Nollywood Actor, Jide Kosoko’s Daughter, Bidemi Disgraced In Ibadan

In case you didn’t know, one of the Nollywood actor, Prince Jide Kosoko’s daughter, Bidemi Kosoko is presently a youth corp member at Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.

However, many of her fellow corp members are currently complaining about her snobbish attitude and what some of them have termed as arrogance.

According to impeccable sources, whenever some of the other corp members who have seen her movies approach her just to say ‘Hi’, Bidemi has away of looking down on them.


“I don’t know if Bidemi’ doesn’t understand that as a celebrity you should be polite to people, since she began her service close to a year now, many people at the Community Development Service(CDS) have been avoiding her due to her arrogant attitude.

The one everyone witnessed recently was this woman who is a Batch A corp member. She doesn’t know her attitude, so she went to her and she was like ‘Sister,please it’s like I have seen your face before, but to this woman’s disappointment, Bidemi just looked at the woman from head to toe and walked away,” the source said.

We were also told that because of her celebrity status, Bidemi also expects to get preferential treatments at her Community Development Service(CDS). According to what another source told us, Bidemi who was posted to Ibadan North Local Government recently came late for her clearance but was trying to jump queue, but not giving a dime about her status or her father’s, her Local Government Inspector(LGI) Mrs. Ologundudu, a no-nonsense woman told her point blank to go and join the queue. This really caused her shame and embarrassment.


  • Pinkie says:

    I can’t really judge her just by the two comments,it could be from bunch of haters.Some ppl can compliment you in an annoying way(was walking with a frnd,we over heard some guys discussing her dress,though they said it was nice but they were laughing about sth we couldn’t figure out,one of ’em approached her against the advice of others dat my frnd wld blow his head off cos certainly he wanted to create a joke and brave boy scene for his frnds to enjoy)Some people would like to judge celebs as if they were God without faults and crucify ’em for the slightest fault(who on earth hasn’t jumped line in a queue),but if the girl is really as they said,I advice her to have a rethink and act lady-like

  • kflex says:

    Abeg oooo, is it by force to return ur greeting? Mayb she wasn’t in d mood to say hello to any1. Pls. Haters leave dis babe alone, I love her so much. Go gal u got evrytin to mk dem talk

    • anonymous mic says:

      @kflex, that means u act lik dat too… 4d fact dat dey respect n celebrate u as a celeb, dosen’t mean u’re god to tak dem 4 granted.. Respect dey say is reciprocal, no mata ur mood!

    • oscar says:

      Shut up ,why can’t she greet the woman can u just tell me who is bidemi he she GOD. nonsense

    • Abbakar Ibn says:

      Mood or no mood, Nigerian cultures (African in general) has no room for that (no concern on som1).

      • bunmi says:

        Imagine, yoruba actress for that matter not an english actress (shit) ngbati girl dey pose…fuk her if this is real…..

  • Oliver Uche N. says:

    This news and bringing the pictures do not make sense at all. She tried jumping a queue and was put aright as a correction. Why bring this into the news. People should learn not to flood this platform with thrash. Lady, just make as much effort to be sociable, your social status notwithstanding.

  • ojo osamagbe says:

    You guys are lovly , up to date, and doing grat jobs…keep it up !

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  • Abigail shaibu says:

    Why do people love tanishing people’s image? Pls let us learn to appreciate ourselves

  • KevynBeatzzz says:

    Na story or Gist be dis? That she was asked to join the queue, so?Abeg free the chick jare.

  • Oyelese sunday says:

    Dat is lack of home trainin
    lik mother like daugther ezekiel 16vs44

  • Simon says:

    Pls fans let her leave her life de way she wants

  • Ejyk says:

    Kflex: i think, not returnin a very likely greetin means u r havin a serious problem wit d potential 2 harm u. Pls, don’t b a promoter or supporter of wrongs. Watch it!

  • Ejyk says:

    Kflex: i think, not returnin a greetin very likely means u r havin a serious problem wit d potential 2 harm u. Are u like dat? Pls, don’t b a promoter or supporter of wrongs. Watch it!

