Thursday , 17 August 2017

American Gospel Singer Caught on Tape GIVING Oral s*x To a Man


There is a shocking SCANDAL in the Gospel community. An alleged s*x-tape has been leaked – which purportedly shows popular gospel singer, Kevin Terry, giving a man head.

It has been CONFIRMED that it’s Kevin on the tape. And his good friend Lil Mo went on Twitter basically praising his kills in the video.

Kevin went on Facebook and posted about the “trials and tribulations” that he is going through. He also quoted some bible verses about how his “personal life” wasn’t anyone’s business.

“Kevin Terry of ‘Kevin Terry and the Predestined’ is seen in the 47 second video giving oral s*x to an unknown man. Lil’ Mo alluded to the impending scandal involving her longtime friend via twitter early on Wednesday. There is currently word that Mr. Terry is already feeling the burn with fellow gospel artists turning on him and cancelling guest spots on shows.”

“Apparently Mr. Kevin Terry has gone to Twitter to respond to the alleged tape. He does not directly address the tape or admits it is him or not but he takes a spiritual backlash on the people who posted it:”

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