Thursday , 17 August 2017

‘HOT’ unclad Snapchat Photo Of Mother And Daughter in ‘Hot Tub’ Leads To Charges, Lands them in ‘Hot Water’


A unclad photograph of a mother and her teenage daughter in their Missouri hot tub landed the mom in hot water with authorities.

The revealing picture of the 50-year-old mom and her 14-year-old daughter circulated among two high schools via social media, leading to a charge of child endangerment for the mom, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. It created an uproar that eventually prompted the police to book the mom on the misdemeanor charge earlier this month, the Smoking Gun reported.

The woman’s son attends one of the high schools where the photo was widely seen and he was roundly mocked by other students, media outlets said.

The women deliberately posed for the picture, according to St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar, because they concealed their bosoms with their hands while leaving the rest of their chests exposed.

“It certainly appeared that the picture was posed and it certainly had some s*xual overtones,” Lohmar said to KMOV.

The mother, whose name has been withheld to protect her daughter, denied that she posed.

“I wasn’t posing,” she said to KMOV. “I was getting out of the tub.”

The photo was taken by the 14-year-old’s younger sister and eventually was seen by an unknown number of eyes on Snapchat, a smartphone app that deletes a photo after a recipient has had a few seconds to look at it.

The mom claimed that she told her daughter to immediately delete the picture, the Associated Press said.

This is the 14-year-old’s second round of exhibitionist trouble. Last year, she was ordered to take counseling because she distributed unclad pictures of herself at school.

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