BREAKING NEWS: Rivers Assembly Majority Leader, Chidi Lloyd, Arrested For Murder

The Rivers State Police Command said it had arrested the Leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Mr. Chidi Lloyd, for the alleged murder of his kinsman, Mr. Kingsley Ejeuo and a police sergeant, Urang Obediah.

policeA statement made on Thursday night indicated that Lloyd was purportedly arrested on his way to join the state Governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, in his private jet in order to escape justice.

The statement sent via e-mail by the State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ahmad Mohammad, specified that Lloyd knocked down Obediah while pursuing Ejeuo, identified to be his political opponent.

Lloyd, who was still standing trial for his involvement in the fracas that took place in the State House on July 9, 2013, was said to have rammed into Ejeuo’s Passat car with a bulletproof vehicle and killed him (Ejeo).

The police command pointed out that it had initially thought it was an auto accident until Lloyd relocated to another hospital, “conscious of what he did.”

“The Rivers State Police Command has arrested Hon. Chidi Llyod of the Rivers State House of Assembly for murder of police Sgt. Urang Obediah and Mr. Kingsley Ejeuo, his kinsman and arch political opponent.

“He was arrested on his way to join Governor Amaechi Rotimi in his private jet at the Airforce base to escape justice.

“Hon. Chidi Lloyd on December 30, 2013 while pursing his political opponent, knocked down Sgt. Urang Obediah, in spite of his effort to stop him, rammed and killed him and went ahead to crush the Passat car of Mr. Kingsley Ejeuo was driving and killed him.

“Initially the Police thought that it was a mere accident, which ought to have been a manslaughter. The Commissioner of Police directed ACP Aliyu Garba, the Area Commander Metro, to visit him in his hospital bed and commiserate with him, conscious of what he did, Chidi Lloyd relocated to another hospital.

“Facts emerged that Chidi Lloyd drove a bullet-proof vehicle while pursuing his political opponent, late Mr. Kingsley Ejeuo, and he (Lloyd) knocked down Sgt. Urang Obediah, who died on the spot and (Lloyd) moved ahead to smash a political opponent in his Passat car who equally died instantly,” the statement reads.

The statement added that late Ejeuo, who hailed from the same place with Lloyd was believed to be in the PDP camp led by Elder Felix Obuah.

The statement also indicated that the Leader of the House allegedly escaped from the hospital where he was being guarded by four policemen.

However, a top government official told our correspondent that the claim by the police that Lloyd tried to join Amaechi in his (Amaechi) private jet in order to escape justice was a blatant lie.

It will be recalled that Lloyd, who presented himself to the Nigeria Police after a video clip showed him hitting a member of the House of Assembly, Mr. Michael Chinda, with a mace on the head, was charged to court on a six-count charge, including attempted murder.

Lloyd was later granted bail in order to receive medical attention after sustaining injury during the July 9, 2013 free-for-all in the chambers of the State House of Assembly.


  • EL-MALIK says:

    It’s obivous that those who think they control the country now are looking for ways to dealt with whoever think that things are not going on good as supose in Nigeria, with that they think there is need for change for the masses to feel the impacts of our nation. On contrary the rulers are against such development and are looking for ways to send them to early grave but God is always with those who put their hopes on him. All these messes are geared towards peoples Governor of Rivers State. God will protect him from the hands of these hooligans.

  • Prosper Ikhazuangbe says:

    What will OBJ and Amaechi call dis manslaughter now? is dis still d handiwork of GEJ? Amaechi who said he is d number one on GEJ watch list, now its the lawmaker working in ur camp dat is killing political opponent. Is dis still impunity from FG or CP Mbu? “U can fool some people sometime but u can’t fool all d people all d time”.

    • emmanuel says:

      See me see wahala oooo!!!!!!!!!! I have always said it that Amaechi and his Camp are filled with deadly and desperate politicians who don’t mean well for Rivers State pple and Nigerians @ large. Am waiting for his supporters to speak out in genuine terms.

  • mike says:

    Just immagine what Amaechi and his men are doing with peoples lives in the name of politics and still have the guts to point fingers at the president. Your Wickedness will catch up with you soonest

  • francyril says:

    The God of justice will definitely take over the rulership of this our nation Nigeria at his own appropriate time. May the souls of the innocent ones whose lives are sacrificed almost daily for the sake of this country, rest in peace.


    this is mam inhumanity to man,chidi should be allowed to experience what he had don to others

  • Robin says:

    It wil be very stupid for Nigerians to believe all dis desperate politicians jst bcos dey ar squatting under a shade call APC.
    I am rite here watching those dat wil be fooled into dis APC agenda


  • Emmanuel Johnson says:

    Pls for the sake of peace let military takeover security operations in River’s State.Can Lloyd do that to a military.

