ASUU Strike May End Next Thursday


The meeting between the Federal Government and the striking Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, may have yielded results, as there are now indications the on-going strike might be called off next Thursday.

Governor of Benue State, Mr Gabriel Suswam who dropped this hint Friday said ASUU and the Federal Government had reached agreements on all the contentious issues that led to the industrial action except two.

Suswam who was appointed as Chairman of the Needs Assessment Implementation Committee of the Federal Government said after next Thursday’s deliberations between his Committee and the various agencies of government funding tertiary education, all the contentious issues would likely be resolved.

Suswam told journalists in Abuja after attending a meeting between the Federal Government’s delegation and ASUU that agreements had been reached by both parties on all issues save two.

“We reached agreements on all issues except two. These two issues are those of earned allowances of lecturers and intervention for the federal universities. These are the only issues that are still outstanding.”

The Benue Governor further said he believed that by next week after his Committee would have arrived at an agreement on all the issues, ASUU would call off the strike.

“The SGF would meet with the leadership of ASUU on the issue of earned allowances by next Monday.

“Then my committee which is dealing with the issue of the needs assessment of the universities would meet again next Thursday and take another look at all the infrastructural deficits which the federal universities are facing.

“If you go to our universities, you would agree that they are facing infrastructural deficits and that is why my committee would meet with all the funding agencies next Thursday for the purpose of prioritizing all the projects that need to be executed. We are going to invite all the agencies that are involved in the funding of the universities including the Central Bank of Nigeria.”

Suswam said agreement has been reached on retirement age for university lecturers, which has now been increased from 65 to 70 years; the constitution of the governing councils of the universities which has already been done by the Government; the setting up of a pension administrator and the issue of persuading companies operating in the country to set up research centers in the universities.

“As far as I am concerned, if the issues concerning intervention and earned allowances are resolved next week, then the strike could be called off,” he said.

Present at the meeting were Secretary to the Government of the Federation Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, Minister of Labour, Hon. Emeka Wogu, Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayatu Rufai and President of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Dr Nasir Fagge, among others.


  • Emmanuel francis otu says:

    Indeed it is quite interesting to hear that the strike will be call off. Before that, i will want Assu to make sure that every call for strike issue is look at once and for all.

    • adebayo oluwafemi says:

      Yes you are right, all the issue that called for the asuu strike must once and for all be considered and settled before the strike should be call-off. This should be done so as to prevent further recurrence of the strike again in the future. Asuu must pls fight this to the end with the FG bcos students can’t continueing with this issue that is becoming yearly syndrome.

  • If asuu strike was commences for the interest of. Nigerians student they should kindly call off the strike besides,federal government should imbibe the culture of sincerity as well as honour it promise above all student matters will never be compromise if the culture of sincerity was not apply.

  • It will be a slap on the face of Asuu if after calling this strike off, the FG will not still meet their agreement allocated S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ it will be better for them T̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ settle their differences before calling us back after. Our long stay T̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ avoid further conflicts. Thanku

  • a very good attempt.pls help us so that we can go back to studies.

  • B-xquisit says:

    Thank for this news. At least there is hope. But i pray all tins should look into critically to avoid strike next year or years to come.

  • Benedicta says:

    Pls ASUU should go for strike for anoda three wks, i have something doing. Tanx

  • Yusuf Maigari says:

    I thought ASUU said ‘ no more round-table’? Anyway, this is good, I just hope they are not trying to withdraw only to come back next year with another crap.
    I must say, the issue of research centres in versities by companies is very important. Versity graduates in Nigeria still lack the necessary practical aspect and exposure

  • Zayyanu bunu says:

    This could have reduce youth restiveness in nigeria coz mejority of undergraduate students in Nigeria have no where to go apart from school so,this will surely curb the menance of youth restiveness.

  • DAVID says:

    i want to urge ASUU that all the issues should be look in to,before they agree to resume because our government is hypocritical in nature,they are jews…let their response be 100o/o unless that, let it be no retreat no surrender..

  • love says:

    Good attempt by FG,pls FG shld kip 2 their words so students can go back to sch…its not funny stayin @home…..

  • Monyei N Michael says:

    BIG Thanks to God Almighty and all those who are making things get better… This is a good/sign of relief news, it shows that we are going back to school in short time.. Dear govt, pls on behalf of those of us who have interest in education help us make things better because if we are truely the leaders of tomorrow education shouldn’t be our problem atall, what so ever the problem is, i know definatelly that our country Nigeria is able and capable to so them.. I humbly beg the fed govt to hear the vioce of the student. “WE ARE TIRED OF STAYING AT HOME”

  • John Francis says:

    this is a gud one bt i urge the FG to xtend the provision of infrastructure and research centers to state universities, xpecially ANSU….the students are truely suffering.

