Why I Donated N1.8bn To President Jonathan’s Hometown Church – Prince Arthur Eze

16Multi-Billionaire businessman, Arthur Eze has dismissed the controversy trailing the presidential pardon granted former governor of Bayelsa state, Dipreye Alamieyeseigha and others saying President Jonathan it was an “advice from God.”

Eze, while speaking with state House correspondents at the Presidential Villa, said, “What Jonathan did is what a man who fears God will do. If I have an opportunity as president of Nigeria I will do the same. All of us are human beings. What he did was correct. We are not fighting war. Jonathan took advice from God. God has told him to show mercy. The bible says blessed are those that are merciful for they shall see God”.

On his donation of over N1billion to a church in the president’s Village, Prince Arthur Eze who is the Chairman of Atlas Oranto Petroleum International Limited said, “God gave me the money to contribute to the church. The money is not meant for Jonathan to put in his pocket. We are thinking of thanking God for what he has done for Otuoke. It was abandoned for many years.

“They had no water, no electricity until when God brought Jonathan to change that place. Let the people have a place to worship God. Those criticizing me are confused people” he said.


  • Tony says:

    Arthur Eze, is a confused man, Jonathan is not Abacha, so there is no way for you, use the money to pay people that you owe, you are the cause of my fathers death in 1997, after you didn’t pay for the electrical contract, for Trias then.

    • victor says:

      Mr,you can always approach Arthur Eze,if all these you’re saying are truth.
      Arthur gives millions of dollars to even non-nigerians who did not work for him,how much more if you did?
      Atleast,I know of an american man,Al Espencer,that he gave $19million just helping him in Wisconsin,USA,there are many instances like that,example:#820million to unizik,#1billion to presidential committe on flood relief,#500million anambra security trust fund,#250million imo state govt endowment fund,#250million pdp national body,many billions. Shared to individuals and other worthy causes,like two organs to good shephard anglican church independent layout enugu and saint mary ukpo,worth #120million naira,#200million naira to ukpo community in the last ofala for the anglican and catholic churches renovation there.
      Let me just stop here.

  • Abiola says:

    @ Tony, are u serious about this ur comment. If yes then I think its really unfortunate dat we’ve someone like Jonathan has our president cos of our blindfolded sentiment. I attributed it to Jonathan cos of d saying dat ‘birds of d same feather flock together’ and ‘show me ur frnd n I’ll know who u r’. All d people u see arnd Jonathan r worthless people who made cold blood money starting from his widow. May God repay d killer of your father.

  • Lanre says:

    Another sycophant. Hw much impact has he made on his people back home

  • Odogwu Chinonye Caesar Anulumadu says:

    Arthur Eze is my man. Ihe obula omere so na ihe ana eme. Sail thee on my fellow high chief.

  • james says:

    They r bird of same fethers florp 2gether,my broda leave dem in d hands of God

  • Bnj enya says:

    Nigerian big men do only investe where they can be paid back with contract and etc

  • TOU says:

    why is he explaining, who asked him? had he been telling the nation of all his investment decision? shit!

  • Moss-b says:

    God where are u? Our leaders have destroyed dis country. God pls come down fast n destroy d world, its them dat hav a lot 2 loose. Let their accumulated wealth be a waste.

  • extraordinary rich says:

    its clear that he is doing it for hie self aggrandizement,giving church 1 billion is stupidity a country where 60 percent of the youth are unemployed why cant you build a company and help your fellow citizen if you where mr president you will forgive birds of the same feather make i hear word


  • victor says:

    You’re really foolish, Arthur is about the kindest african in this continent.
    But,why this unreasonable hate for GEJ from the yorubas.

  • lary onah says:

    Thank God for arthur Ezeh,may God bless,protect and favour him more,arthur is a gift humanity.thank you God for sustain his life

  • lary onah says:

    Thank God for Arthur Ezeh,may God continue bless,protect and favour him.Amen.arthur is a gift to humanity.lary onah.

  • ngozi says:

    Ask him how many of our ukpo pple he has helped. The highest money he will give an ukpo person is 20k(#20,000) nonsense man.he only enjoy giving to outsiders.gov officials. What has he done in ukpo? No good roads, no water, no light. Aged pple suffering n even d young pple. Arthur eze my ass

  • ngozi says:

    U can donate ur life! Nobody cares. Ezi dinma ma uno adinma. Outside should be good but home shouldn’t. Nonsense

  • jude says:

    Arthur is second God

  • Ifeanyi udeji says:

    Arthur Eze your the light in our Igbo land May God bless you more and more give you long life thank u

  • Ifeanyi udeji says:

    Arthur Eze your the light in our Igbo land May God bless you more and more give you long life thank u here is my number 07032952393

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