Saturday , 23 September 2017

Did Kim Kardashian Really Tweet: ‘Nigeria is Disgusting — their Women look like Apes’?


NewsRescue- US reality show, and P0*n movie star, Kim Kardashian reportedly tweeted about her recent visit to Nigeria that

“Nigeria is such a disgusting country. I couldn’t wait to leave. lol Scott said their women look like apes, and I agree.”

Kim was invited to Nigeria and supposedly paid $500,000 by a Nigerian publicity freak, Darey Art Alade for a valentine show.

The US based actress spent barely 20 minutes at the event before jetting back to the United States via the next available Air France flight. Dare has come under tremendous abuse from Nigerians on social media for inviting the pregnant publicity hound, Kim to Nigeria.

Kim K

The tweet does not appear on her timeline at present and may be Photoshopped, but Nigerian tweeters are abuzz with the story, regardless of its authenticity. It’s apparently not what they would not expect.


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  1. She must be a stupid bastard to have made such comment, she should have look at her self very well before making such comment against nig girls.

  2. So funny, what an absurd thing talking. Is better I’ve an ape as a wife to a slot

  3. Nigeria too foolish na, they pack money gv am. Hw she no go abuse them…….!

    If indeed she said that, i dont blame her but d publicity freak (DARE) that brought her here.
    Till now, i still need some1 2 convince me, d value she added 2 d show.

  5. Of course don’t Blame her, blame Darey Alade Arts and like other fools who don’t like appreciating what they have. Imagine a PO*N movie Star calling my Angels Ape. Well some Nigerians Deserve that kind of Ill treatment. It just made me Hate Darey Alade. Am sure they wouldn’t have paid any Nigerian that amount.

  6. Kim is stupid to say such comment, where was she when a nigerian girl won the miss world contest.. That urgly and disgusting thing called her self a movie star

  7. OMG. its not her fault, she was paid to com n insult us, if dat money was given to d orphanages it wuld hav generated a whole lot of blessins to him. By d way, is west not a dark guy? Am so sorry 4 West

  8. If i hear, i swear my grandma is 5times more beautiful dan u are. See how u white like ghost P0*n start.

  9. Imagine Kim!*winks* I dnt blame her. Wen we dnt value wat we hav, abuse is inevitable. We’ve got beta persns than Kim who cld do wateva Kim thought she [email protected] show cos personally, I neva saw wat she did dt’s remarkable bt then, we choose her ova us cos she’s an alien. God help us Nigerians

  10. I hate her and i hate the one that invited her here in Nigeria.

  11. don’t be convince and don’t be discourage my wifes, my women, mothers that stupid america don’t want africa and other continent to appreciate theirselves but convince so that they can be on top of the flag so my women, my lady if you are not world beauty but you are my africa queen. She and the invitee are very stupid.

    • She can’t live without surgery, artificial human being, fake b**bs, fake boot, fake nose, fake lifestyle. Atleast we are natural people. Being ape is better than being a P0*n star. Shame to d Ape dat invited d P0*n star. Thank God she has a little black ape inside her and a loving Ape as a hubby. More Love Nija.

  12. Please could some tell me why we call Kim a celebrity cause to me she just a normal lady who is struggling for fame and decides to do a life show and the worst to me she is so so ugly and need no national focus at least when she came to Nigeria she saw that our ladies were not flirts like here…

  13. Whatever that idiot say about the Nigerian ladies, she is welcome. The fault is not from her but the person that prefer her above our artists and charming ladies.

  14. i swear i dont blam ha but i blame dat son of a bitch(Dare Alade) dat invited such a prostitude and a second hand waste product to dis beautiful country call nigeria to insult our girls woe to her(kim kadarshian)

  15. kanye must be an handsome ape then..

  16. Kadasian is such a stinking whore a monster and a prostitute. A shapeless organism like amoeba infact she is no way to be compare with amoeba. It is beta I mary an apes than to mary a slot like her idiot stupid bitch.

  17. ASHAWO kim kom kal our ladies apes,mek she luk haself twice o,She dey craze! Ashawo pig

  18. Kim Kardishian,her family and country are public stinking dogs!!! Who is she to abuse Nigeria? That God-forsaken white-pig!!! That stinking and cheap p*ssy!!!

