Sunday , 29 March 2015
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3 people feared dead as container falls off truck in Lagos

On Tuesday, about three people were feard dead when a container fell off a truck along Apapa/Oshodi expressway and landed on commuters waiting for bus at Otto-Wharf bus-stop. The container killed three people, while others were reportedly to nhave sustained injuries.

Eye witness said at about 2:30pm, the truck driver with number plate XG 616 UWN attempted to overtake a vehicle but suddenly, the empty container fell off, landing on unsuspected commuters. It was further confirmed that the driver was on high speed and could not control it when he got to the bus-stop.

According to a Federal Road Safety Corps Official at the place of the incident, two other people waiting to board buses and the driver of a car were affected. The official added that the victims have been rushed to an undisclosed hospital and the container had been moved.

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  1. too Bad!!! may we continue to ask for God’s grace and mercy from the throne of grace.

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