Thursday , 17 August 2017

Pastor Wole Oladiyun Warns Against Oral S*x , Says It Damages Glory

Pastor Wole Oladiyun
Pastor Wole Oladiyun

The Senior Pastor of Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry, CLAM, Omole, Lagos Pastor Wole Oladiyun has been quoted as saying people who indulge in oral s*x are damaging their glory.

“Homosexualism, lesbianism, beslialism and inc*st will disfigure your glory. God hates them. Prostitution, adultery and fornication will grieve a glorious destiny. May I equally add that men and women sucking their private parts are damaging their glories. Demonic partners have done a lot of havoc through this act. Honestly, it is simply unhygienic and dirty.”

The Pastor is right. Or what do you think?

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  1. The pastor can suck it

  2. A man can suck his wife & vice versa, the man has a limited understanding on s*xual matters, he shd concentrate on preaching heaving & leave dis 2 d experts 2 avoid misleading pple.

  3. Where e dey for bible,opinions re different frm scriptural sightings o.

  4. D whole story is meaningless! And i see no reason y if am married to a woman i love and i cant do any tin wit her,is not a sin so far am married to her and she enjoys me sucking her. And mind u Sir if u are married and u are not giving ur wife d best of s*x u av sinned against God

  5. Pls stop misleading people b4 u break dea homes

  6. D pastor s ryt only those practicing it wll condrem d pastor. U should no d diff. Btwen religion and ur heart desire. Pastor u r ryt hope de will listen.

  7. pastor may God bless u 4 dis truth. am hapi pple lyk u ar stil preaching.

  8. I am strongly in support of d fact dat once u re married, do anytn 2 satisfy ur partner sexually. I don’t support same s*x relationship, or bestiality. Bt oral s*x n d likes bw married ppl is dia decision to mak. Abi doz d bible condemn dat too?

  9. We ra all here to learn

  10. Well, I bliv d pastor is right bt I pray God 2giv Us better understanding so dat we can knw dat which is right & acceptable b4 Him. Cos most time those things we think r right r nt

  11. If I may ask ooo, is it bcos it is dirty or its not good bcos its a sin? Bcos I think u can do anything with ur ”WIFE” as long as there is MUTUAL agreement beween both.

  12. dau agah jimmy m.l ekene jnr

    pastor, Almighty God will always abid with you for saying the truth, God Bless You In Jesus Name Amen.

  13. Am not in support of lesbianism,prostitution,adultery,fornication and the likes. But sucking your wife cli**ris and her p*ssy is never a sin. If it a sin , then sucking of br**sts is also a sin.

  14. As many as are lead by the Spirit of God(the creator of s*x and family things) are justified, but in the context of marriage.

  15. my only concern is dat he did nt cite ant Bible reference.

  16. Well, well, well! chest sucking must be a sin too. Fellas, your children are entitle to your wive’s chest oooooo. GBAM!

  17. The funniest tin i found in life is wen people hear d trut insteat dey wil cry 4 mercy dey wil kick against it.

  18. PASTOR u’re verymuch right let d obstinate ones alone, concentrate on true word of GOD u’re preching. dey’ll knw d truth in heaven wen its too late

  19. Oral s*x is dirty…U must just not do things simple bcox iz a sin,bt rada d consequence of such actionz..

  20. As far as am concern s*x is s*x be it oral or other wise provided u are both married and u enjoy it after all s*x is design to keep a marriage.

    • Pastor May God bless are so is debasing,unhygienic and might even suffer from diahoerria,becos lots of germs and infections originaye from their.i think their are better and more fulfilling ways of satisfying your spouse.

  21. Pls Pastor is it in the bible? Pls i need to know so as to quit the act, i mean oral s.x.

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