  19. Insha allah!kim wil definitely give birth to” ape”and for darey art alalde,u can see what a p*ssy awker said to my beautiful ladies.what dignity does dis P0*n star add to ur val show?any way for u nt to value what u av dis what u deserve in returne frm a lady u gave 500, beautiful queens tell kim dat black is beauty if black is nt beauty,agbani wil nt emerge as miss world.

  20. what a shallow thinker!
    It aint ur fault if not for d idiot *dare*

  21. if ki is saying that u all Nigerian people r responsible , why u called her on ur land ? U hav d people and celebrity anmd ur culture is so reach , but ur problem is that u always consider white or Brown person as de r superiroir to u . U always r living in iferiority complex . Why u r not establishing ur self with high standard set by ur valuable culture ?

  22. What is so important about her,poupler actors an actress have been here a lesson to africa idibia has done his own

  23. insulting other women to gain popularity is undastandable,but you followed a black ape y? to africa to appreciate abi and u are heavily pregnant for black ape too,can i s*x u 2.

  24. Nwabundo Emmanuel

    it is a waste of time to pay attention to a P0*n star that knows nothing about humanity

  25. if black isn’t beauty y is she dyin to be wit k. West. n she’s also goin to give birth to an ape jst lyk d one’s she abused.

  26. Steve sunny bruce

    “to whom brain is given, common sense is expected” … I think she’s got a china brain. Beautiful 9ja pple don’t mind dat slut wit an Asian brain. She missed 1 of 10 times a day pill & her brain never booted properly so dats jst the miss kickin.

  27. Well true small. Most of them. There are also apes in america.But she has no right to say that.

  28. Ezinne Onosirike

    To my naija ladies, lets keep our heads up high! It is only when you are important that people will talk about you! As for that buffalo, your life needs divine intervention fast!

  29. A prostitute, illitrate, white pig, a P0*n actress, ur nt a star, stars are role models who cn impact meaninful values to someone. If kim is only woman on earth for me to marry i wil b a gay. Where ws kim wen Agbani bcame d world must beautiful girl on earth.

  30. Pls dnt abuse her… All d blame should go to DAREY ART ALADE…. I guess his wife is a slot too… He merely decided to invite a colleague of his wife… We all know dat OUR NAIJA LADIES ARE SWTLY PRETTY AND ROMANTIC… Excluding DAREY ALADE’s wife of course

  31. If Kim kardashian is d only girl on earth for me to marry, i will be a gay. I cnt hv a white pig as a wife. Infact a prostitute.

  32. Am short of word but my country is the place to ever be.

  33. Even b4 dis hapnd,av alweiz told pple dt kim,chloe & dier mum are ugly bitches,now coupled wif d fact dt she is wif anoda ugly nigga,kanye,am wondering hw irritating and disgusting dier offspring is gonna be.Anyweiz,I don’t blame her,I blame d idiot dt brought ha down.

  34. nawa hw far nau..

  35. She reminds me of my chinese frend “ug lee”…..kanye ma na mumu, hw he go marry p*ssy wer don slack…mtcheeeeeeew

  36. Dare didnt brot Kim to insult our wives. She is a foolish girl, his her man K.west dats really looks like APE. Nt my pretty nig women. She is a wife to an Ape K.west…. . Who dose she tink she is, i value my nokia touch phone mor dan kim. Even if kim unclad bfr me my cock wil nt mve.

  37. U should ask how d contact came about? Why did he contact her? Birds of a feather flocks togeda. That man has had somtin to do with her b4 bringing her to nigeria, its well, thank God nigeria got culture that’s strictly adhered to. No need to insult her, her profession insult her already. Let’s value what we have ,never u look down on what ur own can offer you, 4 a prophet is not known in his own house.

  38. Wah nonsense…!!a P0*n star that looks like a ghost..ah can bet dah she just dont wanna accept the fact that she saw the beauty that was beyound her imagination..and she felt jealous over it…so she had no ohter option than to insult us..ah dont blame her ah blame Alade for inviting her…Alade u’r a BIG fool!!

  39. Kim u are very stupid million time, fresh idiot wide animal ashawo even god regret of creating u on earth idiot waste product u way everybody inthe world have see ur vigina expose dirty tins mumu urgly lady gorilla.