  • Raymond says:

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  • Spinna says:

    so how is this news

  • Leo says:

    Na wa to una oh, dis na matter? Let’s free d babe jor, moreover not everyone that greets u mean it from their hrt, some want to hear ur uugly voice or see ur bad dentition or tell d world that ur mouth is smelling. Behind some greetings, na insult follow. If u don’t know dis babe personally abeg, u don’t ve any right to judge her. Thanks

  • mclaaro says:

    Is she a celeb? People r takin be know fr been a celeb, then clifford orji too is a celeb. I beg joor,stop celebratin her ova her pop’ achievement,let her attain hers.

  • bec's says:

    Our maner of behavior is quite different,besides respect they say is reciprocal,atleast she should av reciprocate.

  • seni says:

    this lady graduated from lagos State University, and she was not proud at all while she was in sch. I know her very well but I didn’t know that she was Kosoko’s daughter. Who born her to mess up to the greatest Lasuite na only IBADAN people she fit do am to, who know her for Lagos self. Humility always pay.

  • Bola says:

    When the devil wanted to destroy anyone, he will first of all destroy their character. I pity this young lady as she needs to pray, so the devil will not use her character and pride to destroy her.

  • lola says:

    Really???like seriously is this a new,an article sm1 sat down Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ compose as entertainment news???Really?wow…i wasted ♍Ɣ time opening this link,only Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ find such shitty write up.damn

  • huh? says:

    is that all??….whoever posted that crap is such a jobless fool

  • gold says:

    i love this lady role in the movie titled ‘BUGA’ but that doesn’t mean she is rude. people sholud really stop passin fake infos about someone you don’t know. stop critizising

  • chinedu says:

    pls give us news not stories…

  • edrix says:

    No one can tell it might be true bcos I also served in Ibadan North even My PPA is Very close to to Ibadan North CDS Ikolaba Grammar School and Mrs Ologundudu do not tolerate nonsense and Mr Awolowo

  • Alert says:

    Shame on the so-called celibrities.

  • George says:

    She shld check her self very carefully and repent. Almost everybody can nt hate her at thesame time, “pride leads to destruction” she should forget her parent, status and reputation nd bow for each situatn in order to see way forward each time. NYSC is a paramilitary ne it is service nt pleasure.

  • hollyboyakb says:

    pls what is the shame there? it a normal thing for an abnormal person to want to jump queue now. pls there is no sign of embarrassment there to me. so pls remove the fact that she was disgrace, she was only told what to do.

    • doyolk says:

      Only God knows where she got her attitude. Sola Kosoko isn’t like that, we attended the same University & she always observe protocols.

  • Abu says:

    Una no get news bah? Something that ordinary corper faces everyday. That L.I. tell Corper Bidemi to join queue don turn to big disgrace wey dey enter news abi? No be she sign to serve under the sun and in the rain ni?
    Instead of all this olofofo wey no concern person, abeg do some productive journalism that will call the attention of relevant authorities to check certain problems in the society.

  • Aaron says:

    Some people are over ratting themselves out of pride and absolute rudeness. But I remind them that “Pride Goes before the great fall”.

  • tope says:

    I know her very well,we served in d same LG in ibadan and d scene of being on d line was in my presence,she’s exactly the way dey described for me I didn’t greet her dt day buh ppl who greeted her in my presence was snobbed by Bidemi,I tink she shud watch hersef.

  • Ayo says:

    No matter what the case may be, the very best thing for her is to reply the greeting even not to talk of what her
    status is in the society…..and I also believe that the person greeting her is an elderly person, should we say she doesn’t have courtsy for an elderly one?

  • ebunola ogundijo says:

    Pls give us better news.’how jumping que’ leads to disgrace I don’t know.With your headlight,I taught she carried cocaine,steal or slept with a married man.It’s her live.pls face yours.abi you wan toast her?

  • aideejay says:

    Lmao plz who’s Bidemi? I don’t even know who u guys are talking about. U guys should update us with news not personal qualms plz.

