Thursday , 26 November 2015
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[Advice Needed]. He Has unclad Pictures Of Another Girl On His Phone!!! Is It Possible She Is His Cousin As He Claimed?

Dear Tee,
My boyfriend is fond of uploading the picture of a particular girl on his facebook wall. Infact, he made her picture his profile picture. I have asked him reasons for his actions, but he told me that the girl is his cousin. Recently, I saw unclad pictures of her on his phone, this is driving me crazy, what should I do?

Dear PP,
Its somehow unusual for a guy to have unclad pictures of his cousin. Anyway, I think you should just ‘lay low’ and watch what happens. Be observant of his actions and get more details. But chances are she is his girlfriend and you are being played here. If you eventually discover this is true, girl please move on with your life…. Don’t try begging him to stay with you or leave the other girl, it would be quite painful on your part, but then a guy who does not respect you is not worth staying with.
All the best,

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