  40. Pls how can that so called kim hear all of our comments? Pls let her know, jst bcos she is white, doesn’t mean she is beautifull. We will always proud to b nigerians. We nigerians hav behaviour, that we didn’t mock abt others, we use our class…. I think u that don’t hav behaviour nd class, shuld continue mocking at others.

  41. hey hey hey! i’m familiar with Photoshop and believe me, this pic has PhotoShop written all over it, it was certainly doctored. kim is not that stupid to tweet such, she knows it will badly damage if not end her career, cos calling our girls apes is tantamount tocalling every black lady apes…personally i don’t admire her for any reason but shez not a simpleton!

  42. what i fail to understand is why this demons in semi human form are still allowed to step foot on our soil.
    i’d neva appreciate them coz they are simply ANNOYING!

  43. I dont see anything to worry myself in this for cause the person we are talking about is not wolthy to be my house help cause she is a whore, unpopular, trying to be famous at all cost but stil nobody like her as a human but as a slut slacked shit.

  44. Kim means krazy idiot monster. Or have u not read de story? Look at her b00b, so big like her village mountain. What a shapeless being De next tym she comes here, boko haram will catch up with her.

  45. U 4ckin whore slut ape moda 4ckin P0*n bitch a*s bastard,ur mama is an ape ur whole generatn re apes u 4ckin bitch

  46. We cant blame her… Na Stupid, Foolish bastard Darey Art Alade…


    If they looks like Apes, Hw does ur MAMA looks like.

  48. Na thunder go fire her mouth! Whore!!!
    dare God go punish you oooo!

  49. Dare is a fool. Simple. Why in the first place did he bring that protitute to Nigeria? To encourage Nigerian girls to make P0*n videos or what. Has Dare ever sponsored a local show where he spend $500,000 shared among about 10 Nigerian artists?

  50. if u come in movie i watch alot of them in music
    videos alot of them,but i haven’t seen her in any
    then who is she,maybe P0*n star,i don’t watch that
    and don’t give a shit about she is no body she just
    a charf i mean kim pig

  51. Hmmm,blame it on hm,nt ha..wl jst hv 2pray 4ha,4 she nt no wat she said! Said silence is d bst ansa 2a F…..!

  52. Ifeanyichukwu Okeke

    May God’ve mercy on her!

  53. This THING look more like a CHIMPANZEE. She’s DOGGY…lol

  54. Well, she didn’t say much as far as I’m concern. She meant Dare Art Alade’s wife & family. If not so, she must av wondered y Alade would av paid so much for an intercontinental ashawo… So she wasn’t reffering to our beautiful Nubias.

  55. chioma rita onwe

    kim,kim,kim how many times did i call can u say such tins abt nigerian ladies,ve u gone not?i prophesy to u dat, dat tin in ur belly will also be an ape,and if u try any sugery,on dat baby,u will meet ur waterloo.

  56. Kim u r vry stupid, u wer be ashawo wer no get level na ur mama be ape u sef wetin u resemble. U dey lyk rabbit wer fall enter groundnut oil. Mumu ur father.

  57. Kim if you are tweeting right now! i want you to read from me am a nigeria woman. You are very STPUID, I SAY YOU ARE VERY STUPID, Who is thee Apes now ‘Nigeria women or you? Bitch

  58. I really don’t blame her, if one of Nigerias most respected arte (though he has lost such from me) could bring a SLUT to a show, I wonder what he is trying to preach. and for the SLUT let her go and be with het . devil minded freaks.

  59. Kim if you are tweeting right now! i want you to read from me am a nigeria woman. You are very STUPID, I SAY YOU ARE VERY STUPID, Who are the Apes now ‘Nigeria women or you? Bitch Ahsawo kobo kobo!

  60. Its very easy how ppl say things..wont insult u..but it all boils down to d fact dat even u are an ape we r all ape’s in our different ways….beauty is in d eye of d beholder..u r beautiful..every one is…learn to think before u talk..u never knw d kind of child u will giv birth to…

  61. If Nigerian girls are apes,,,then who are you???…i hate someone that will come to our dear country Nigeria to insult us…kim kardashian,,,go to hell with your beauty..,we don’t need you any more in Nigeria..!

  62. Just that I have time to put this down if not, how would I be wasting my precious time talking about Kim, a harlot and bastard. A f**king machine and public rag for cleaning man-hood.