  • Nabahani says:

    Mtscheew, shame on Nigerian student who doesn’t check nd knw d meaning of Celebrity.she is acting local film whereas she has nt been given any award of dimensional.wel it’s agent of socialization leed her to this nd i tink it’s “Home/family” let’s say Ibadan nouth is a local place to prove she is local champion coz nobody care abt her in sch @ lagos. We recognise celeb. Lyk mother lyk daughter God forbid d day i wil ave time watchin ur nonsense movies

  • Senator Onome says:

    Pls post something educating not such fake stories. Nobody can appreciate u unless ursef. U laugh pipo will talk, u don’t laugh pipo wil still talk. Abeg 4get matter leave d gal alone, we live in a world full of wickedness

  • kemzyTnT says:

    @ oyelese U̶̲̥̅̊ don’t insult ppl like dt dt means U̶̲̥̅̊ also lack manners, insultin her mother on a worthless issue

  • ayandeyi kabiru diran says:

    Pls we dnt need t̶̲̥̅̊ø̲̣̣̥ face problems Ø̶̷̩̥̊͡Ƒ̶̷̩̥̊͡ dis girl jusl let her b let us Ω̴̩̩̩̥☺ d latest & d reasonable news dat wil make progress into our life.

  • IkG says:

    9ja info…its not every news u will carry….who cares…we don’t need to know…Share something meaningful and interesting for ppl……Crap

  • silas ekereke says:

    it pity that Nigerians take side and give some regards to unnecessary issues like the one just read, imagine this trash call news, pls polish urself and get people attention and stop look at people ok?

  • Kenny says:

    Is she bcos she is a celeb was d reason u pple ave 2 posted dis status abt her, u no gt work @all. So many pple ave told 2 join d queue @ dere serving area bt u did nt posted it, just bcos she’s a celeb nw u gt d tym 2 do dis 2 destroy d beautiful lady’s IMAGE. Nigerian wit our attitude sha. Na wa ooo…

  • joy says:

    Whoever wrote this has a psychosocial, analytical and mental problem.What exactly is ur problem.U sure need a psychiatrist.Idle jobless mind.Nonsense.She no like u,na by force.Jesus wey dey perfect,dem no like am.Kosoko is a respectable man.If he has many wives before,na your buisness.Bidemi,oMo Kosoko,u’re gud,strive better.Wicked haters,continue hating to your grave until something is done to you and u run helter skelter for solution or they swear and curse you.RUBBISH.Mtchewww.

  • joy says:

    Whether u like it or not,those wey like am like am.false story that does not hold water.u have suceeded in making her popular……..malicious fallacious homohabilis,erectus,nicompo_us altered mindset set.wo sho ara e.

  • joy says:

    If this is the kind of news i will be getting,I better quit and unsubscribe and tell others.Real idle talk and gossip.Hey e.Move/Port to better newS.

  • Robert says:

    This her imbecilic attitude has given her out in the full glare of members of the public.the reason why many babes dnt easily get married/find husbands these days is simply because of their bad manners,attitude,manner of approach.As the saying goes; First impression matters.the way u treat an individual at the 1st meeting determines the kind of response one gets to his/her problem

  • Victor says:

    U who is bending down to look another man,
    have u thought about who is watching your free video..?

  • Fola says:

    Dat’s a true story,we both serve @ ibadan north local government Gate,dat’s aw she behave.

  • Gwenevine says:

