Wednesday , 26 July 2017

I’m Old Enough To Be Amaechi’s Father, Says Jang

Amaechi-Jang-300x182The war of words between foremost contenders to the chairmanship position of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) continued yesterday with Plateau state Governor Jonah Jang declaring that he cannot be seen to be contending a position with his Rivers state counterpart, Rotimi Amaechi, who he called his son.

Speaking to newsmen at the sideline of the dinner organised by President Goodluck Jonathan to celebrate his mid-term in office, Jang said he is old enough to be Amaechi’s father.

“Amaechi is my younger brother, infact, I can say son because if you look at Amaechi’s age, I’m old enough to be his father” he said.

On a statement credited to Mr Amaechi that he won the NGF election by 19 votes to 16, Jang indicated indifference as he responded, “Well, that is his problem but I know that I am the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum.”

Since the controversial May 24th election of the NGF, Jang and Amaechi have both laid claim to the chairmanship of the Forum with their tussle splitting the NGF into two factions.

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  1. PDP is a shameless party to have allow Jang to contest in d first place coz d old man is 1 of d worst govnors in Nigeria n as a father he claims 2 b he sud b wise enof 2 knw d difference btw 19 n 16. [email protected] w@ we shud xpect by 2015 bt its left 2 us 2 reject it

  2. The issue at hand is not age competition but justice is demanded

  3. Jang is an old shameless thief. He contested an election and was defeated and he’s still going abt as ngf chair. He’s undemocratic and shameless. This are the kind of men that boko haram should kill not innocent citizens. He should stop looting plateau funds with his children

    • @Davou- your accusations are baseless and untrue. You are speaking on behalf of the Hausas who want to take over Plateau state, of which the governor has fought against over the years. Go to Jos today and you will be dumb founded with the change and development. Just because the man has tightened grip on the government funds against the so called ‘chop chop elites’, you now castigate him. Watch your tongue and say the truth.

  4. Then behave like a father to him. Protect his position don’t snatch it. U are from the plateau. Both of them are from the creeks. They will settle and u may get burnt. Think. Think.

  5. Jang been older than Ameachi is not the issue,the issue is that he is bringing shame to our democracy or is he too old as he claims not to no the difference b/w 19 and 16.Mr jang posterity will judge you and know what ever you sow you must surely reap.

  6. Ameachi is too arrogant to elders.

  7. Jang please behave like a father and stop being a rebel..accept defeat its an aspect of democracy

  8. justice is all we need plz

  9. Lekan if jang is the worse governor den u are da worse human being ever……

  10. Gud to amaechi, let him trace it back from how he won river state election, it is PDP style we all including amaechi shoul bear it one mind that nigeria is in the stage of absolte corruption.

  11. Gud to amaechi, let him trace it back from how he won river state election, it is PDP style we all including amaechi shoul bear it with one mind that nigeria is in the stage of absolute corruption.

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