  • MIDE says:

    This is just a political set up in order to get Amaechi and the peoples congress down. I dont know why people are quick in pointing accusing fingers. Allow the law to do its part, if Lioyd is found guilty, let the law carry on but u should never generalize these, how many government official that commit murder do we know, they make us know what they wanted us to know. So let us keep our finger cross and watch where this will resolve to. But i have a strong feeling that its a set up.

    • emmanuel says:

      Why do you talk this way? This is a man who almost killed his colleague in an argument (termed attempted murder)over leadership and the Video was Viral. Now he has committed a more comprehensive murder on a political opponent and an innocent police officer on duty,yet you still stood by him for defense. I would be highly disappointed if you are a youth of our Great Nation Nigeria. Otherwise,let him face the consequences of his offense irrespective of his political status. If these people that have sustained injuries and lost their lives as a result, would you say it was a set up? Please let call a Spade a Spade! The devil i know( PDP and GEJ) is better than the Angel( APC and Amaechi) i don’t know.

  • abosede Adenuga says:

    Hmmmmm…a country full of criminals in power..

  • Anna Ben says:

    This mide u are senseless and inhuman. People are dying and many are loosing there loved ones and u are here talking about political lust and party. May be u will be the next to experience this kind of event so that u can go ahead and applaud ur party and who ever that is concerned. Mchhhhwww

  • wisdom mude says:

    I think this lloyd guy should be taken to a mental hospital after wish prison cos he can’t be normal

  • ROSY says:


  • Philips says:

    Amaechi will overcome alongside his men, many were actually his (Amaechi) trials frm gej n wife. Gej his fast loosing n he may soon passed on into bayelsa after da nxt general election cos ts obvious we nigerians dnt need a die-hard desperate politician as gej is doing right now.
    He should carry his so called transformation agenda to feed his people at otuoke, we dnt need a failure anymore.
    Amaechi, fears not they would come back begging you.

    • mary says:

      Phillip you are a haertless goat breatfeeded by a monkey…. aboki like u with no brain, maybe you will be their next sacrificial cow. People like you are like Amaechi and co who will crush anyone even their family member standing on their desperate ambition. It is Amaechi who should be on his kneels already begging.

  • opuaye Sadoh says:

    Let there be speedy justice of these cruisal matter. Let justice take it rightful course in the country. You can’t killed & runaway with your political godfather. May we likely to know whether Lloyd is one of the sniper dog by the FG which Ameachi claim.

  • Happiness says:

    Ameachi and his group should be arrested. He should stop accusing others when he’s d cause of all d problems in d state n nation.

  • Emmanuel Johnson says:

    Rivers state is an outlaw,if a lawmaker can do such thing to a fellow ctizen.

  • true says:

    Mide and philip God will punish u amd ur family and what has happened to these dead ones willl happen to u, since u see d truth and u cover it. Dnt worry it will happen to u soonest. Fools.. If I know how to c u I will kill u myself. U will soon die

  • This man called Lloyd, should be taken to the psychiatric to check his mental state. After this, he should be jailed for life if found guilty. I believe very soon Amaech’s evil doings will be exposed, and the president vindicated. Someone was arrested for pre-conceived murder, and some people here, whose eyes have being blinded from seeing the truth, and their conscience seared with hot iron, are defending such a dastardly act, because of party affiliation. I pity them, because when you condone evil and refuse to condemn it, evil will never depart from your home!

  • Elashiku okuba says:

    in an exclusive interview granted Ait on the new year day, Gov Ameachi promised to “mobolize rivers people to take on the police come 2015 general election.” He could’nt even allow the time to come, but has started fulfilling his promise. God help the nigeria police oo.

  • ine says:

    what is this world turning into, father have mercy upon or children

  • gb says:

    Ameachi is quite on this, he hs not called a press conference to abuse Jonathan & his wife? This is so surprising, or is it not Jonathan dt sent him dis time? Or ws d police Officer holding d key to d ceded Oilwells?
    Bloody murderers… D blood of every innocent Nigerian u kill is upon u all, u shall all live to pay.

  • Brown says:

    Please my people we have no court in this Niger our court and judges ar control by governors .the only true jedge God

  • Mi says:

    People tend to believe any twisted story by the media…. Wake up dear brothers why is Amaechi the one to blame here?? Or is it because he is fighting for justice or is it because he did not allow Nigeria’s first lady to run the affairs of a state its people elected him to govern??? Please let’s be sincere to our selves for once now…..

  • Chris nworgu says:

    Amaechi should also be arrested because he is the reason why his supporters are taking laws into their hands.

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