Monday , 30 March 2015
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Kenneth Okonkwo And Ifeoma, His Wife Shares Cute Pictures Together (LOOK)

The veteran Nollywood actor was one of the movie scene’s staple for many years and always delivered at par excellence.

But as time went by, Kenneth Okonkwo decided to explore other options of life and went back to law school for a law degree. He completed a couple of years ago and has since become a practicing lawyer of good standing.

Once a celebrity, always a celebrity and a desire to keep contact with fans will always be there. So yesterday, Kenneth decided to share this cute picture of himself and wife Ifeoma looking cutey

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  1. Darlington Dobie.

    Wen a real man appear a real commend wl com out. I love hs style.


  3. i wnt to act & i ned help

  4. I love ur style keep it up

  5. Are you looking for suger mummy or daddy please call dis line 07036359503 please be mature

  6. I luv u kenneth. Lovely pic

  7. Hey Kenno, I love yo movies especially in “ma fatherz love”. It is so so wonderful.

  8. Bor ken I love ur movies I wen to be like u help me bor

  9. Bor ken I love ur movies I wen to be like u help me bor.

  10. man i love ur movies ..OMG hmmmmm

  11. I love ur style, I will like my brother to be like u,pls help me

  12. kenn (Andy) my man. keep it up. love u

  13. Bro u & ur wife looks nice, ugwu our Nsukka

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