Ten Famous People You Didn’t Know Were ‪‎Muslims

Islam is the fastest-growing religion globally and it is not surprising to see many celebrities who are Muslims. Some of them on our list may be popularly so, but a majority will no doubt leave readers scratching their heads, thinking: “I didn’t know!”

Janet Jackson


The superstar converted to Islam in 2012 after marrying her husband, billionaire Wissam al Mana. Brother Jermaine also converted to Islam years ago, and speculation was also rife about Michael Jackson being a Muslim prior to his death also.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Kicks Off Australia Speaking Tour In Brisbane

The heavyweight boxing champion changed his name to Malik Abdul Aziz and converted to Islam while in jail.


Grammy Awards Arrivals

The singer’s real name is Aliaune Damala Akon Thiam, and he is a self-proclaimed Muslim. The entertainer is from Senegal originally.

Busta Rhymes


The rapper is also a convert, but his song “Arab Money” got a lot of negative attention from Muslims around the world.

Shaquille O’Neal


The basketball player is a convert whose first and middle name, Shaquille Rashaun, have origins in Arabic. In 2010, he made his faith public when he announced that he was embarking on Muslim pilgrimage, Hajj.

Iman Abdulmajid


Formerly a world-famous fashion icon, the svelte beauty was born in Somalia and speaks five languages. She has married non-Muslim men, even though she identifies as a Muslim woman.


KIIS FM's Wango Tango 2011 - Arrivals

Born Faheem Rashad Najm, the singer who made Auto-Tune famous, was raised in a Muslim household prior to becoming an international star. Although his religious views have been criticized, he vehemently claims to be a Muslim.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Probably one of the best basketball centers in history, he is also a devout Muslim. He changed his name from Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr. after converting to Islam.

Dave Chappelle


In 1998, the famous comedian converted to Islam and his struggle to balance religion and his career in comedy led to his resting the mega-successful ‘Dave Chapelle Show’ on TV and stage.

Dr. Oz


Known in full as Mehmet Cengiz Oz, the TV star not only gives viewers practical medical advice to apply to daily lives, but is also a Turkish-American Muslim.


  • Ibraheem says:

    The fastest growing religion globally,I love this and I love the religion.Allah be praised,He said in the Holy Qur‘an(He was the one that sent His messenger with guidance and the true religion(Islam)to proclaim over it all religions even though the jews and christians will object)and here we are,the whole world is fighting Islam yet it‘s the fastest growing religion,why is it christianity?Where are you people?Those people listed are people with the world in their hands yet they became Muslims.

  • emma says:

    Hahahahahahahah all this mad men? Why wouldn’t they be Muslim when they ar confuse, is any one the responsible?

    • Yusuf says:

      @ Emma, study the Islamic region carefully, do not antagonize unreasonably. Take your time
      Islam means Peace, a total devotion to the Almighty Creator, worshipping Him alone without worshipping his creation (e.g Jesus Christ, Holy Mary, Prophet Muhammad, etc),
      it never supports oppression in any forms nor terrorism in all ramification.
      It never a religion formulated by Arabs or prophet Muhammad (PBHM), but a religion of the Almighty creator.
      Accept it now and be saved from eternal agony.
      Remain blessed..

  • saffiyyah says:

    Allahu Akbar!!

  • Yusuf says:

    All praise to the Almighty God “Allah”. I am happy to be a Muslim.
    I encourage you all, do not die except you are Muslim.
    Islam means Peace, a total devotion to the Almighty Creator, worshipping Him alone without worshipping his creation (e.g Jesus Christ, Holy Mary, Prophet Muhammad, etc), it never supports terrorism in all ramification.
    Accept it now and be saved from eternal agony.
    Remain blessed.

  • Subahannalillahi! If u ar happy wit those idiot and mad people as Muslim, u fulishly turn down d muslim reputation up side down. As 4 me, accepting these ones i ratha be convated to christinity. Pls a question 2 our muslim leaders n brothers, 1. Why do we hav 2 include issues religion in any situation such as: politics, business, relationship? n we hate christians while we ar a troble makers (we put dis country in trouble by our people so called BH in d north)n xtians ar the peace makers (trying 2 fix d damages we course dis country), without which we’ld hav been vanish. 2. Why is it dat it’s only muslim dat ar holding armination fighting and destroying inocent civilians n gov’t propaty all ova Africa n d World? Pls i demand an answa 2 dis questiongs o else it clearly shows dat Islam hav NO true root and we find d way out.

  • Yusuf Aliyu says:

    @#SadiqIshiyaka, I strongly believe that you are a Christian in disguise. You can’t paint the truest religion black by simply fabricating your name. I urge you to embrace islam so that you will be as free and clear minded as Castro and and other convertee. May Allah forgive you.

  • samo says:

    Guy i agree wit u by tellin d truth cox only d truth can set u free.dia is nothg abt peace in islam rather violience,hatetry,killin of innocent souls.wat kind of religion wil assure u 7 virgins in heaven rubbish(voilence).check d commandment of God! Whr did he said kill ur fellow? But my said thou shal nt kil.diz is knw as peace

  • Ola says:

    well,well,well more encoraging despacth the war create in all muslim Nation, from the life of Seihk Ahmed Dida (pbuh) is a convertee muslim and he preach throughout of western world before he die. he never fight by nife or gun,but he converte thousands. that is religion of peace. For solom and the freind who disguide by name.For one claming name that dosent belong to him, 1, u committe fraud, inpersonation, u are cheater, and act deformation character.
    2. let me direct u to the Bible,( Luke 19: 26-27,) ( in mattew 10: 33-34) in Deutronomy (13: 6-10) the same deutronomy (13: 12-17) in 2john 1: 10.
    the western are not baise like u and they have free thinking for themself, those ppl that converte to Islam not by weapon or war, but with there free maind. its only in this Country (Nig) ppl liar of there identity bcos they want to cheat, fraud mostly in the North here, i ve seeing many christain that clam to be abubakar, maram, abdul e.t.c just bcos of valuable things from muslim brothers if u are muslim and u change to christain change ur name too, for ur identity of faith. u ppl all ways cheat,enemy of true. the issue BH or terrorim is never a monopoly of Islam in anywhere, is ur politician, is ur president and SAS. look at what is happen in Brono airport The Governor and his ppl was denid from taking fly from the state, but SAS was allow to take fly from maiduguri. see what is happen in Adamawa, know go to Nasarraw plot of impeachment of there Govt, and all this is ur plot to keep causing crisis. But let me assure of 1thing God never sleep neither slump. he will ans prayer of widow, orphan, and the cry of innocent blood.

  • Praize says:

    Lol…. Thank God dat all dis devils are muslim ooo… Wait…. Buh u cnt compare christians 2 islam

  • haliamah says:

    Sadiq or what ever u call ur self, definitely u are not a muslim. Who are u to say who is accepted into d islam faith or not. If u really know what islam is all about you wouldn’t be saying d rubbish you saying now. SubhanAllah!muslims are not terrorist but peace makers mind u!

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