya currently has Yvonne Nelson’s photo as his display picture on his BB”.

Iyanya’s fans should be glad to hear this. Did you read their comments on how wise it was for Iyanya to drop Yvonne for Tonto when everyone thought he did? If you did, you’d know they so want Yvonne and Iyanya together.


  • ceejay says:

    This calabar man, u are beginning to act like a he-goat….Using and dumping women d way it pleases u

  • iyanya what are u feeling like,a superstar right?nobody dey send u here,how would u leave yvonne becos of dat pig tonto,u are making a huge mistake.

  • Splendor says:

    Wat iz dis guy fealing lyk? Yvonne is kul, nd he should nt toy wit har. Is he a learner? TONTO leave dem alone o..

  • Mackay uche says:

    Iyanya.. All i hav 2 say is that u made a big mistake for droping nelson for stupid tonto dike

  • Rushina says:

    Gues its a game plan…he dumpd vyone 4 tonto nd dats hw he may dump tonto 4 sum1 else…b kaeful wt dat guy @tonto nd as 4 vyone,try nd mv on cuz no guy is wat dyin 4…

  • Nature says:

    Dis fortunate Calabar man(Iyanya)make sure u dont play with dat baby(yvonne Nelson) again.

  • Iyanya wey dn chew banga 4 villa tire God cum pity am hlp am gv am moni,nai fwesh babes dy die 4,,,babes abeg make ona leave dat guy na pig hm b,,,na 1 bedroom hut him dy live inside b4.

  • Maudenn says:

    Hey guys,
    why y’all mad cos tha Kukere crooner decided to do what pleases him.
    Y’all needa first of all imaging your feet in his shoes,
    and then ponder how your step woulda,
    coulda or shoulda been.

    if he dumps her truly just to start something wit Tonto,
    he might later dump Tonto for another girl.
    So why worrying bout somebody’s issues when you got yours?

    And lest i forget,
    am having a crush on Yvonne,
    so he dumping her might be God making a way for me.
    Don’t ask me when or how I’ll do it,
    just watch.

    Am outta here!!!

  • entity says:

    TONTO i luv u ur ar beautyful go nd settle down dear.

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