2015: Trouble Is Coming In Nigeria Unless… – Oba Of Lagos

Oba-Rilwan-AkioluThe Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, has warned of impending troubles for the country unless credible polls are conducted.

Oba Akiolu who was speaking yesterday in Lagos at the opening of the First Commanding Officers Workshop 2013 held at the 81 Division Officers Mess, Marina, Lagos, said: “Let us be honest with ourselves, trouble is coming in Nigeria, but it is avoidable only if we conduct honest, fair and sincere elections”.

The monarch, who berated traditional rulers for refusing to tell the truth to people in authority, said the current state of insecurity and other evils in society was partly caused by suffering and poverty.

He continued: “What I am after is good governance in this country, but it is unfortunate that there are monarchs who will tell the authority only what they want to hear, but I am not in that category.

“It is unfortunate that we have found ourselves in the situation we are now.

“The level of poverty and suffering among our people is now growing at a geometrical progression and we think it will continue to go on like this?” he queried.


  • T.J says:

    I fear for Nigeria, only God can save us.

  • Modupe says:

    Dis country self it is only God dat can save us 4rm dis pple

  • mansoor says:

    Yes what his king said is true let traditional rules stay aside cos bay there involving in politics God bless you oba

  • Your royal highnest,you are a good visionial who see beyond.More expansion;with state of things now in this country where government are incompitent, unprogam and selfish leaders rule without listenning to those he ruled,poverty invade the masses,insecurity topic of the day,corruption govt idol.hope and reaction of pertrotic nigeria come 2015.I quite believe that if people choice is not fairly elected come 2015 it will be another story to tell.Majorly,with situation of things northern part of this country they want to ensure they gain power 2015 which the audience didn’t want to listen to their music again.they have been stained with blood.

  • sadiq says:

    God bless Oba.

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