Lady With V*gina Full Of Maggots Speaks Out, SEE What She Said

A video of a lady who had maggots removed from her vagina went viral yesterday.


According to the report, the lady had the new STD ‘superbug’ which led to the growth of maggots in her vagina.

Well another story has emerged which revealed that it was due to gross medical negligence at a government hospital in India. After giving birth, the gauze used to stop the bleeding was left inside her and it decayed, causing a serious infection which resulted in the flesh-eating maggots infestation.

The 22-year-old victim had found the found flesh eating maggots crawling down her legs, 10 days after giving birth and was immediately taken to a hospital in Hadapsar by her husband.

Recounting her experience, the victim said: “It was very painful. Initially, we thought it was normal to feel sore, but when I saw maggots, we were alarmed and went to the doctor straight away. The reason we did not file a complaint of medical negligence is because we are from a different state and I don’t even know any language other than Oriya. My husband does not have enough time and resources to fight the case.”

Doctors immediately removed the gauze swab, maggots and gave her antibiotics.



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  • bet says:

    The woman who happen to have maggurt in her privat part,pls correct the rumour.cause I lent that the cause of the maggurt is not from STD.

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  • eagle dude says:

    Man. I stumbled into your website while searching for better information on Lagos Nigeria. Your are a mixed bag of very ugly stories. I even thought at some point you belong to one of the Nigeria hate groups. Your ugly headlines are worse than the damage done by Boko Haram and all those anti-african propaganda websites. How could you have published such a fake story with fake pictures of maggots in a womwn’s vagina? Sh**t man, you probably never had a mother, a sister or a wife!

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