Wednesday , 16 August 2017

PHOTOS: Big Brother Contestants, Bolt And Betty Caught having S*x

In what is fast turning from a reality show into a soft p****graphy show, the Big Brother Africa housemates have been getting down to business right from the offing.

Videos from the show have gone viral on the internet, including these raunchy pictures from housemates Betty & Bolt having s*x.

View pictures below…

bbaa1 - Copy bbaa3 - Copy bbaa4 - Copy

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  2. That big brother for u’providing the contestants are abouve 18’let them do their thing but not in such manner

  3. They above 18, let do it in a manner that it wont affect them emotionaly

  4. Its understandable

  5. They (big brother) should know what to show to the public. Am still yet to know the kind of message the programme is sending

  6. Fat lie,i actually watched dis particular episode n d didn’t hv s*x,d actually wanted 2 bt d gal refused bcos of d cameras d only cuddled n touched each oda b4 slipin

  7. I still do not understand dis big bros of a thing, can somebody educate me pls.

  8. Wat wil a Decent girl b doin in big broda?Most of d gurls re Sluts,f**kaholics.Wonda wat Big Broda is Promoting.

  9. Please can someone tell me the moral lesson BBA is passing to the general public who are viewing the programme,Like fun in having s*x,drunkenness,quarrelling and fighting or what?

  10. Hmmm…BBA,plz abstain from such act & don’t transmit such an insol 2 d public.itz nt our culture.

  11. i really don’t know y d show is been criticized. BBA is not been transmitted for everyone in Nigeria but for only those who requested for it. if u are watching it simply means u requested for it. as for the ones posted on the internet, u can choose not to check it out there are worse things on the net that bba

    • To see evil and not call it evil is evil and not to speak is to speak. We must engage people by holding them accountable for whatever thing we think they are doing that is not good because the after effect is not always sweet. Don’t throw stone in the market because you can never tell who will be the victim. the other way round don’t let another do so.

  12. is this wat big brother is all about? Is this there aim goals nd objective? Is there any moral lesson inhere for the young ones.

    • Jiod and cynthia are u bth human?d so called bba is demonic and satanic,d devil has decide to use dat to camouflage the upcoming descent and GOD fearing youth,somtimes i wonder why we will see white and instead of saying it is white we decide to fabricate and say it is black,africans are nt known for such immoral life,african traditions forbide such.pls let nt emulate d western culture else we will end up turning our cities into soddom gomorah

  13. Whizzy Classicque

    Sometimes it marvels me a lot about d stuffs datz really going on dat bba show of a thing i think its time 4 dem 2 start shooting P0*n movies.

  14. If you don’t worry yourself about it,leave those who are enjoying their thing to continued

  15. keep your eyes close from the screen and allowed those that enjoyed it to cash their fun

  16. The devil knows that are not God mad, but money mad, so satan is using money to spoil the world. I only watched this evil and satanic programme in 2006, I don’t need it anymore. Its evil meant to spoil the world. Be God mad, not money mad, be holy and and not double minded. Stop watching this evil programme.

  17. What are BBA promoting in this programme? They are only promoting bad acts, which they are going to account for in the day of jugdement.They are very foolish, showing people having s*x. Too bad. These are signs of the last hour. May God save us from his torment. Amen

  18. Ohhhh I pity airtel u ll lose customers,am number one person, just learn 4rm glo nd mtn cos dey re wise

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