    Wot is rung wit pple? Do u knw y she doesnt reply pple’s greetings? I rememba d time I replied sm1 greetin, it wasnt up 2 5sec dat I left d person, I was dump founded at d reply d person gave d lady dat askd her if she knew me, dis is a person dat I dnt knw 2 wel. I’m nt a celebrity o bt I’m just an ordinary person wit such a bita experience let alone a celebrity or a celebrity’s child. As a lecturer’s daughter, I knw wot I xperienced 4rm my dad’s students, so pls let’s stop criticizin pple. None of us is innocent concernin dis attitude d gal is accused of. Dat she snopped pple, so wot? Did she beg 4 ur greeting? If u greet her and she snobs u, den u respect urself and mind ur business. Is it every greeting dat u must respond 2? I dnt tink so. I knw of a guy dat weneva he’s in a beer palour wit frnds, any gal dat responds 2 his greeting and smile, he’ll tel his frnds dat he has fucked d gal, it even made me nt 2 reply greetings 4rm anybody whether I knw u or nt, as lng as u’re in a bear parlour. Afta al u dat are criticizin and condemin her, are u a saint, sm of u are womanizers and harlots, are u sure it’s nt b/c she turned dwn ur proposal 2 b her bf or av sex wit her dat’s y u’re criticizin her in public just 2 humiliate her? Hw am I nt sure dat even d person dat wrote dis isnt a victim of my last questn? Rubish, dnt go and be useful 2 urselves, stay dia and be criticizin pple who dnt return ur greetings, useless pple.

  • Anire Michael says:

    She is old enough @ her age to know dat pride goes before downfall!

  • sassan says:

    Please I need sugar mummy who will available for me to perform activities of sex for her in good ways, who was responsible for her financial and mine, not married women, widow or women need good attention and calmness with her love one, which i will give her what she never experience in her life with differents position, if you are interest private combat just call this number not flashing :- +2348067204187

  • fasina 'wole says:

    why all dis embarrasment? It seems yu want to tarnish her image and paste Jide babs with all dis allegation… To me all what u are saying abt her are nonsense. Shez not there bcos of yu now. So, mind ur own business (corper wee)

  • kemi says:

    “LOOK THE WOMAN FROM HEAD TO TOE AND TURNED AWAY” i don’t believe this story abegiiiiiiii

  • bimz says:

    Thannnnk u for wasting 5 min out of ma time today. next tym state Gist of the day so unserious pple will check in. As for the lady its her attitude either she change or not is her lifestyle whatever come out of it will not add to me. AM OUT

  • omowumi says:

    Bidemi pls go and change your atitude

  • Peter says:

    Omowumi, can u pls msg me on 08149172676

    She should change her attitude, I like Bidemi die

  • esung Emmanuel says:

    Doro mataz

  • joy salifu says:

    If she want to grow in dat industry, let er change er attitude…pride is a very bad tin!

  • Kanyin says:

    I know the girl won’t have a good attitude..rubbish.if she’s willing to go big in the industry she must change her ways

  • ace says:

    I just read ur comments nd I wonder ow sm of u so called commentees would do if u are in d limelight, seni sed she knew her in sch nd she was calm nd d nxt tin is na ibadan pple she fit do am 2 whr is d sense in dt nd 2 dose of u dt put good comment God bless u jare nd 4 d bad 1s d lord shall pay u in ur own coin *saints…u sef omo kosoko try hard 2 cover ur tracks nd if wt dey say is true I knw u would nt like urself nw but aniways it shouldn’t b a breakdown 4 u it shuld build u up

  • na u sabi says:

    Ntn u fit do to pls human being….if she did wat is nt right u shud av atleast correct her in a polite way…..instead of u postin it on net….shud we beat her or wat….does dat stp her 4rm her service……u guyz shud kn dat life is full of mysteries…….just advice her nd nt abuse…..nobody is above mistake

  • abeycity says:

    Some people here are clueless and naive. After all they said she has done,yours is only to compliment her.. chai, anyways as for me,my candid advise is for her to change if only all they said were true. And if it’s just a rumor, just make sure you are good. A lot of people would be looking forward to your mistake,dont give them the chance .

  • Adebayo adefunke says:

    morning, please don’t ds matter is Nt up to a fight or abusing eachoda. It just dt Yoruba say Ile ni a ti ko eso ro de. My advise to sis bidemi is Neva look down on anione. Even if u r Nt in mood to greet pple dre’s a WAy u can’t do it without ignoring pple. Dnt spoil ur dad name he as bn building fr years bkus u still have a long way to go. Change pls ND me corrections.

  • Oloye says:

    If these are true colours of ur lifestyle, my dear u need nothing but to amend ur lapses because pride takes no one to the promise land….else watch ur self.

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