Monday , 23 October 2017

WAEC Questions, Answers On Facebook Hours To Exams

Few days into the West Africa Examination Council Examinations, the rate of malpractice has taken a new dimension as questions with prepared answers are posted on social networking site, Facebook, for candidates to see hours to the examination.

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A correspondent of Punch Newspapers visited the Facebook page and discovered one of the papers that was written a day before had been released about two hours to the exam by the operator of the page.

Two students of a senior secondary school in Yaba (names withheld) who were also writing the exams, told our correspondent that aside the Facebook page, their colleagues get SMS alerts of answers in the exam hall

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha,nawa ooooo

  2. D big question I want to ask is this,can Diz Exam malpractice be stopped or Reduce?

  3. Well. As my last letter to the federal government. Examination malpractice can’t be stopped or hindered because of the level of corruption of individual in the nation but can only be discouraged through an effective and intellectual mean so that students will confide in their potential and acquired academic performance and wount resolve to malpractice or other forms of misconduct. I’ve worked on this innovation to achieve the envisaged result to the full potential and revolutionalize the nation’s education sector.
    This will benefit all including the education less priviledged.
    All needed by me is just an interactive session with fme and good investor!
    We can’t sit back and watch our educational system wrecks!

  4. Hmmmmmm ok,the issue of corruption in education line develop from ages.Why is NECO need to erase?Look at the issue of WAEC that our government even put much interest what a pity.Our leadears are not bringing up good ideas in education,they only show care all about there own alone.What about the poor that are willing to go to school?We all need to think,’is this how we continue?’? What a pity.Exam malpractice can only be reduse but cannot be erase totally as Nigeria is concern.10% out of 100 can only be reduse but,cannot be erase.Leaders,leaders,leaders think all about tomorrow.

  5. The issue of NECO should look into with a view of point,Nigeria is a democratic government which different examination bodies are to function cos,Nigeria is under a large number of population which different exmination bodies needs to perform there duty as it concern.We all need to think before we make final decision on any issue cos,it will surely perform a role which we might not expect later in life.9ja is bless.

  6. Examination is a linking to the next life time,which an individual needs to understand.

  7. Things are still falling apart.

  8. Emphasis should place on WAEC itself. Their integrity needs to b questioned. Should their staffs of the organisation strict, these papers can never link

  9. Emphasis should be placed on WAEC itself. Their integrity needs to b questioned. Should their staffs of the organisation strict, these papers can never link


    Well let’s not blame d students much but d staff of d exam body

  11. As long as i collins is concern exam malpractiz can not in nigeria reasions ar ( 1) even goodluck him self practiz exam malpractiz during his own time ( 2) lik politicians ar doing political malpractice, can political malpractice stop in nigerian?d answer is kno.

  12. Exam’s crap, it should be abolished

  13. francis igberaese

    just get on the road and get going

  14. How does dis questions linkout. Plz WACE should check their staff thoroughly.

  15. Exams malpractice can stop as long as ur leaders are determine to restructure our education system.
    Nothing is impossible there!!!

  16. Exam malpractice can never stop in Nigeria , until d leader discipline themselves first; cos you can not give what you don’t have.

  17. Sylvester Ezekiel

    This is really serious !!!, students should not be blamed on this . Waec staff should be questioned.

  18. Junior waec question and answer

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