Thursday , 17 August 2017

Trending Revenge: Jilted Boyfriends Upload Girlfriends’ Unclad Videos On Internet

Jilted boyfriends are uploading the unclad videos of their former girlfriends on the internet to get back at their former lovers.


This trend, called revenge p****graphy, has taken over major social sites on the internet in recent times, investigation has revealed.

The leaked photographs and videos are uploaded on sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and many P0*n sites.

Revenge p****graphy can be described as the deliberate sharing of er*tic photographs and videos from previous relationships majorly to humiliate a former partner.

Findings further reveal that these explicit pictures and videos are often posted by couples after a break-up.

However, in some cases, some of the partners may have been commissioned by blogs and P0*n sites for the photographs and videos of s*xual actions.

Investigation by our correspondent showed that in Nigeria, just like many parts of the world, women are often the victims of revenge p****graphy. This is confirmed by the over 30 videos seen by our correspondent.

Leaked s*x videos and photographs of Nigerians can easily be found on some websites.

Some amateur websites have reportedly been set up solely for videos and pictures considered revenge P0*n. Some websites too even ask for such videos from the public for a handsome reward.

Analysts say revenge p****graphy is urgently becoming a genre of p****graphy on the internet attracting several viewers because the videos are leaked and debasing and the victims could easily be identified. Moreover, some of the victims do not even know they are being recorded.

While in some cases, the women may not know that they are being recorded by their partners, in other cases, the women are seen showing so much trust in their men recording such s*xual sessions believing the videos would be kept secret.

One of the over 30 of such recorded videos currently on the internet, has the unclad lady, reportedly a student of a Nigerian university, shyly asking his male partner, whose face is blanked out, why he was recording the session.

The male partner, on the other hand, is heard telling the lady that they would watch the video after the love-making session before deleting it.

In another video published on a website, a young Nigerian lady is seen on top of the man in a lovemaking session inside a corporate office with Wande Coal’s Taboo playing at the background. They are recorded with their faces clearly seen by a third partner whose female voice sang along with the music.

Yet in another video currently on many internet sites, a mature woman is seen doing a blowjob for the man who hides his face.

The man soon tells her: “get up! It is time for the real show.”

He, however, informs her that they would both watch the recording before deleting it. Then the woman sits astride the man who continues to record the “show”. There is the recent case of Miss UNIZIK, whose unclad photographs are everywhere on the internet. According to the report, the student was said to have had issues with her boyfriend who posted the photographs.

Currently, some non-governmental organisations are beginning to sensitise women against allowing their unclad photographs to be taken by men at any point in time.

A website has been set up by an American, Holly Jacobs, where victims can air their grievances.

Source: PM News

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