Jonathan Will Lose In 2015, Even In Bayelsa – Oshiomole

Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomole says President Goodluck Jonathan will lose his seat in the 2015 presidential election, as he has nothing to show for his first term as president.

The governor, who spoke at the six years anniversary celebration of his governorship, in Benin City, said Jonathan’s loss will start from Edo, to Rivers, Delta, and even his own Bayelsa State.

“When President Jonathan was here in September to launch the South-South rally of the PDP, he was reported as saying that Edo State will fall to PDP. He went on to say that Rivers will fall to PDP. Look at the word he used ‘fall.’ I want to put him on notice that Edo State is not an enemy territory to be felled by an Armed Forces and the Commander-in-Chief must not target Edo for falling, Edo will stand and march on. On the contrary, APC will defeat the President in Bayelsa State.

“APC will defeat PDP in Rivers State. APC will defeat PDP in Cross River State. APC will defeat PDP in Delta State. APC will continue to bury PDP in Edo State.

“What is the score card of the PDP in Edo State and in Nigeria?” he asked.

“The PDP has commissioned the resurfacing of Ofusu to Benin in a period of 16 years. That is all PDP has to show in Edo State over a period of 16 years,” he said, despite the fact that the PDP-led federal government controls 52.8 per cent of the Federal allocation.

“So I ask the President, with all due respect, what his party the PDP has done in Edo State. This afternoon, I want to remind you of those powerful statements made by the Edionwere of Benin Kingdom, Chief Edebiri who said that this generation of Edo people will never again vote for anybody who carries an umbrella that is torn. In 2011, the President scored 96 per cent in this state. Let him show us the 96 per cent contribution of development from PDP. All we see is PDP appropriating federal money in the name of SURE-P, which is SURE-Fraud,” Oshiomole lamented.

“By the special grace of God, by February next year, we will not vote on the basis of tribalism. we will vote on the basis of who provides power. For 16 years PDP keep promising power but it is clearly power to their stomach. As long as PDP is in power, Nigerian people will be out of power. For as long as PDP has power, Nigerian people will never have power,” he said.


  • PATO says:

    Do you blame a semi literate governor imposed on the people by the court via Salami style? Does he think 2015 is 2012? We shall see. He will not even win his Iyamo village talk less of Etsako West. Like the rabble rouser he is, let him rave and rant Edo state is an impossible victory from now on and there is nothing his unpopular Yoruba friends and Bini palace chiefs who do not vote can do about it.

  • idris opeyemi says:

    Woe to Jonathan,he’s a failure!!!

  • mrs julius says:

    Adams Oshiomole should keep shut BC his d greatest failure,am frm edo state APC is a failure there we hate them with passion,our mothers And fathers are suffering,no good road,payment of salary is another tin,God will punish Adams Oshiomole For the hardship he is puting Edo not supporting any party but I love good government.

  • lolly angela says:

    Mrs julius you should just shotup,do you even know what is happening now in nigeria, even the edo state you say you are from you dont even know anything,you say no good road at edo state,on your terms what good have you contributed to the growth of this nation?we need change it start from we, lets give another person a try.we need a better government to lead us

  • makei talk says:

    You must be hallucinating! Wake up- you” go and die” apostle.

  • #FREEDelta says:

    Jonathan shame on you…PDP shame on you. GEJ declared without any completed project to boast of. Ebola became ur completed project when we all know dt Lagos and Rivers states did it. Jonathan,u are a failure and u don’t deserve aother term. APC is our next option! God Bless APC God Bless Nigeria

  • prince says:

    Thunder will fire apc nd anybody supporting them after they hav killing innocent Nigerians with their bokoharam bombing. As 4 oshimole he is just a small tortoise nd an opportunist,wen I look at him I always ask myslf how will som1 like him be a governor?? let’s wait till d election nd see wat happens

  • Flex Dike says:

    I don’t want 2 course any1 here..iam not 4rm Edo but I knw benin ore road was done by GEJ’s administration…Mike Enonememe who I knw is 4rm Edo state is d best minister 4 works in 9ja completed 2500km worth of road in d country..Edo state especially has benefited 4rm dat most in d S.South…to d extent Edo people r beconing him 2 become d next gov of Edo come 2016, Adams himself is aware n can’t say dat is a lie…I didn’t knw he has joined his colleagues 2 do market women criticism likes of Amaechi, Tambuwa, kwankwaso etc..God bless 9ja

  • jollyboy says:

    no mind osho baba. before him talk, make him show us his p.6!

  • one says:

    I dnt know why these APC governors will not talk without calling GEJ wetin happen abi GJ collect una wives haba everywhere GJ una thank u ooooo f campagining f him weather una like am or not na only God go stop GEJ

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