  • Anonymous says:

    No! Extend it a little bit more. 1 more month

  • Alex says:

    My sister needs one more month at home. No food stuff, no money for text books. Lol

  • BRIGHT says:

    This strike should not be suspended at all by ASUU except their request are granted in full because, it have to be resolved once and for all to avoid going back on another strike again after this. The Federal Govt. should also consider the education of this country and do something to stop this strike. The children(students) of today are the leaders of tomorrow(NIGERIA)

  • u s abubakar says:

    Am sure dat asuu a union ful of intelectual i know dey meant have known nigeria gov’t by now it wil not sound wel if they call of now and return back by next year i wil sugest they fight it out once and for all.

  • chimezie says:

    abeg! Asuu should extend it, i jst travel nd i don’t hv enfu cash wit me

  • Chinedu says:

    For admission aid into UNN contact me on 08124175612

  • Pls Asuu make sure all agreements were implimented before calling off, so that we dont go back to status co, bcos govt always promised n not implimented.

  • debby says:

    it’s good news…can’t wait to go back to school. most happy for the increase of the age of retirement for lecturers..goods news for my Family.

  • aliyu abdullahi says:

    that is ur on bees of wax, I have already start running my businesses so the rest is all up to u, amigos

  • Sani muhd sani says:

    Waoh finaly! Well its gud new 4 ous expecialy we bukiest abt 2 strt 1st semster exams. an i pray such tyn wunt hppn again.

  • Sen, Iyamba Isoko Etim says:

    Thanks to God almighty who has made this issues to be delibrated on,tanks to the FG,ASUU, and i belve is for our gud,but the FG should keep to their promise and settle it once and forall, so as to run an Education strike free country.

  • WAFCIM says:

    that is gud anywhere.drinking of garri will start again ooo

  • Immaculate says:

    Atleast student continue with their exams

  • Immaculate says:

    If only nigerias’ government knw the value of education, the issue of strike would have been a history in our country.

  • wafcim2000 says:

    i thank God 4 every thing,but the problem is that if they call off the strike where will i see money 2 start along wit. pls ASUU hold on ur strike for two more months till am ready,U.C wat do u think?

  • Iseza cletus says:

    I hope this time around, this isue is resolved once and for all.

  • hope atta dis strike de wun b anoda one in d nex 20 years 2 come cos am not ready 4 any srike 2 comence’ they shld resolv d issue even if it will last 4 one year 2 come

    • Pls assu i use the name of jesus christ to beg thee to call of da strike so as to enable the transformation agenda of mr president to excell so that education sector would nt be left in da state of bedridden and phlegmatic and that many female nigerian studnts are pregnant and males are being arested involving in oil theft and kidnapping so ther4 i want immediate cal off the strike to avoid more nigerian studnts falling victims.

  • MonaObinna... says:

    So much 4 nxt thursday… I ve saved dis page as if I saw d future. Its over a month n 2 weeks now n d strike z still lingering. FG makin promises, ASUU wnts prove. It ll b bad 4 ASUU 2 call off n go bck leta. FG shd plz settle ASUU… Dir demands r 2 improve our university stds nt salary increment or selfish desires. D owed allowances MUST b paid, its dir RIGHT… D intervention moni ll nt b handled by ASUU but by d VCs n governing council of d universities, ASUU, FG, n d Nigeria public ll monitor d utilization of d funds. Y ll FG sign d agreement since 2009 n ve done notin till 2013??? Now dy wnt ASUU 2 manage N130b. Giv dem d N500b joor… Tym has gone when gud men or gud ideals sit bck n do notin while d cruel triumph… I am speakin as a Nigeria student… ASUU shd nt call off d strike until FG begins 2 act, 1st by releasin all d moni in question… Enof z enof… Do dy owe our politicians??? Sanusi(CBN governor) once attackd d huge moni pumpd in our National Assembly, dy maneuvered 2 silence him… If he was entirely wrong, Y did dy nt mak public dir official monthly entitlement??? Y hide it after all u r a “public servant”? – cos its so large [email protected] dy r ashamed of it yet dy tak it… My question 4 Maku(info minister n supervisin minister @ ministry of defence) [email protected] said our economy wld fail if ASUU demands r met z “Y has it nt failed wit all d moni spent on d National Assembly??? How much z his official entitlement n how much z his actual(includin illegal) cash @ d end of d year, Y has d economy nt faild???…” Let’s stop foolin ourselves n puttin d development of our country in jeopardy… I wnt more of dis… Nigerians shd stand up 4 dir RIGHTS… Workers shd refuse 2 wrk cos dy ve no access 2 gud roads, water, electricity… “Since 1960, Nigeria suffereth violence n only d violent tak it by force” Nigeria students shd evn join in strike if our laboratories r ill equipped… Mayb we can create even d slightest change… These r my thoughts, I dn’t know abt urs… We r all entitled 2 our views n criticisms… Greatest Nigeria students… Great!!!

  • Rose says:

    I lov this new improvement…but wat i still dnt understand is, how can a 70 yrs old man still be lecturin? U people dnt want other young ones to be employed? 9ja!

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