Saturday , 16 December 2017

Breaking News: Goldie (Susan Harvey) Is Dead

Oluwabimpe-Susan-Harvey-a.k.a-GoldieGoldie, the popular Nigerian singer and BBA house mate is dead. The singer who just got back from the US died today at Reddington hospital.

According to the popular blogger, Linda Ikeji:

I’m in shock. Just got a call from her best friend and my close friend, Denrele Edun. He told me Goldie died a few minutes ago in his arms at Reddington Hospital in Victoria Island. Goldie just came back from the US today he said, and was so full of life, then something went tragically wrong. Will get all the details from him in a bit, he was crying so much and had to switch off his phone. I’m shaking so bad. She and I had a conversation a few days ago while she was in the US. Oh dear Lord. Is this how people die? May her soul rest in peace..Amen.


More details soon, May her soul rest in peace.

Update: This has been confirmed by her management on Facebook and Twittergoldie is dead lindaikejiblog


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  1. men nigeria should look for their problem this dead thing is getting out off hand that’s wat I have tosay love u golde.

  2. May ha soul rest in d bossom of d lord.R.i.p gel.

  3. @CHRISTOPHER nah Moto jam her!
    person die u say wetin kill am!

  4. Chai wat iş dis hoo god just return from united state and dead no no no dis is unpleasant goldey bye till we meet again goldie u can’t see d end of dis yeah val rest in peace

  5. R.i.p

  6. I can’t believe this I was jst watching d pix she took in USA in dis grammy award dat jst past only for me to b receiving dis shocking news may ur gentle soul rest in peace God knws d best

  7. Is only god can help us

  8. Ehhh!God pls ooo,is dis how ppl jst die?d last I read of her was her reality show wt denrele edun!shooo!!!dis is sad o.RIP Goldie

  9. Ooh no! but why?

  10. Wht a lost!

  11. So its true? So so sad and why so soon? RIP Goldie.

  12. Goldie why, so sad, but dis can’t be tru

  13. May soul rest I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ perfect peace

  14. may ur soul rest in the bossom of the Lord.

  15. Fool is dead.Thank God

  16. Davis Rahmadan Adeiza

    RIP Dear!

  17. wat kind of calamity is dis, i cant stop my tears cus it realy sad

  18. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

  19. @ Ajiboy-meaning what,let him dat rejoice over the evil upon his fellow be prepare for his own day of matter her sin u have no right to rejoice over her death,except u are a demon?

  20. I cnt believe dis.l just saw her at d Grammy award at Staples Centre a couple of days ago.Wat a world!

  21. Godie may God forgive u and give u rest of mind, we love u but God love u more than us. May your soul rest in peace. Amen


    jst can’t believe dis

  23. cnt slp since ysta9te,stil cnt blv d news of her death,ha! God,dz z too sad,too tragic,…God plz grant her solace…goldie,R.I.P til we mit 2 part no more.

  24. I pray my merciful GOD consideR d wound of JESUS before judging her, BABA pls luk at her with YOUR eyes of mercy. Rest in peace deary n may GOD rest ur soul

  25. Eternity is closer than we think. So, prepare to meet thy HOLY God.

  26. Safe journey : Goldie

  27. Dis is very unfortunate n tooo soonnn..

    Hop she didnt sell her soul to d devil…

    Just came bak frm Grammy award n just
    Past outttttt,,, scarrrryy

    Goldie,,,May u find peace in God’s Bossomm

  28. ewe ooo, chai my love is gone ,what a wicked world .a person i saw a few months ago before she travel to United State, may her soul R.I.P till we me mit.

  29. R.i.p dearie,may God grant ur gentle soul peace

  30. I cant believe this it cant be true.

  31. unbelievable, is goldie dead? i cnt belief dis is hw pple die.

  32. So sad 2 hear dis may her soul rest in peace amen.

  33. May her soul rest in peace. God pls have mercy on her.

  34. Before u quickly add ”till we meet” be very sure u reali want tu meet her o.. Cuz ah feel so sorry for her… Bt then, the Word says ”Wen the wicked perish der are shouts of joy”… She’s one of d many reasons we behav d way we do… Reali bad influence on Niqerian qurls n conversely younq men too. May God help us to number our days cuz dz sorrow u express shud reali tell u wat ure tastebuds hav bn sensitiv tu al ds while.. To be at par with d world is enmity with God.. U just cant like this qurl.

  35. this is unbeliveable nawah ooo! RIP

  36. “Wat shall it profit a man if he gains de whole world nd Loses his soul.” i pray she was in a gud relationship wit God b4 she past on

  37. May ur soul rest in peace. Ajiboy or wat eva u cal urself, rememba dat u wl also die one day, who ar u 2 judge her, ar u a saint?

  38. I dont know her or her song but read abt hw indecently she dresses. I pray she was in a good r/ship wit God b4 her death. RIP.

  39. i loved goldie RESTIN PEACE.

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