Tuesday , 25 July 2017

Video: Big Girl Caught In The Act With Married Man; Angry Wife Stríp Her Unclad


A popular big girl in town recently got more than she bargained for as the wife of a wealthy man who she has been enjoying “good times” with in different hotels finally caught her red handed. This time she didn’t invite the sugar dáddy, said to be a well connected businessman, to a hotel but followed him to his house after she learnt that the man’s wife had traveled out of town.

The secret lovers went in but something happened as soon as they took off their clothes…
TON gathered that the man’s wife showed up from no where and chased this so called big girl out of her house with only pánts and, even the pánts, she later took it off her wáist on the street.

While trying to escape, the lady ran into a house to seek refuge but once the woman in the house heard what she had done, she immediately drove her out again into the hands of the angry wife. It was indeed a “bad market day” for this beautiful lady.

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  1. Leave people’s husband. Single men full everywhere. Na wa Oº°˚˚˚˚°ºO

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    • Married men pay plenty but bachelors don’t. So everything boils down to money to offset some contingencies

  2. Foolish girl, she went to married man’s hus to sleep with d man, dat serves her right, she want to break d woman home, make she thank God say d woman no pour pepper for her p_ssy. Dis one will teach her a lesson, dat will take her years to forget. Good for nothing prostituted

  3. A lesson for all single ladies that hangs out with married men. One will definitely reap what he or she sows. The happenings in this generation baffles me. Some of we young ladies flaunt our sugar daddy relationship as an achievement not knowing that they are digging their grave. . Am not going to ask what happened to d man, is men’s world, we are always the victim of disgrace in this kind of issue. Let us use our brain in order not to be carried away, men can pretend not to be married to get u, shine your eyes single ladies.


  4. That’s good. Oneday, monkey go go market, e no go come back.

  5. What is the big girl’s name?

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