  63. kim u knw i don’t really blame u ok,i think i will blame that foolish lunatic that invited u to our lovely country,u came to our country nd say our women look like Apes,anyways i hv to start by saying i’m a girl ok, nd i’m a nigeria girl frm a decent home, on like u nd ur useless family ur mom is a prostitute like u,i wonder wht that useless one call Dare saw in u,nd he actually paid u to insult us,u are a bastard u nd ur hopeless family pretenders,i’m proud of my country nd i’m also proud of our women is better to be a Nigeria woman,than to be an american public dog like u,i hope u get to read this u low life,hopeless hypocite,bastard nd a prostitute.

  64. i dont blame her but d stupid Alade who have no respect for his culture and bring dat useless Asewo to Nigeria. it is a big insult to our personality for such primate stupid pitch to be given visa to Nigeria, a land of beauty. i think this should be a lesson to us especially our ladies who have lost their identity to adopt a stupid, immoral and unacceptable life sty of western apes. let be proud of ourselves and our culture we are d best.

  65. Number one slut in the world working wit out pants that’s shows how bad girl she is

  66. She was inpregnated by an ape and she will give birth to an ape, hopeless whore. NIGERIAN QUEENS are the best!

  67. She looks like abino ape

  68. please my people it is not true she her self said she never tweeted something like that. she clarified that it is a fake tweet. plz check your sources

  69. Whatever, she’ll still remain dat publicized unclad bitch … Atleast d Nigeria woman is well clothed… I pity Kanye… Dare-art, u kip doin ur tin. … Afteral Bill clinton, Nas, 50 cent still appreciate d oppurtunity

  70. Imagine a bitch talking carelessly she gotta get it hot whenever she wanted to get something 4rm a black man..mother f**ker

  71. Dare alade had learnt his lesson,no be money he wnt? See am he don tru wey $500,000 for notyn una tyk say he no dey regret am? Alade use ur head well well ur mama no born u make u go dey bring white pig to call her,ur wife and sis. Ugly names! U be MUMU big one for dat mata. Notyn concern wit dat white pig of a person na u i go talk to alade!

  72. Shes m
    ad.hw dose india luk lik

  73. Hmmmmm….kardashian girl….if we are “apes”…at least we are natural…nd beta dan u wit all those plastic surgery shit u often do all in d name of getn pretty…nt any fault of urz cus we paid 4d insult …!!!

  74. We r pple of culture,n we value dem,bt d bastard will evaly remain bastard,dis is inevitable wen u choose western culture ahead ur culture.A dirty white pig opening her filthy mouth,insultn my woman,Dare,u’re damn fool!

  75. Im not supprised kim, because even in ur reality show, u show no respect 2 d person dah brings u in2 this world nt 2 talk f other pple.

  76. how wil darey invite a pregnant pig to Nigeria for roughly 80 million naira to spend 20 minutes in a show. It is very shameful and sad to hear that.

  77. she b ash if nj true tori b dis


  79. guys don’t blame her na,u should blame dat over pamper freak /darey/ 4 wastin such reasonable resources in bringing her 2 our bloveth country.she’s not even prettynonsens

  80. Can’t u guys see d pic above, Kim has more dan d no of followers in d tweet, and it is nt even on her timeline, dis same pple causing her wld d☺ anything to be @ d concert. Cross check b4 replying. Na wa for una Info nigeria just wan get traffic abi?

  81. A harlot like her can call Nigeria girls apes, i dnt blame her but the empty vessel dare who invite such a dumbaby freak to Naija. dare is a cowarddddddddd

  82. This fool with a PhD degree in prostitution has the audasity to insult nigerian women with her Godforsaking mouth.

  83. Kim d idiot fellow=hu is she*dare alade d stupid man¤it would ave bn beta if u had burn d money:-)crazy,urgly n cheap kim

  84. dare you are man ashawo

  85. I wld rada have an ape for a wife dan a slut ĿĪҠƐ hë®….naturally i dnt blame hë®…i blame d monkey who invited hë®…and paid hë® to diSvirgin our moral beliefs



  88. I blame everyone that worship this so called celebrity. They cough it is reported, they wet their pants it is all over the news.
    Of course Dare brought t upon himself and Kim because our ladies are by far in class. And don’t have her time.
    Jesus loves you Kim, come to her and have rest from fake things. Take up reality for real and not otherwise.

  89. I agree. Our girls are ugly and are freaks.

  90. I LOVE KIM!

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