Sunday , 17 December 2017

Photo: Woman gives birth to baby with monkey-like face in Kaduna

The latest assertion to the popular saying, “Wonders never end,” has just been recorded in Kaduna State where a young Fulani woman gave birth to a baby with amonkey-like face. The condition is said to be called Anencephaly, a condition that prevents the normal development of the brain and the bones of the skull

The woman, an indigene of SabonIceh village, gave birth to the monkey-like creature Monday morning at the General hospital Kagarko, Kagarko local government, after several hours of labour.

monkey-like baby in kaduna

One of the nurses who attended tothe woman on arrival, told LEADERSHIP that, “the pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital at about 7:30 am, Monday. And we immediately took her into the labour room.”

“The woman came in through the out-patient department (OPD) after seeing the doctor on call and I decided to rupture her because the cervix was fully dilated. After I ruptured her, fluid measuring about 26 litres gushed out after which she started bleeding. All this time, the baby was still in the womb.”

“When the bleeding persisted, I sent for the medical director and when she came, we went into the theatre to operate on the woman. In the process, the baby started coming out with the legs. So, the medical director asked me to stop and allow her to deliver the baby by herself.

Speaking further, the nurse said, “She delivered the baby breech and when it came out, we discovered that it was an abnormal baby. It was half human and half animal. We lost the baby shortly after delivery.

The nurse who spoke on condition of anonymity said the baby weighed four kilograms which is healthy but its legs and ears were like those of a monkey, adding thatthe mother of the baby is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

“She lost a lot of blood so we have to give her blood,” the nurse added.

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  1. Dignity Unlimited

    This is a fake news. The body of the baby looks as old as two years and not as a child born three days ago

  2. Na lie joor, see d baby like 6 months old baby

  3. U people should stop insulting peoples intelligence. How can dat b a new born, something dat looks older than a year old?

  4. You people should take ur time ooooo

  5. i bliv such may hapun becos, this world were liveing in to is full of evil acts and wickedness of people, i hard such thing befor around my area at a church called world wild deliverance mission, okokomiko lagos when a woman deliver a baby goat after the baby met have came out from the womb the baby died.

  6. How does one authenticate this stipulation when there are no concrete justifications to your claims!

  7. Who are u deceiving?This is a fake news.The baby’s height and body is taller and older than a day old.

  8. Now I am convinced that you do post fake postings,the leg of ur so called day baby is looking like a 2 yr old toddler ,please we are not fools. It’s not compulsory you post something?

  9. Is true, but datz not d real picture of d baby

  10. No comment jux passing though

  11. The description of d baby in d story does not fully match what d picture depicts.

  12. Naija @ 56

  13. Confess your sins to God, accept JESUS into your life, Believe in Jesus as the Son of God, and accept Him as your LORD and personal saviour, and be saved from the Judgement of God.

  14. I don’t wanna believe this news, it doesn’t look real.

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