Sunday , 25 September 2016

Mercy Johnson And 26-Years-Old Age Scandal


There’s a controversy surrounding Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson’s real age.

This seem to be another age scandal. Someone close to the Nollywood curvy actress, Mercy J claims the actress is just 26 years old- yeah right!

Meanwhile the mother of one, Mercy Johnson said that she was born 1984 in her biography which makes obviously does not correspond with 26.

Now the question is what is her exact age? Is she truly 26 or?

Let’s give it a shot. Guess her age.


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  1. What da f**k!!! How in hell can she be 26????

  2. Mehn…. I thought she did her 30year birthday last year. Its kinda confusing.

  3. What has Metusalah’s age in de BIBLE 2 do with Solomon’s wisdom?

  4. She is as old as she feels inside. Don’t forget ”nwata kwocha aka osoro ogaranya ra- piom”

  5. Feed us wit beter info pls, ma age is ma business.

  6. Wetin concern me,if she like make she be if she say she is 26 or 30,then me i be 6yrs ooo.

  7. what your business with her age, or where you there when they gave birth to her ? xo just let her be .
    if she is 20, 26, or 30 . nor be you born her

  8. Mercy johnson I love u d way u ar 26 oo or 30 o or 20 o I like u soso much

  9. Mercy johnson is 15yrs cox I whr dia wen dey gave birthday 2 ha.I’m 9yrs old anyway!

  10. She is between that age she is my cousen and i no she is a small girl to my surprising what is your business with her age why don’t you leave her alone the time she was going true had time in Navy Town nobody no is now you people are looking for so many thing about her you people should go and get a life and stop going after peoples business

  11. For cryin out loud she is 10+10+10,but dat 26 is her official age.why dnt u complain of d 1 we quiet kw dats a lie e.g davido,skelewu master claimin 19 abi 21

  12. Hi my dear mercy Johnson I believe your age, my name is christelle I a. A cameroonian living in SA I saw ur story on my Facebook page it was so touching my dear sister but I thank God for you today u r recognised all over God has tone ur test in to testimony, ur story an mind is the same mind is even worse because am still suffering no education I can’t even take care of my mum my brother and sister back home I when tl SA thinking when I get there my family will stop suffering I reao with out education I can’t do anything thing I am 26 yrs of age am the second in a family of six my father past on when I was 10 since then I’ve been suffering I just need some one that will send me to school so I can help my family and be some body in the society my name on Facebook is christelle nkoumou thanks I love you mercy God Bless you kisses to Baby purith.stay Bless

  13. How does her age affect us? She has already achieved a lot and I see her a role model….26 or 30, @lst she’s now known every where*kudos mercy

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