[Confession] He Tricked Me Into Believing He Is Not Married, Now I Am Pregnant!!!!

I met a guy last year, he told me he is not married and we seeing each other. This year June, I found out that I am pregnant. I told him and hey, it turned out a big issue. I didn’t understand him. Then, he opened up, and told me that he is married. I never planned to be a second best or a marriage wrecker, but then what could I do?

I have decided not to abort the child,I am not yet working but I am a graduate. He agreed to assist me financially, but he has not been doing that.

It is hard for me since I am not working and I don’t even know how to tell my parents that he has been lying to me. Sometimes, he calls and asks to see me but when he gets to my place he becomes moody. I’ve decided to stay out of his life now, I am not going ask for anything from him, since he doesn’t wanna help.

Sometimes, I think I should go to his place during the week and break the news to the wife since he told me that the wife stays at home only during the week, because it is clear that he is not ready to tell his family.
My child needs to know his/her family, what should I do to make things right for my coming beautiful baby?


  • Ezeh prosper j says:

    God knows why it happened, Though it is ur fault, because u re too fast, but never u abort the messenger of God,

  • francis says:

    imagine my sis take things easy imagine give ur self out so low u dont knows he’s relative yet gettin pregnant for a total strange
    r imaging an encounter wit a ghost this serve as a lesson to other lady out there

  • onyebuchi says:

    i know how painful it will be my dear. Believe me God will help you get through this mess. For more advise on what to do send a private mail on ([email protected]) or sms on (+2347068514982) thanks

  • Benson says:

    The victim to reach me urgently on 23408103831102 or at my email,[email protected] for urgent advise.Dnt try abortion or force yourself on him for your safety

  • emma says:

    Hey…..dnt cal Or mail anybody for advice b4 u fall another victim.this platform is meant 2 offer our opinion or advice & ur case doesn’t cal for any private talk,So wat for?

    The deed is don already,apply wisdom…..All u need do is get 2 knw his family since he hasn’t denied & xplain d situatn to dem n 4rm their reactn u wud nw Know hw 2 relate further .Mind hw u confront d wife as nt 2 endanger ur life wit ur conditn

    I guess u were abit careless 2 go dt far without knowing anytin about him…….only pray he jas a God fearing family(parent),they wud knw hw 2 reconcile d issue bcos u may nt succeed without their support.

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