Friday , 29 May 2015
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Photos: Wizkid’s Girlfriend VS Davido’s Girlfriend, Who Is Hotter?


They are both young and doing very well in the Nigeria music industry. They have both being compared in almost everything, from fan clout to financial success to musical talents, and both have proven their worth in these areas over and over again. However, while reading through comments from different websites and blogs to see who is/has being ‘winning’ so far in the above comparisons, I noticed that both artistes’ girlfriends haven’t been compared! I searched but I couldn’t find anything!

I guess the reason is because, unlike Wizkid (who has a girlfriend and flaunts his relationship) lots of fans don’t know Davido  also has a girlfriend too! And yes, she is a looker! Her name is Nish Kards, and just like Wizkid’s belle Tania Omotayo she is mixed too! One wonders why Davido doesn’t want to flaunt his relationship. I guess he doesn’t want the media to spoil things for him.

Ok enough of the talk guys, oya back to the matter open and close

Below are the pictures of wizkid and his girlfriend Tania omotayo together and individual pictures of Tania omotayo….also below are the pictures of Davido and his girlfriend Nish kards together and individual pictures of Nish kards

So guys over to you all. who is hotter btw the two ladies?

NB: Forgive me guys I had to put lots pictures of both ladies so you all can ‘feed’ your eyes and also to enable you guys judge properly! You know one can’t use just one picture each to judge who is finer btw two individuals.

So let the judging begin. No partial o……See pics below:












t*ts Pelt
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  1. davido girlfriend is hotter dan wizkid girlfriend but the both of them are fine

  2. I beg no dey take look dey judge wizzy girl maybe cool for face make she bad o as for me o r two of dem dey sexy nd hot but I will go for davido chic she is a real chikito

  3. if u guyz talking abt hotter to be frank, D girlfrend is beta dan W girlfrend

  4. Davido’s gf is a bitch, well dressed gals are beautiful, half unclad gals are hot…heaven is beautiful nd hell is hot. D choice is urs

  5. wizkid gf z dah bomb…afta davido brkup wif his gf…didnt u guys c d nonesense she posted….Guys open eyes

  6. But of dem are hot but as for pretty but of dem is very pretty wizzy gal is some1 responsiby for a wife bcos she dress responsiby

  7. But of dem are hot but as for pretty but of dem is very pretty wizzy gal is some1 responsiby for a wife bcos she dress responsiby dat our my own girlfriend is 2 she dress responsiby she dress lik wizkid galfriend

  8. the both are good looking buuuuut, davido’s girlfriend is a real chikito

  9. Wow,I wonder how you people pass in school. Who asked you all you are saying and who are you to judge anybody anyhow so callously? Trust me they will also judge you that. Do u know wat they both do in secret? Does good appearance means sm1 isn’t evil?or do u know if d person who posted this only use the pics he could lay his hand on? Do u even know if there is a unclad pics of wiskid’s gf somewhere? Plssss becareful when judging people. That your gf put on wrapper doesn’t mean she is responsible. You want to talk of responsibility? How come she got pregnant and give birth outside marriage? Mschew. As for me the two are pretty but Davido’s gf is hotter and cute. Thanks

  10. Both girls ar hotter an they ar soo pretty an beautiful but davido babe is hotter than wizkid babe

  11. Davido’s gf is hot, hotter nd hottest :-* :-*

  12. Wizkid girlfriend is responsible,well cultured and its a marriag material…unlike Davido’s galfren..hoosh…vice versa

  13. WizKids babe ix d hottest

  14. african queen na davido girl 5rnd she is too beuty she is pretty.she is yungly beutyfull fantastis baby davido girl frend she is pass wizkid gal frend davido gal 5rend she be ma fine.fine.fine ladie ha fine.fine ladie

  15. who born wizkid and his baby na davido gal frend she is fine

  16. A gud house wife wil neva want 2 expose are body.hw those it profit a man 2 gain earth nd loss heaven

  17. davido’s gal is hot nd cute

  18. davido`s girlfriend is far hotter and sexy than wizkid`s own!!

  19. Davido gf d hottest#

  20. Infact al of dm sef no make sense

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