House Of Reps Member Died After Sleeping With Female Banker, Woman Arrested

A member of the House of Representatives from Ondo State died in the early hours of yesterday after what security sources said was a sexual affair with a female banker in his private residence located at Gwarinpa Estate in Abuja.


Rep. Raphael Oloye Nomiye, who was 50 years old, was until his death representing Ondo, Ilaje, Ese Odo in Ondo State under the platform of the Labour Party.

The lawmaker was said to have died shortly after an affair with the banker (names withheld). The spokesperson of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) police command, Hyelhira Altine Daniel, confirmed the incident, saying the command was still investigating the cause of the legislator’s death.

When Sunday Trust visited the deceased’s residence at Second Avenue in Gwarinpa Estate, neighbours and witnesses said the banker, who managed his accounts, was said to have rushed down for the one-storey building to inform the policemen on guard at the house that “oga just fell down and is vomiting blood.”

They said when the policemen entered into his room upstairs, they found him laying on the floor with a towel tied round his waist, while he bled from the mouth. He was then quickly taken to a private clinic on 3rd Avenue within the estate in his official Toyota Camry 2012 car with Registration Number 148B Rep.

It was further learnt that doctors at clinic declined to attend to him, saying it was a “serious” matter, following which he was then rushed to the National Hospital, Abuja, where he was later pronounced dead.

Police sources disclosed that the banker, who is now in police custody at the Gwarinpa Police Division, had earlier denied having sexual affair with the lawmaker before his death.

But she was said to have changed her statement after doctors at the National Hospital conducted an examination on corpse, which confirmed that the deceased had slept with a woman shortly before his demise.

The sources said after the test, the banker admitted to interrogators that she had actually slept with the deceased and had helped him to clean up, following which he went into the bathroom, where he suddenly fell and began to vomit blood.

Police investigators who inspected the lawmaker’s house had succeeded in recovering some items, including a bottle of water, which the deceased lawmaker had drank from some tissue papers and the clothes the deceased had worn earlier in the day, Sunday Trust gathered.

When our reporters visited the banker’s private residence located at Kado Estate in Abuja, two of her professional friends, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the banker and Raphael had been friends. They, however, denied knowledge of the lawmaker’s death.

An investigation by Sunday Trust also revealed that although the late lawmaker was married, his wife and children were not living with him in Abuja.

As at press time, there was no official statement from his family or the House, but a lawmaker in the Lower Chamber confirmed the lawmaker’s demise. He added, however, that the House would make an official statement until it received formal notification from Nomiye’s family.

“I heard of his death, but we’re yet to get any official statement from his family or any doctor. The House will make an official statement when it eventually receives confirmation from his family,” said the source.

When contacted, the Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Media and Publicity, Victor Ogene, said he was yet to get an official confirmation of the death and, as such, wouldn’t comment on it.

Source: Sunday Trust


  • Ogar Emmanuel says:

    The wages of sin is death,that is what they good for.May his soul rest in hell.

    • Joy says:

      Honourable Rep, you are welcome to hell your file No is 325642132325. Please enjoy your stay of 900 trillion years after which God may consider parole if His word says so. God will give you all that you want even if you don’t need it but stay away from SIN and submit to JESUS.

      • JR says:

        I do not subscribe to his infidelity but be that as it may, Joy u can’t b certain he’s in hell. That was funny tho. Only grace takes us to heaven & not self righteousness.

  • eze sam says:

    sin is destrutive and should be run away from. women keep your husband or others will keep it for you. may be who knows if this man’s life would have been preserved if the wife was arround. keep your man to keep your marriage.

  • uko Johnson says:

    that is exactly wat he went der to represent …stupid man. Ve been sayin dis many times dat our law makers r busy making Love, instead of making laws !!

  • Ibraheem Ayuba Funtua says:

    Bullshit Rep. May his Sinful Soul Rock in hell. Amen.

  • Jeffrey says:

    May his soul rest in pieces. Stupid fool. They sleep with all the girls because of position and steal the country money all over the places. Build houses, companies, buy cars both nigeria and abroad with the country money.

  • Lisa says:

    Men without honour. What a shame to his name & that of his unborn generation. As for that banker, pray u come out with ur head on this one. Dnt knw why buisness for bankers has extended to married men bedrooms & brothels. mtchweeeew

  • Angry student says:

    Fuck again? Haba! Women like fuck sha o and this mumu don go fuck the one wey take en life. I wish the man thing4hang 4 her toto mek the whole world watch film .U too much girl jare…..Students hv bn abandoned for the past 4months+ and our leaders only care abt how to take ladies to the hotels….Weldone girl!!!!!

  • Jeffrey Idudhe says:

    No body knows the cause of his dead. Most of our politicians their hands is fool of evil, in the first place did he marry that woman? =evil, The people he rep are dying of poverty why he is busy making love. for the female banker she was in a wrong place at the wrong time. if she comes out she will not sleep with another man’s wife again. in conclution all bad bele politicians must die before Jan 2014.

  • modupe says:

    The wages of sin is death, others legislator lean ur lesson o, so dat it won’t be ur turn.

  • lollas says:

    D banker has gotten wat she deserves! Ha salary no reach ha abi? We all need 2 b extremely careful. I just hope many others lik them will learn from dis. I still know $any will not learn. Hmmm. Wat a pity. D banker shld pray very hard coz I doubt if she’ll cum out of dis. May God help us all.

