Thursday , 28 May 2015
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Janet Jackson Converts To Islam, Quits Music

Superstar Janet Jackson is reportedly quitting the entertainment industry and is going to leave the country to become a Muslim.

janetRob Shuter tells reporters that Jackson is moving to the Middle East and is converting to Islam.

Shuter says that since she married billionaire Wissam Al Mana, she has tired of the grueling entertainment industry.

The pair got married last year in a very private ceremony, according to Shuter, and they want to live a private life away from the paparazzi.

Al Mana, a Qatar native, is involved in his family’s controlled Middle-East-based Al Mana Retail Group.

This is Jackson’s third marriage.

It should be noted that since her brèast was exposed at the super bowl she hasn’t been able to redeem her career and it has been downhill for her music and tv shows ever since

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  1. I am a fan of Janet Jacksons and will always be, She has obviously made a mark in the music industry. In religion however we will all agree that she is just another ordinary human being out of the 6 billion people on earth. I therefore don’t understand all the fuss about her conversion to Islam, when people convert to Islam daily and people convert to Christianity daily and people convert to other religions daily as well. Unlike us, I don’t think God is one who values a music star more than a beggar on the street. Secondly, if we are thinking of the credibility of religion based on numbers then we will again agree that statistically Christianity is the greatest religion and has been from time immemorial. 2.1billion followers as of the current time.. again, I dont get the fuss about one conversion, is that validates a religion then how about the the conversation of Mosab Hassan Yousef.??

  2. The Bible says the message of the Cross is meaningless to those that are perishing. My muslim brothers and sister accept Jesus as ur Lord and Saviour today and be safe and free. That deity in the Kaaba dat u hit ur head on the ground to worship will not safe u. Jesus loves u and has paid for ur sins.

    • can u quote a verse of the bible where Jesus said i have paid 4 ur sin and d amount, have ever been 2 Jarusalem 2 see what christain do and how many comes back as christain. Pls do read ur bible well and understand what d meaning of christainity is and tell me where d word christainity is in d bible!

  3. The jackson 5 (five) are demolic angles; so the blood flows in their vains. May they nt miss their grace.

  4. for half a billion dollars, anybody would do anything

  5. Religion of pieces! That’s why salman rushdie wrote satanic verses{koran} well,pple who hv no religious affiliation but not necessarily atheist in d world according to a recent statistic are 1.1 billion. Islam are 1.6 billion .christians are 2.2 billion.hindus are 1 billion. So u see we are still on top. Islam means terrorism!

  6. Sister dis is welcome 2 development b/cos jesus and mohammad are all brothers in faith, d fact is dat mohammad gave his people a law and order they never had b regard jesus ,when jews felt suspicious of him dat he might be an imposter with designs 2 pervert their teachings,jesus took pains 2 assure them dat he had not come with new religion-no new laws and no new regulations.his own words:think not dat i come 2 destroy,but 2 fulfil 4 verily i say unto you,till heaven and earth pass ,one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass 4rom d law,till all be fulfilled.go and check d old testment bible(matthew5:17-18).no be dis new new bible wai dey use 2 change things 2 confus people 2 collect money 4rom them ooo.

  7. Its a gud thing 4 u 2 av change, so dat u won’t die a sinner. U’re welcom 2 any religion

  8. Only Jesus can save. Janet!!!!!!!! the salvation of your soul is more important than anything you get with his money. Think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sister

  9. Allahu Akbar u re highly well come sister Janet

  10. U muslims are just bunch of fools.Always read 4 war.We shall soon know d truth.I pity una

  11. Theres freedom of religion, why are pple quarrelling janet on her choice of religion. If only christians and muslims will get to understand that ur religion is never a criteria for going to heaven, but ur personal relationship wit the supreme being God. Lets all make this world a better place for all of us. Am a christian but i have very good muslim friends too. One love!!!

  12. Asalamualaykum yah Janet. Indeed if only you knew what Allah holds for you.I want you to know that your being a muslim is the best thing that has ever happened to you and know that when a persin enters into islam, all her passed sins will be forgiven.May all the critics only make u to be stronger bc those are trials that mankind was to go thru.may Allah elevate you. We muslim are so happy for you.

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