  • terry says:

    He who is not guilty of such should cast the first stone . He might have died of heart failure following hypertension. Both of them are unlucky it happened this way . true repentance for the living is the solution.

  • Wash says:

    Am also a house of rep member but i wud learn a lesson

  • May his gentle soul rest in peace not in one is is a lesson for other leaders that many are desperate of the positions they are so they need to be mindful

  • ibarbar says:

    Whatever takes you up can’t stay you there, only character can help you stay rising even in old age.
    RIP Nomiye

  • Activies says:

    D banker is nt 2 be blame,bt dia employer do gv dem target which dy must meetup with,and dy ll tell dem use ur body to meet target,am 1nce in dat position. I suggest dia shld be more discipline to all bank employer nt to treatin dia staff.

    • Anchor says:

      must you work in a bank. I am not a banker but I am surviving. if they dot repent hell fire will be their place of abode. The bible says “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world & loose his soul”? NOTHING.

  • sure boy says:

    Fuckn with the devil No Condom

  • Sadi musa funtua says:

    May his stupid soul rest in HELL

  • Easy says:

    Dis lady na real banker. Since she can manage both bank and life account let police release and commission her to manage more reps life account. hahahahaha.

  • Stan says:

    Most of our NASS members do that. This is a clear warning to them.

  • Mopel says:

    Sin facilitates sickness while holy living facilitates healthy living.
    The wages of sin is death, can be physical or spiritual. A lesson for those that are toiling with sin. If you fail to run when u should, you would end up a victim of sin.
    A banker, wit all your salary, u still sleep around for money. You had it hard dis time! If u escape it, U’ll learn to close ur laps.

  • Ambassador says:

    May his stupid, urgly and foolish rest in hell fire, wetin monkey like na him dey kill am. Idiot

  • cool boy says:

    Does sex with bankers kills? I won’t marry a banker!

  • Oke Olubunmi says:

    What pains me most is wen i heard d Fuck is frm my beloved State… Let him go and Represent d dead one like him ova der since he has gone off from our own Planet. Anyway, R.I.P.

  • Iyke says:

    What else do you people want them to be doing with excess money and allowances that they have appropriated to themselves? All of them does the same thing, this one is just unlucky. Abuja is fast turning to Soddom and Gomorrah. Why do you think his wife and children are not staying with him?

  • Richard Ayilla says:

    Woman wahala!!

  • favor says:

    You are not a man,how you I’ll slept wit a woman u don’t walk up u look for soMthing

  • Praise says:

    My question is does this banker has an husband ? And if she doesn’t, i suppose she must have a promising husband , in any way she is reaping d wages of unfathfulnes . I advise maried and singles to be faithful to thier partner . If u are a cheater do it fast or u repent nothing goes 4 life , ur reward is fst coming

  • wezzy says:

    This man wasn’t a womanizer,I knew Him when he was one of the commissioner at osopadec…HE was Such a nice man,he Has Help so many people…….but it was a pity to hear dis,its Might be a coincidence…RIP momiye

  • victoria says:

    For dei shud free d banker no 1 new wat hapend dare,and diy also shud stand as a lesson to both politicians,married men as well as young girls dat are so desperate.

  • wandecoal says:

    Nomiye was such a nice man,i was at his house year’s bk at okitipupa when he was celebrating his victory in d election, this a great lost 2 ileja pple. RIP, A.K.A, GROOVY

  • osas john says:

    D evil that men do kill them.
    As 4 d banker, this a deterrent to other bankers.

  • sunny says:

    Righteousness exalts a nation but sin… Shall we continue in SIN that HIS grace may abound? God forbid. You might have been escaping or might have not indulged in such a gruesome act or SIN but just a one day try, you will not escape. Repent now that you are still conscious.

  • N.K.David says:

    It is said men cheat but it is known they can’t cheat without another lady. It is unfortunate that girls won’t learn from this cause they want money.

  • Habiba king says:

    Una we de talk, who fuck pass una, make evry body de look in own troza first o. Lols

  • annonimous says:

    see bad market… dis dude lives near ma house oooo i had plans to kidnap and make money out of him.

  • Ovokoakpurokwe says:

    That serves him best. In short, many others will soon join him, including the one from my side!

  • ose says:

    Hmmmmmmm, what a like! I pity that poor girl. Our leaders should learn to be faithful to their wives.

  • FRANKLIN says:


  • Bibian says:


  • Afolabi says:

    So this is what our law makers are using our looted treasury for in abuja,God hammered you at last.Anyway for the banker,kudos to you,Now i understands why banks prefer female employees than their male counterpart.

  • Emmy says:

    he was send 2 abuja 2 make law nt 2 make love. He has gone back 2 wia he came 4rm and dis is a warnin 2 orda rep who are lovemakers instead off lawmaker.

  • Wisdom says:

    D true is dat u wia nt dia, i am nt dia, no 1 knw d truth of d matter, 4dat it shud’nt b a tool of reproach or abuse to him, bcos if God wia to folow u 1 after d other, u dat wz talkin rubish u wil hav been death by nw, ur own is nt yet leak out and dat shuld giv u d garantee 2 chalenge him, it may b dia politicial affair, d may only use d lady 4dem to achieve dia aims, b vry careful and wait 4ur own time bcos u wil use ur tongue to kill urself. Tnx.

  • mighty lee says:

    That’s another way of saying ”Thank u 4 banking wt us’

  • Alozie says:

    Another way of saying ” Thank you for Banging with us” em sorry for banking with us…

  • Iweala Eze says:

    hmmmmn..yoruba man and women!

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